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Hi, I'm Kalasin (I finally settled with a pen name!). I love Tamora Pierce books, so that's all I use this account for. Well, that's not exactly true. I love Tamora Pierce's Tortall books. I never got into the Circle of Magic books. They're OK, but they're not NEARLY as good as the Tortall ones. Although a couple of her characters drive me crazy, such as Jonathan. He's a total JERK. And I never liked Liam, either. If Alanna had gotten together with either of them I would have stopped reading her books then and there. And I'm sure glad I didn't, because I like the Immortals series even more than SotL! Although PotS was a bit of a let down. Kel's almost a wannabe Lioness, and she just can't stay with a guy for 10 minutes! OK, maybe that's not fair, since the Lioness couldn't either, but at least the guys she was with she was serious about. Kel has too many cute little crushes. And the one guys she DOES get together with is CLEON! He's cool as her friend, but those two are not meant to be. Then there's the Daughter of the Lioness, which is REALLY good. I can't wait to get Trickster's Queen.

I've finished 2 fics and I'm partway through a 3rd. The first 2 are Tortallan parodies to fairy tales, the third is the Tortallan Sound of Music.

My fourth fic is going to be another Tortallan fairy tale featuring Kel! That's about all I know right now, because it's really hard to figure out how I'm doing her "Prince Charming", since she can't stick with one for 5 minutes. Once I can figurethat out, I'll decide which fairy tale to do.

Any pairing that's not marked is a Tamora Pierce pairing. That's really not all I read but I don't really do fanfiction with the other stuff. I'm not sure WHY, but it's true.

Pairings I love:
Alanna/George:They're PERFECT together!!!
Daine/Numair:I just HOPED they'd get together the entire series, and I LOVED it when they did.
Kel/Dom:It just drives me nuts they never got a chance together...
Kel/Neal:It's a cute pair, if you ignore the fact that he's in love with Yuki.
Hermione/Ron: (Harry Potter)Yes, I do read non-Tamora Pierce stuff!
Ginny/Harry: (Harry Potter) Awww!
Ella/Char: (Ella Enchanted) Um...DUH!

Pairings I can't stand:
Alanna/Jon:He's a jerk, plain and simple.
Alanna/Liam:Liam irks me...
Daine/Kaddar:Sorry, but no.
Daine/Ozorne:Where did these fics come from? They're just MESSED UP!
Kel/Cleon:They're just NOT a match made in heaven.
Kel/Joren:Ditto what I said to D/O. These fics are weird, romance between the two was never so much as HINTED at in the books. Not to mention Joren's disgusting.
Hermione/Draco: (Harry Potter) Ick...
Hermione/Harry: (Harry Potter) She just works better with Ron.
Hattie/Char: (Ella Enchanted) OBVIOUSLY...

Fics that drive me crazy:
Alanna Goes to the Convent-I read a few of those when I first joined, and they WERE good...but then I started reading more, and they just got monotonous. GET A NEW IDEA!
Kel Gets Kicked Out-Very much like Alanna Goes to the Convent. They CAN be original, but even so, the plot is very very old. Again, try something NOT USED 50,000 times!
OMG I got Dropped Into Tortall-I only have read ONE of these that I liked, and that was The Texan and the Tortallan, which is actually a reverse concept. But the author quit FF.Net. And the rest of these...well, they stink. If you want to write one, try having the main character not instantly say "Ohmygod! I'm in TORTALL?" before anyone says anything. C'mon, would you REALLY instantly assume you were in Tortall?
OOC When They're Not Supposed to be-I understand sometimes fics are SUPPOSED to be OOC, but when it's a serious fic, try to avoid it. I love Kel/Neal, but would Neal suddenly fall in love with Kel after seeing her in a ballgown? Or if you're trying an A/J fic (I'm A/G forever and proud of it!) would Jon suddenly decide to dump Thayet? Would Alanna dump George? Didn't think so.

All right, I'll stop for now. This page is updated a lot, so come back soon!

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