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Hey all ya kiddies out there.
I guess this is for me to tell all of you how special I am.

K here's what I look like
Hair: Sandy Blonde, long, w/feathered bangs
Eyes: Dark green (w/black specks) The thing I like most about me
Skin color: Pale but with lots of freckles across my nose and under my eyes.
Body type: Kind of short, built for softball and cross-country, bc my leg muscles are huge on my legs, Or I think they're huge, but anyways. Usual Make-Up: black eyeliner underneath the eyes, mascara, and natural eyeliner, small amount of foundation

Fave Sports: Basketball (Vasity Point guard), Softball (ASA: The Sting:Center field), Cross Country (girl wheezing in the back of the group, but never giving up)…
My Real Name: Kate, but shh, don't tell. (Irish: pure!)

I changed my name from GreekNelo to Beware the Noble Heart because of a really cool thing I read. I'm sorry to confuse anyone.

I have friends, contrary to popular belief. My friends, just happen to not write fanfiction or read it bc their not cool like me.

I don't know much else to tell you but... oh ya
I like Inuyasha (occasionally), Lotr, Buffy (only like once a year, bc I usually get annoyed with Buffy and begin to hate her), harry potter, but I don't like Harry much (whiny pric in thefifth book). Sometimes I'm in the mood for Roswell, sometimes even Ella Enchanted, etc...
Legolas/Dawn Legolas/OC Legolas/Ginny Sirius/OC Hermione/Sirius Hermione/Severus Hermione/Remus Remus/OC Ella/Char Max/Liz James/Lily ect... also Iike Doyle/Cordy and Angel/OC(never buffy bc he is so too good for her, even though I used to be a B/A fan until she was a bitch andI hated her guts) I like Dawn, even though most people think she's all whiny.

You know those Buffy fans who think Dawn's just a whiny teen added to the show? They're idiots, bc they don't even step back to look at where the hell Buffy went since Dawn appeared. NEEEeeeewwww-kapooooOOOO(you know like a bomb going off)! Buffy is a hard-core bitch. I don't care what the hell she's been through and all that shit. We all have shit. She needs to get a pooper-scooper and deal with it or she needs to be scooped up and thrown in the garbage. God, Spike's too good for her, Xander's too good for her, even the master's too good for her!

Sorry, I just had to get that out of my system.

Anyways, I love reviews and if you all are here for that and got side-tracked wanting to find out how cool I am I understand, so scroll that baby down and read my stories (Try Color of Power. It's really good. You just have to open your mind a bit!)

I'm out


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You Can't Petition for a Smart Girl's Heart reviews
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Qmouse (3)