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Well... I feel its time to start updating this with the pertinent information.

Hi I am Countergod, your author who (atleast I HOPE) you enjoy reading atleast mildly. A few personal things about me. I am of the male gender, which explains my lower than average intellegence level for this forum of writers, and my obvious lack of ability to portray females without massive help from others.Umm... I go to college, and im very busy. I also procrastinate heavily, which is why my chapters go slow. I have two beta readers, one of them, AnimeDarkAngel writes too. Check out her stories. The other is a relatively new friend of mine, but still a good one, and likes to skewer my chapters for any problems. She also likes to skewer me for procrastinating. A side note: My name does NOT have religious connotations, please do not assume they do. As an extension to that, i prefer not to have my webname truncated to Counter, but instead (as you might have noticed a few of my reviewers doing) prefer to be called Count.

Stories: Okay well here is where im going to be updating my readers on the status of my stories. You can check this out for the most uptodate information about currenly in progress stories. I will try to keep this updated atleast once a day.

Songs of the Soul (SOTS): Chapter 24 and Epilogue POSTED! As I noted before, there are spelling and grammar mistakes which i am going to go through and correct now. If you spot any, please leave a review with the corrections, or E-mail them to my address ( and ill make sure to check it out.

Through Bloody Tears (TBT): This is the co authored story written with one of my best friends. It was not intended to be part of the trilogy, instead only based loosely in the world.However as the story (and SOTS) progressed, i found myself adding extra little tidbits that i was wondering how i would introduce in the second story of the trilogy, and it just made perfect sense to add this story to the actual sequence. Be aware, it will not focus much at all on the main characters, It will more develop a few plot items which will become imporant in the later installments and flesh out a fewnew characters.

Part 1 of TBT is now posted. Please read and review. More to come.

Demons of our Past (DoP, formerly The Awakening): what originally was going to be the second installment of the trilogy, and is complete storywise. I originally had this played out on a final fantasy forum I frequent as an RPG, with the full knowledge that I would be converting it to full story later on. (P.S. thanks to all who participated in that RPG for helping me out on that!) Since TBT is mostly done, including actual writing process, this story will also be worked on in parallel, however will not be posted until TBT is actually done (I have a HOPE that TBT will be done by the end of July since it is mostly done, however... procrastination is a virtue ;) ) One little snippet that will peak everybody's interest: Seifer will return in this story, and play another pivital role in it (as he did in FF8, and perhaps even more so, as this story largely centers around him and the antagonist). His absence in SOTS will be fully explained very quickly and we will see exactly how evil he... or anybody... truly is.

Unnamed Series of short stories: These stories will not actually be part of the sequence, however they will give some background into certain characters in the story. It is intended that each long chapter will be a short story devoted to one specific character. It will also be a wide spectrum work, with AnimeDarkAngel, my best friend, and possibly my other Beta Reader all writing one short story with my guidance and possibly some mix of collaberation. Two stories are already written, with the intent of having approximately 10-15. These stories will start to be posted mid way through the Awakening (as it addresses certain plot developments in The Awakening which i wouldnt want to spoil, now would i? ;) )

Galbadian Star (GS): Named for the highest metal a Galbadian Soldier may recieve, it also refers to the Galbadian empire as a whole. This will be the ultimate story of the sequence, and avid Final Fantasy guru's will also notice other tidbits which will peak their interest. Status is... well... in my mind right now, not written at all save a few in mind ideas. Tagline: "The highest award a Galbadian Soldier may recieve, those who serve their country most loyaly can expect this metal. But when politics rules all, who decides what serving the country is, and what treason is?"

Unnamed story: Another fanciful idea, inspired by, of all people, my loyal reviewers. This fiction will be VERY dark and alot of you devoted fans of Final Fantasy 8 will probably not like it, however... once an idea is made... i run with it... and run...and run... and run...and... Luckily for you all, this is not even on a burner right now much less getting cooked. Dont be expecting this story for atleast a year.

Other ideas: After all the work put into FF8, I have decided that i will also expand my attempts at story writing into other genres i have a vested liking with, including Star Trek, Star Wars, and Battletech. I am well aware most of you who currently read my stories dont care, but i thought i would make it known.

To my readers: Please please review! it helps spur away my procrastination, and it also gives me abit of comfort knowing that im not just throwing these chapters into empty air! Also... reviews keep various characters from meeting a rather untimely and sensless death ;)

IMPORTANT! I have already gotten some snide comments on chapter 1 of TBT. if you are going to post reviews, please no flames on the ending. I wrote it like that for a reason, and it is my story. Please just trust in the author okay?

2/3 Update: Almost done with TBT part 2, and ill try to have that up soon. I notice noone is reviewing :( is the story THAT bad?

Anyways thats it from me. I hope this sheds some light on me and enjoy reading!

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