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The Aristocratic Republic of Toria

Location: Where Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia is located today.

Population: over 2 billion

History: The Aristocratic Republic of Toria was formed in the year 2013 after the governments of Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam felt that a mutual defense pact was in order. However after two years of talks it was decided that they would be able to stand a better chance if they formed their own nation. Not much was known of the nation save they were very secluded and didn’t really trust other nations that well. However in the year 2020 The Republic of Toria as it was called. Launched a campaign to build an Empire that would span from India to Wake Island.

The JSDF was reorganized in the year 2015 from a Self-Defense force into a proper Navy, Air Force, and Army to increase the amount of men and equipment that Japan had.

The Navy designed and then built a new class of AEGIS Guided Missile Destroyer whose capabilities, armament, and flexibility put all others to shame. This class had its hull based on that of an Atago-class Guided Missile Destroyer. Yet the hull was lengthened, power capabilities was increased, armament was increased, a powerful sensor suite was installed as well, plus it was given a superstructure that reduced her RADAR cross-section. The name of this ship class was Fubuki.

Fubuki-class Guided Missile Destroyer

Planned: 20

Building: 5

Active: 3 (2 on Sea Trials)

Length: 600 feet long

Beam: 70 feet

Draft: 22 feet

Displacement: 13,000 tons standard and 16,000 tons fully loaded

Propulsion: Four GE LM6000 Gas Turbine Engines providing 54,610 Shaft horsepower and generating 40,700 kilowatts each

Top Speed: 35 Knots at flank, during Speed Trials reached a top speed of 38.5 knots.

Armament: Either one 155mm Advanced Gun System or a turret mounted Railgun in a stealth turret.

140-cell Mark 41 VLS with 80-cells forward and 60-cells aft; With the capability to launch:

SM-2R Standard Block Missiles SM-3 Anti-Ballistic Missiles Type 93 (SSM-2B) Anti-Ship Missiles RUM-139 Vertical Launch ASROCs.

Four Type 68 triple torpedo tubes, with two port and two starboard; plus 24 torpedoes.

CIWS is composed of three License built 35mm Rheinmetall Oerlikon Millennium Guns; one fore, one aft, and one amidships.

Sensors: AEGIS sensor suite, navigation RADARs, SONAR, GPS, etc.

Countermeasures: Chaff, Jamming capabilites, Nixie Decoy, and stealth the RADAR return looks like an Oliver Hazard Perry-class Frigate.

Aircraft: Factilites for one SH-60J ASW Helicopter

Armor: Kevlar over vital areas

Notes: Does not have long range strike capability against ground targets because while she can the Fubuki-class does not carry any Cruise Missiles.

The United States of America was among the plethora of nations that was sent scrambling to design, build, and then commission a new design of Guided Missile Destroyer. While the United States was at it, they also figured that the Ticonderoga-class while they were excellent ships would most likely struggle against Republic of Toria warships. The USN therefore had to design two new classes of ship. These ships were going to be known as the Bunker Hill-class Guided Missile Destroyer and the Yukon-class Guided Missile Cruiser. The Yukon-class ships had been in the process of replacing the Ticonderoga-class Guided Missile Cruisers for sometime.

The two ships were designed to defend Aircraft Carriers against massive missile attack; and as such both were AEGIS ships.

Yukon-class Guided Missile Cruiser

Planned: 30

Building: 4

Active: 5 (2 on Sea Trials)

Length: 650 Feet 8 inches

Beam: 66 feet 3 inches

Draft: 37 feet 2 inches

Displacement: 14,000 tons standard load, 18,000 tons fully loaded

Propulsion: Three GE LM6000 Gas Turbine Engines each producing 54,610 shaft horsepower and generating 40,700 kilowatts

Armament: Two turret mounted Railguns; one forward and one aft.

Mark 41 VLS two 96-cell launchers; one fore and one aft:


With Capability to launch:

Standard Block 2 SM-2MR Block IIIB SAMs Standard Block 2 SM-2ER Block IV SAMs RIM-161 Standard Block 3 SM-3 Anti-Ballistic Missiles RIM-162A ESSM SAMs RIM-174 Standard ERAM SAMs BGM-109 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles RUM-139A VL-ASROCs RGM-84 Harpoons

Four 25mm Bushmaster Autocannons two port and two starboard

Anywhere from two to as many as eight M2 Browning Machine Guns

Five Phalanx CIWS Block IIIB systems armed with a single GAU-12 Equalizer; one fore, one amid ships, one port, one starboard, and one aft. Four LaWS Laser based CWIS; two port and two starboard.

Sensors: AEGIS AN/SPY-3 sensor suite, plus various other type of systems, RADAR, SONAR, etc to Navigate and fight.

Decoys: Flares, Chaff, Jammers, Nixie Torpedo Decoy

Aircraft: One SH-60 Seahawk and two MQ-8C Fire Scout UAVs OR two Eurocopter AS 565 Panthers and two MQ-8C Fire Scouts, in a dire emergency helipad can support a single Sikorsky CH-53K King Stallion

Aviation: Facilities: Helipad and Hanger

Armor: Kevlar over vital areas such as the bridge, CIC, and engine room.

The Bunker Hill-class Guided Missile Destroyer was developed as the United States Navy's Answer to the Fubuki-class Guided Missile Destroyer. As such the Flight III Burke-class Guided Missile Destroyers were cancelled in order for these ships to built. Eventually will replace the Burke-class Guided Missile Destroyers.

Bunker Hill-class Guided Missile Destroyer

Planned: 70

Building: Eight

Active: Seven (Four on trials)

Length: 560 feet 7 inches

Beam: 60 feet 2 inches

Draft: 32 feet 6 inches

Displacement: 11,000 tons standard load and 13,000 tons full load

Propulsion: Four GE LM6000 Gas Turbine Engines each providing 54,610 shaft horsepower and 40,700 kilowatts of power

Speed: 34 knots on trials 38 knots

Armament: Mark 41 VLS 80-cells forward and 55-cells aft; for a grand total of 135-cells capable of launching:

RIM-161 SM-3 Anti-Ballistic Missiles RIM-162 Standard ESSM SAMs RIM-174 Standard ERAM SAMs RUM-139 VL-ASROCs BGM-109 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles RGM-84 Harpoon Anti-Ship Missiles


Either a single forward Turret mounted Railgun or a Advanced Gun System Two double M242 Bushmaster Autocannons one port and one starboard Any where from two to four M2 Browning Machine Guns


Two Mark 32 Mod 15 Quadruple torpedo tubes one port and one starboard; with two full reloads for her torpedo tubes


Three Phalanx CIWS Block IIIB using a single GAU-12 Equalizer 25mm rotary gun; one forward, one amidships, one aft. Two LaWS Laser Based CIWS System; One Port and One Starboard

Sensors: AN/SPY-3 AEGIS Sensor Suite, plus all of the other various navigation and targeting systems to navigate and fight the ship

Decoys: Chaff, Flares, Jammers, Nixie Torpedo Decoy.

Aircraft Carried: One SH-60 Seahawk and two MQ-8C Fire Scout Drones OR two Eurocopter AS565 Panther Helicopters; in dire emergency the helipad can support a single CH-53K King Stallion

Aviation Facilities: Helipad and Hanger

Armor: Kevlar over vital areas.

The Virginia-class Nuclear Powered Fast Attack Submarine is one of the quietest if not the quietest Nuclear Powered Fast Attack Submarine, the reason they are quieter than your normal SSN is because the traditional screw has been given the boot and the propulsor which reduces the risk of cavitation and is quieter than a normal screw propeller. With a highly sensitive sonar array, a wide array of "scopes" although only two of these are actually "scopes" even though the Navy calls them photonic masts have a wide variety of sensors and abilities, including infrared range finding, Electronic Support Measures, high resolution cameras, etc. They are also very deadly with four torpedo tubes forward, none aft, twelve VLS tubes for Tomahawk Cruise Missiles however starting with the Block III boats the VLS was replaced with the Virginia Payload Tube, and can carry thirty-seven torpedoes, harpoons, or mines. While normally named after states, one Virginia, SSN-800 was named after a very famous WWII submarine, which was named after a fish, not to mention, she is the basis for the Flight IV an Flight V Virginia-class Attack Boats and implements technology that was scrapped by the military as prohibitively expensive, the EX-12 Counter Anti-Torpedo System which is a submerged variant of the EX-10 that is being installed on Aircraft Carriers.

USS Harder SSN-800

Active: 2019

Last Sighting: June 16th, 2020

Motto: "Hit'em again harder!"

Length: 447 feet

Beam: 34 feet

Displacement: 7,900 metric tons

Crew: 135

Propulsion: One experimental S11G Pressurized Water Reactor producing 50,000 shaft horsepower (55,000 kilowatts)

Speed: Max capable speed classified, estimated at 38.5 knots

Range: Unlimited

Endurance: Only limited by food and maintence requirements

Test depth: Deeper than 850 feet (259 m)

Armament: 6 x 553mm Torpedo Tubes forward

four Virginia Payload Tubes each capable of holding seven Tomahawk Cruise Missiles for a total of twenty-eight missiles

Forty-eight Torpedoes, ASMs, or mines

Sensors: Two Low Profile Photonic Masts equipped with high resolution cameras, Light Intensification and infrared sensors, a infrared laser range finder, and an intergrated Electronic Support Measures Array. One BQQ-20 Bow Mounted Spherical Passive/Active Sonar Array, a wide aperture lightweight fiber optic sonar array, two high-frequency active sonar arrays on mounted on the sail and the other mounted below the bow; these supplement the BQQ-20 and improve performance working under Ice flows, work in coastal waters, and ASW work, a low cost conformal array high frequency sonar mounted on both sides of the sail providing coverage above and behind the submarine, a towed low frequency sonar aray TB-34, and a towed high frequency sonar array TB-33.

Notes: Equipped with optical fly-by wire system to make it easier for the helmsman to steer the ship, a Command and Control System Module Mark II built by Lockheed Martin, the AN/BSY-2 Intergrated Combat System this system intergrates the Tactical Control System and the Weapon Control System, a advanced electromagantic signature reduction system basically makes it harder to detect her via a Magnetic Anomaly Detector Pass, a 9-man lock-out trunk, SE1E Mk 11 suit(s) enables ascent from a sunken submarine max depth for use is 600 feet, lithium hydroxide canisters that remove CO2 from the submarine's atmosphere, and lastly a Submarine Emergency Positioning Indicating Radio Beacon, to help locate the submarine if she has been sunk.

The Aristocratic Republic of Toria Navy and Airforce

The Aristocratic Republic of Toria and its navy is one of the most powerful Naval Forces to ever put to sea. They use a mixture of Frigates, Destroyers, Cruisers, Aircraft Carriers, and even what some would call the King of Ocean or a Dinosaur from a previous era: Battleships.

The Aristocratic Republic of Toria and its Air Force uses a mix of aircraft ranging from imported aircraft to new swift and deadly domestically built aircraft. The imported aircraft includes MIG-21s, Su-27s, Su-30s, Su-22s, F-5Es, F-16A Block 15s, JAS-39Cs, and Alpha Jets; however the numbers they have for these aircraft is fairly low but it depends on the aircraft. They have at least 25 MIG-21s, however the variant and whether they are operational or not is unknown, they have 36 Su-22s, 37 Su-27s, 24 Su-30s, 29 F-5Es, 40 F-16A OCUs and 13 F-16A ADFs, 8 JAS-39Cs, and 19 Alpha Jets. While this collection of Fighter and Strike Aircraft is impressive it is very much a mismatch some parts from a Alpha Jet will not work in a Su-22 for example. Yet a new aircraft company has been founded and is being called the Slaviki Aviation Works. This company is producing aircraft that are deadly quick, carry a lethal payload, these planes are not something you want to mess around with.

Ships of the Aristocratic Republic of Toria (ART) Navy

Phantom-class Corvette

The Phantom-class Corvette appears to be used primarily for lighting strikes against hostile forces as well as reconnaissance, torpedo attacks, jamming operations, and general harrasment of hostile forces. These ships while they aren't completely stealth, they have damn good ECM capabilities, yet they also borrow and idea that hasn't been seen in a long time in terms of torpedo tube mount position. The hull shape is very similar to a Clipper, it should be noted that these ships are very quick, capable of catching most ships with ease, but they are very light in the weapons department and thus don't last long against most ships, but they are very lethal in high numbers and thus Phantom-class Corvettes generally operate in groups of four but groups as high twenty working together have been seen. They take traits from Incheon-class Frigates and Brooke-class Frigates, but not many. These ships are fairly vulnerable and thus as long as the plane doing it has ECM on board, even making a bomb run will work.

Phantom-class Corvette

Number planned: unknown

Number built: at least 25

Displacement: roughly 3,500 tons fully loaded

Length: 305 feet

Beam: 45 feet

Draft: 14 feet

Propulsion: Two Gas Turbine Engines producing an unknown amount of shaft horsepower and power; estimated to be in the 150k region for Shaft Horsepower and power generation capabilites on par with a Burke-class Guided Missile Destroyer.

Speed: Trials speed esitmated at 44 knots, they have been seen doing 42 knots but this must put a huge strain on the engines and is thus probably emergency power.

Armament: Varies

Forward either one 57mm gun in a single mount or a 76mm double mount amidships varies appears to be either a 8-cell ASROC launcher or a Quadruple torpedo launcher aft cannot vary at all it seems; it has a missile launching system similar to the Mark 13 this unit is capable of firing SAMs and ASMs Two CIWS emplacements one port and one starboard; mounting a single RADAR guided 37mm revolver cannon


Chaff Flares Acoustic Decoys ECM

Sensors: RADAR, SONAR, GPS, etc

Aircraft Carried: None

Armor: Minimal or none

The enemy has no Frigate class that is know. However it is possible giving how capable that the Phantom-class Corvette is that it may actually fill that role. However our forces are remaining on the lookout for new enemy ship classes, which given how badly the enemy is already beating us it may not be needed.

The Demon-class Anti-Aircraft Destroyer is an oddity in terms of modern Naval Warfare. This ship was designed to do one and one thing only. That is to provide serious Anti-Aircraft Firepower to an enemy fleet. These ships thus don't do well in a straight up battle with even a Formidable-class Stealth Frigate. However they are very dangerous to approach from the air. These ships are very potent in terms of destroying hostile ASMs as well. It is recommended to use a combination of gunfire, torpedoes, and missiles to engage these things. They look like scaled up Independence-class Littoral Combat Ships. These ships are also underpowered for their size.

Demon-class Anti-Aircraft Destroyer

Number planned: Unknown

Number Built: at least 10

Displacement: 5,400 tons fully loaded

Length: 425 feet

Beam: 45 feet

Draft: 18 feet

Propulsion: two gas turbines producing a sum total of 50,000 shaft horsepower power generation is unknown

Top Speed: 34 knots appears to be emergency power



Three 100mm guns, two forward in a double turret and one aft in a single turret; ROF of roughly 50 rounds per minute Seven "Slasher" 37mm CIWS mounts, RADAR guided each mounting either one or two 37mm revolver cannon Several machine guns


A single VLS with 80-cells and is capable of firing either ASROCs or SAMs (Should be noted that it is becoming more common to see these ships firing cruise missiles as well, most likely to improve Anti-Ship Capability)


Chaff/Flares Acoustic Decoys ECM

Sensors: RADAR, SONAR, GPS, etc.

Aircraft Carried: None

Armor: Cabon Nano-tube Bathtub over vital areas

The Monsoon-class Guided Missile Destroyer appears to be replacing the Demon-class Anti-Aircraft Destroyer. For numerous reasons these ships are better performing in every respect. They appear to be based off of the Russian Udaloy and Sovremennyy-class of Destroyers. They are extremely dangerous to approach and should not be engaged in a head-on battle by anything smaller than a Guided Missile Destroyer, although Stealth Frigates can engage but can expect to take very heavy damage.

Monsoon-class Guided Missile Destroyer

Number Built: At least 10

Building: Unknown

Displacement: 13,000 tons fully loaded

Length: 550 Feet

Beam: 60 feet

Draft: 23 feet

Propulsion: Two Gas Turbines and Four boilers powering twin screws producing 110,000 shaft horsepower and 750,000 kilowatts

Speed: 36.7 knots



One 130mm/70 gun; a domestic copy of the AK-130 single mount but vastly improved and is air-cooled; rate of fire is roughly 30 rounds per minute Six 'Slasher' CIWS systems in double mounts for a grand total of three mounts with two guns apiece; one fore, one amidships, and one aft Various machine guns


Has a copy of the Mk 41 VLS system whether it is a copy or not is unknown but it is a 96-cell system and can fire either SAMs, ASMs, and ASROCs Forward has twelve Long Range Anti-Ship Cruise missile launchers in a similar arrangement to the Sovremennyy-class. The missiles these launchers contain appear to be a copy of the SS-N-22 "Sunburn" Anti-Ship Missile.


Two double torpedo mounts, both aft, one port and one starboard (rarely used)


Chaff/Flares ECM Acoustic Decoys

Aircraft Carried: One domestic copy of the Ka-27M "Helix" ASW Helicopter

Armor: Almost none save for a mix of Kevlar and Carbon Nano-Tubes in vital areas

The Howler-class Guided Missile Cruiser is to quote some Allied Captains "Not a Guided Missile Cruiser but more like a Guided Missile Heavy Cruiser, for a good reason the gun armament is similar to one and it actually has decent belt armor." These ships generally head-up destroyer squadrons. They also never operate alone, for support they usually have a pair of either Demon-class Anti-Aircraft Destroyers or Monsoon-class Guided Missile Destroyers providing escort. It is not recommended to engage one of these bastards unless you have some cruiser support of your own.

Howler-class Guided Missile Cruiser

Number Built: 14

Building: At least two

Displacement: 32,000 tons fully loaded

Length: 750 feet long

Beam: 90 feet

Draft: 32 feet

Propulsion: Six Gas Turbine Engines providing 250,000 shaft horsepower and nearly 650,000 kilowatts of power

Speed: 33 knots at flank



Two 8in/70 caliber guns forward in a single twin mount; rate of fire is 10 rounds per minute per barrel CIWS ten 'Slasher' mounts in double mounts one forward, three amidships, and one aft


A domestically made non-licensed copy of the Mk 57 PVLS has an estimated missile capacity of 145 missiles and is capable of carrying SAMs, ASMs, ASROCs, and Cruise Missiles. Forward it has two; one port and one starboard long range cruise missile launchers capable of firing SS-N-20 "Sunburn" Copies.


Flares/Chaff ECM Acoustic Decoys

Aircraft Carried: Aviation Facilities capable of handling three domestically made copies of the Ka-27M "Helix" ASW Helicopter

Armor: Ranging from simple kevlar armor to advanced composite armor that gives effective armor thickness of 8 inches.

The Niquel-class Aircraft Carrier is based of a French Cancelled Aircraft Carrier PA2. Thus it isn't the biggest in the world, nor does it have the largest air wing, nor does it have the best range in the world. It is an Aircraft Carrier nonetheless. Just like other Aircraft Carriers around the world they never travel alone. The usual defensive screen is eight Monsoon-class Guided Missile Destroyers and two Howler-class Guided Missile Cruisers.

Niquel-class Aircraft Carrier

Number Built: Six

Building: 2?

Displacement: 80,000 tons

Length: 950 feet

Beam: 245 feet

Draft: 35 feet

Propulsion: four gas turbines and two Diesel-electric engines producing 450,000 shaft horsepower and generating at least 8 Megawatts of Power

Top Speed: 30 knots



No ASMs or Cruise Missiles carried One 20-cell VLS similar to the Mk 41 loaded with a domestic copy of the HHQ-9C which is a Chinese Missile System and is very similar to the S-300 SAM save the HHQ-9C is a navalized version.


Eight 'Slasher' CIWS systems in double mounts; with two on the port side, one fore and one aft, and two on the starboard side, one forward and one aft.


Flares/Chaff ECM Acoustic Decoys

Armor: Carbon Nano-tubes over vital areas, double hull, and torpedo bulge

Aircraft carried: 45

40 Slaviki-21N "Firehawk" Strike Fighters 3 Domestically Built versions of the Russian Yak-44 Reporting Name "Mage" Airborne Early Warning and Control 2 Domestically Built versions of the Ka-27M "Helix"

The last of the notable ships the Aristocratic Republic of Toria Navy uses is the Dragon-class Guided Missile Battleship. To quote the commander of the HMAS Hobart when she first lay eyes on one of these things and saw how she was bristling with weaponry "MY GOD! She's a predator, that is not something I would ever want to engage!" These ships look very unique. As such in order to support the massive amounts of weapons that they mount, they use the hull of the Yamato-class Battleship and use the superstructure from the proposed American Montana-class Battleship. While these ships aren't exactly built on the "All or Nothing" Armor scheme that the American Battleships after the Nevada-class Battleships used; but they do have composite armor over the citadel; the citadel is where the Magazines and Engines are, the armor is always thicker in those locations.

Dragon-class Guided Missile Battleship

Number Built: Ten

Building: 1(?)

Displacement: 110,000 tons fully loaded

Length: 1,050 Feet

Beam: 255 feet

Draft: 39 Feet possibly because of navigational limits, but have been seen as deep as 44 feet

Propulsion: Two Nuclear Reactors each producing 350 Mega Watts, four steam turbines, four shafts providing a total of 600,000 shaft horsepower. It could be a Nuclear-Turbo-Electric Transmission Powered ship but this hasn't been proven

Top speed: 34 knots



Six 20in/45 caliber gun in three turrets two forward and one aft; These guns have a range of 40,000 meters and an effective range of 32,000 meters Twelve 152mm/55 caliber secondary guns in twin turrets; three turrets port and three turrets starboard. Max firing range is 30,000 meters and the effective firing range is 15,000 meters sixteen 57mm/70 caliber guns in dual turrets; 8 forward with 4 port and 4 starboard; 8 aft with 4 port and 4 starboard. Setup similarly to the Yamato-class Battleship Numerous chain guns of 30mm caliber


Six Twin Arm Missile Launchers similar to the Mark 26 Twin Arm Missile Launcher; three port and three starboard; each has access to a magazine that contains 64 missiles; 32 SAMs and 32 ASMs. The SAM appears to be a version of the HHQ-9C which under the reporting name "Gong" which apart from being the only known SAM besides the RIM-66 and RIM-67 that can without modification be fired from both a VLS and GMLS. The ASMs appear to be based on the Kh-31 ASM, but have been modified to be launched from Guided Missile Launching Systems (GMLS). These Missiles are very dangerous to ships. (However it appears that commanders of these powerful warships consider the missiles as a secondary weapon; either way these monsters are game changers)


Twenty-eight 'Slasher' CIWS systems using double mounts with twelve port, twelve starboard, one fore, and one aft.


Chaff/Flares ECM Acoustic Decoys

Aircraft carried:

Four spotting UAVs for corrections.


Belt armor: Advanced Composite Armor gives an effective armor thickness of roughly 332mm of armor Bulkheads: composite armor, roughly equal to 120mm of armor Turrets: composite armor equal to roughly 406mm of armor Barbettes: composite armor roughly 200mm of armor Deck: composite armor 90mm of armor

Senors: RADAR, GPS, etc.

Notes: Double-hulled, torpedo bulge

Both the Republic of Toria Navy and Air Force uses aircraft made by the Slaviki Aviation Works. While they do field attack helicopters it is rather hard to tell whether or not they are domestically built unlicensed Mi-28s or if they are something different. However the primary combat fixed-wing aircraft that the Republic of Toria uses is the Slaviki Sl-21 "Firehawk" Strike Fighter. It can do a variety of different roles.

Slaviki Aviation Works, Slaviki or Sl-21 NATO Reporting name "Firehawk" is a very interesting fighter in terms of design. Its a fairly large aircraft on par with the French Made Dassault Rafale in terms of size. It is very unique in how it looks. It is a single engine, mid-wing, Cranked Arrow Delta Wing with Canards Strike Fighter. The engine is a powerful thing, putting out an estimated at normal thrust 30,000lbs of thrust and at afterburner an estimated 45,000lbs of thrust, the engine also has 3D Thrust-Vectoring Capability, this is one of the most powerful if not the most powerful engine ever put in a Military aircraft, it was made by the Hanoi Engine Works and is designated as the "Cobra-15". This plane can outperform F/A-18 Hornet and the F/A-18 Super Hornet with ease, it can also practically run circles around the F-35 and its various versions. However it should be noted that F-16s, F-15s, Su-30MKM among others can run circles around it. Due to how lethal this aircraft is the United States Navy is scrambling to begin production on the F/A-18H Super Hornet which has the same capabilities in terms of payload as the regular Super Hornet, but it now has the performance of the High Alpha Research Vehicle. Results in that arena are looking very promising. The United States Air Force has restarted Raptor production because although the F-15C and F-15E can fight these things, it is very hard for them to do it.

The Specifications of the Sl-21 "Firehawk" is as follows

Sl-21 "Firehawk"

General Characteristics

Crew: 1

Length: 55 ft (16.764m)

Wingspan: 37 ft (11.277m)

Height: 20 ft (6m)

Wing Area: Need help computing this

Empty Weight:

26,000lbs (12,000 kilograms) for ground based variants 24,000lbs (11,000 kilograms) for the Carrier Version

Loaded Weight:

36,000lbs (16,329 kilograms)

Max Take-off Weight: 60,000lbs (27,215 kilograms)

Powerplant: 1 x Hanoi Engine Works Cobra-15 Afterburning Turbo Fan

Producing at regular thrust 30,000lbs of thrust and an estimated 45,000lbs of thrust at afterburner


Maxminum Speed:

At sea-level: Mach 1.15 At Altitude: Mach 2.11 Supercruise: Mach 1.5

Range: estimated at 2,485 miles (4,000 kilometers) with drop tanks

Combat Radius: estimated at 1,242 miles (2,000 kilometers)

Service Ceiling: 55,500 feet (16,914 meters)

Rate of Climb: roughly 63,542 feet per minute (322.8 meters per second)

Wing loading: Unknown

Thrust to weight ratio: 1.3 for ground based versions and .998 for the carrier version

Maximum g-load: 13/-4 g


Guns: One Domestically built unlicesned version of the GHs-30-1 Revovler Cannon

Hardpoints: 14 for the ground based version and 12 for the carrier based version with a capacity of 18,000lbs (8,165 kilograms) for external fuel and ordinance and provisions to carry combinations of:



HL-4 Short Range Air-to-Air Heat-seeking Missile, is capable of lock-on after launch and has all aspect/all direction engagement capability, similar if not an exact copy of the Israeli Python-5 Missile HL-12 Medium Range Air-to-Air Active RADAR Homing Missile, domestically designed and built missile, has performance similar to that of the Japanese AAM-4 with a range of 62 miles or 100 kilometers HL-14 Long Range Air-to-Air Missile, is for all intents and purposes a unlicensed copy of the Russian AA-12 "Adder" or R-77M missile. Has a range of over 200 kilometers.


A unlicensed copy of the Kh-31 being called the KJ-50; A domestically designed and built AGM, appears to be based on the AGM-65 Maverick, has an improved HEAT warhead Unguided Rockets


Various free-fall bombs ranging from 550lbs (250kg) to 2,500lb (1,134kg) in weight Laser-Guided Bombs that appear to be based on the Russian KAB-500L and KAB-1500L family of guided bombs Cluster Bombs 550lbs (250kg) in size


An unknown type of targeting pod flare/chaff dispenser An unknown type of recon pod up to two drop tanks


An AESA Targeting RADAR (Active Electronically Scanned Array)

An Electronic Warfare System

Infra-red search and track system

The following ship statistics are for the various ships that are in use by the various nations of the world in Haifuri: Gone Asiatic and the stories that will follow. Note, this does not include ships that are already built and is relatively easy to find specifications on, with the exception of the Zumwalt-class. Another thing of note, that Heavier-than-air aircraft, e.g. Airplanes don't exist in the Haifuri universe. Only Zeppelins, Semi-Rigid Airships, and Blimps exist.

USN Ships

Ship classes of the United States Navy include the Arleigh Burke-class Guided Missile Destroyer, Zumwalt-class Guided Missile Destroyer,Ticonderoga-class Guided Missile Cruiser, Las Vegas-class Guided Missile Cruiser, Enterprise-class Nuclear Powered Fast Battleship, Nimitz-class Nuclear Powered Fast Guided Missile Battleship, the Los Angles-class Nuclear Powered Attack Submarine, Sea Wolf-class Nuclear Powered Attack Submarine, Virginia-class Nuclear Powered Attack Submarine, Ohio-class SSBN, Freedom-class Frigate, Independence-class Frigate, Cyclone-class Patrol Ship, and several others.

OC Ship classes: Zumwalt-class Guided Missile Destroyer, Las Vegas-class Guided Missile Cruiser, Enterprise-class Nuclear Powered Battleship, Nimitz-class Nuclear Powered Guided Missile Battleship, and Gerald R. Ford-class Guided Missile Battleship. The specifications for these ships will be below.

Zumwalt-class Guided Missile Destroyer: This Zumwalt-class Guided Missile Destroyer is not the Zumwalt-class that we all know and I don't really like, I mean no CIWS? Yeah. But this Zumwalt-class is an Arleigh Burke-class DDG that has been lengthened a little and been transformed into a Stealth DDG. These ships are so much better, in my opinion than the Zumwalt-class that we have and more logical as well. Anyway these things are beginning to replace the Arleigh Burke-class DDGs.

Length: 535 feet

Beam: 66 feet

Draft: 30.5 feet

Displacement: 10,000 tons standard and 12,000 tons fully loaded

Propulsion: Two Rolls-Royce MT30 Gas Turbines producing 47,500 horsepower each, turning Curtiss-Wright Electric Generators, two Rolls-Royce RR4500 turbine generators producing 5,100 horsepower each, and finally two propellers driven by electric motors, total shaft horsepower 105,000

Top Speed: Over 30 knots

Compliment: 150

Sensors: Dual-Band Radar which combines SPY-3 and SPY-4, AEGIS Combat Suite, sonar


One Advanced Gun System, 155mm Gun in a stealth Cupola 96-Cell Mark 41 VLS, capable of firing SM-6s, ESSMs, Harpoons, Tomahawks, or ASROCs Two 20mm Phlanax CIWS mounts in stealth mountings, one forward below the bridge and the second amidships Six Mark 40 21in Torpedo Tubes 3x2; for firing Mark 49 Torpedoes which are Surface Launch Capable Mark 48s, they are fast, lethal, and deadly as hell Two Mark 46 Mod 2 Gun Weapon Systems

Airships Carried: One Airship

Las Vegas-class Guided Missile Cruiser: The namesake of this class of Guided Missile Cruiser is the Battle of Las Vegas which occurred during the American-Mexican War. This class of Guided Missile Cruiser, is actually built on a Cruiser hull and not a scaled-up Destroyer Hull. The reason for this is the fact that it provides better stability and the capability to carry more missiles and bigger guns. These ships are also stealth, which means stealth copulas for the CIWS and the Main Guns. These ships are also Nuclear Powered so that way, it is easier for them to generate enough power to fire the railgun they can be equipped with.

Length:625 feet

Beam: 75 feet

Draft: 33 feet

Displacement: 15,000 tons standard and 18,500 tons fully loaded

Propulsion: Two D3W Nuclear Reactors, each providing 170 Megawatts of power, which turn two turbines which turn two shafts, producing over 200k shaft horsepower

Top Speed: In excess of 30 knots

Compliement: 1,250

Sensors: Full Blown AEGIS Suite, equipped with the same sensors as the Zumwalt-class DDG


Two 8in/55 Caliber Mark 71 Mod 5 Gun Mounts or Two 15cm Electromagnetic Rail Guns in a stealth cupola 150-cell Mark 41 VLS capable of launching SM-6s, ESSMs, Harpoons, Tomahawks, ASROCs Three 20mm Phalanx CIWS Mounts, one forward, one aft, and one amidships Four Mark 40 21in Torpedo Tubes, 2x2 for Mark 49 Torpedoes Four Mark 46 Mod 2 Gun Weapon Systems

Airships carried: One Airship

Enterprise-class Nuclear Powered Fast Battleship: The Enterprise-class is a dying breed of warship. This class of ship is the last class of Battleship that follows the "All-gun" mantra. She doesn't have any missiles at all. Just a literal metric ton of guns. The amount of gun firepower this class has, is downright obscene, it can throw a flak wall up that even missiles will likely struggle to get through to hit the Battle wagon. The amount of CIWS mounts this ship has is absurd as well. They could best be explained as a Montana-class on crack. Her armor is tough with large amounts of STS steel used in her design, not to mention 'All or Nothing'.

Planned: 6

Built: 2

Cancelled: 4

Retired: 1

Active: 1

Length: 1,122 feet

Beam: at the waterline 137 feet

Draft: 44 feet

Displacement: Standard Displacement 78,567 tons and full load displacement 93,250 tons

Propulsion: Eight A2W Reactors turning four turbines which turn four shafts

range: 20-25 years without refueling

Top Speed: 33 Knots

Crew Compliment: 4,100

Sensors: Mark 40 Gun Fire Control System for the main battery, Mark 86 Gun Fire Control System for the Secondary Battery, Mark 52 Gun Fire Control System for the Tricetary Battery

Armament (as refitted): Sixteen 16in/50 Caliber Mark 7 Naval Guns 4x4, twenty 5in/54 Caliber Guns (10x2), forty 3in/70 caliber Rapid Fire Guns (20x2), eight Phalanx CIWS mounts scattered throughout the ship, plus about a dozen M2 Brownings

Armor: 420mm Armor Belt inclined at 20 degrees, 650mm of armor for the Main Battery Turrets, 230mm armored deck

Airships carried: None

Nimitz-class Nuclear Powered Fast Guided Missile Battleship: The Nimitz-class are probably the most powerful class of Battleship to ever exist, because not only does she have a lot of guns just like the Enterprise-class, she also has a lot of missiles, which means that if she wants you dead, then damnit you are likely going to die. One thing that should be noted, her armor scheme is exactly like the Enterprise-class meaning that she is about as tough as old boots. One thing that is unique about the Nimitz-class is the fact that the first three ships had Mark 13 Single Arm Missile Launchers feed by tremendous magazines the rest simply have an obsecne number of M41 VLS Cells.

Planned: 10

Built: 10

Retired: 0

Lost: 0

Length: 1,092 feet

Beam: at the waterline 140 feet

Draft 37 feet maximum navigation limit or at most 41 feet

Displacement: 80,560 tons standard and 110,000 tons full load

Propulsion: Two B4W Reactors turning four turbines which turn four shafts producing 260,000 shaft horsepower

Range: 20-25 years without refueling

Speed: 30 plus knots

Crew Compliment: 4,200

Sensors: RADAR GFCS for Main and Secondary plus SONAR and MFCS (Missile Fire Control System

Armament: (for Mark 13 Single Arm Missile Launcher Ships BBGN-74 to BBGN-76) Eight 16in/50 caliber Mark 7 Naval Guns (4x2), twelve 5in/54 Caliber Mark 45 Gun Mounts (6x2), eight 20mm Phalanx CIWS Gun Mounts for close in defense, and eight Mark 13 Single Arm Missile Launchers capable of firing either SM-2s, Harpoons, or ASROCs

Armament: (For Mark 41 VLS Ships BBGN-77 to BBGN-83) Eight 16in/50 caliber Mark 7 Naval Guns (4x2), eight 5in/54 Caliber Mark 45 Gun Mounts (4x2), eight 20mm Phalanx CIWS Mounts, and 230 VLS cells capable of firing SM-2s, SM-3s, SM-6s, ESSMs, Harpoons, Tomahawks, and ASROCs (told you it was an obscene amount of VLS cells)

Armor: 420mm Armor Belt inclined at 20 degrees, 650mm of armor for the Main Battery Turrets, 230mm armored deck

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