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I do try hard to update! I really do! It just gets rather difficult. I have, however, in no way given up on "Then Fate Stepped In". It's still going on, and when I get writers' block I work on a Draco/Ginny fic I have up my sleeve (however, I don't know if that will ever get posted. It's just something I've been tossing around in my head). But TFSI will be done fairly soon, I do believe. Sit tight. :-)

Okey-dokey, here's some basic facts about me...

Totally Random Fact: I've been hanging around fanfiction for about 4 years, since Alias started. I used to read Alias fics, but now I don't because I really just don't like that show anymore. They killed it. Henceforth, Harry Potter is my obsession and will be so for a very long time.

Another Random Fact, But This Time Not So Random: I've been reading Harry Potter since I was about 10 years old. My mom read the first book to me before they became really popular (I think it was 98 or 99, I don't remember exactly, but I know it was August...go figure). I've been a die-hard fan ever since. Book 6 is my new favorite...although I'm in denial over what has happened to Sirius and Dumbledore. Books 5 and 3 are tied for second.

Name: Beth (or Prongs' Princess)
Age: 18, high school SENIOR!
Residence: Wisconsin, USA
Hobbies: writing fanfiction (duh), playing the piano
Sports: softball, cheerleading (it is a sport, anyone who says it's not can take that up with me)
AIM Screenname: harrypottrrocks (who can blame me? lol)

Ships I Like...
Lily/James (my personal favorite)
Hermione/Ron (they're meant to be...J.K.Rowling says so, too. I rest my case.)
Harry/Ginny (they're also meant to be)
Harry/Hermione (I kinda like it, I mean, it's fan "fiction", so I decided this one's okay)
Draco/OC (he just needs a little loving)
Draco/Ginny (this has become a new obsession of mine)

Ships I Dislike:
Lily (or James)/OC (come on, people, she and James were meant to be. That's all there is to it.)
Lily/any of the Marauders besides James (see above point)
Harry/Cho (I hate her, Harry deserves Ginny...:coughcough:)
Snape/Hermione (how perverted! he's a zillion years older than her!)

General Fic Dislikes...
-Slash. Sorry, I just find it disgusting, perverted, immoral, etc. so don't ask me to read any. I won't do it..

And on a side note, I really can't stand reading fics that are riddled with grammar and/or spelling mistakes. I'm a bit of a grammar/spelling nazi. It's not difficult to learn or look up, people, so do it right. Of course, this doesn't mean that my fics are perfect in either way. I do try very hard, and if you ever find a spelling or grammar error, please let me know so I can fix it. I hate those errors in my fics just as much as in anyone else's.

I'm a Gryffindor!

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