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The whitt is back in the shizzhouse, wow i am so not gangsta im not even gunna try Maine is sooo boring

AHHHHHHHH! i have had writers block for about a year now and it sucks

only thing to do is jump over the moon...Sailor Moon that is

a little RENT and Sailor moon action for ya

The Many Things That Rules The Sailor Fruity's other words ME! and my coments on them:

SAILOR MOOOOOOOON (Darien my love im sorry,but i kinda like seiya better)

Fruits Basket (i can say with such ease that kyo is by far THE cutest cat ever)

Prétear (i wish it had more episodes then it did, and the ending was rather dissapointing)

SUPER GALS! (my friends and i have a passion for fashion, i soooooo want a red streak)

CARDCAPTORS! (cute little kids who save the world, AND fall in love...all at the age of ten or however old they were)

ONE PEICE...(okay so i thought it was really stupid at first then i actually watched it and i kinda like it now)

INUYASHA (i so wish i had a boyfriend like Inuyahsa)

Samurai Champloo (im waiting for some type of romance to bloom between some of the characters but thats just me)

Cowboy Bebop (it's really making me angry i still havn seen the last episode, everytime it's on tv i forget its on and grrrrrrrr)

FLCL (i still dont get what it is but still like it)

Fullmetal Alchemist (liked at first then i dont know what happened)

Girl Got Game...ok so its a manga but they should totally make it a show, but who know they could be or have

there are many other as i think of them i'll put it down...

Well back to what i was doing...which would be pretending to babysit or something

I'M OUTIE...again with the lingo...BAD WHITNEY!



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