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Author has written 11 stories for Dark Cloud, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy VII, Tales of Symphonia, Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, Star Wars, and Dragon Age.


To My Readers (I hope you're still out there!):

Well, Heryn Meleth is finished, and I've begun writing on Rekindle. I'm also in the slow process of revising Through Torrents of Time. Keep your eyes out for updates! I'm going to be removing some old stories as well, so don't be surprised if things start to dissapear. Thanks everyone, keep reading and reviewing!!


I'm StormTorrent, at least you can call me that, well, just call me Storm.

I'm just your normal, average girl with a normal, average life. Music is my life, writing is my hobby. I attend college full time so I can one day sing opera. I hold a part-time job stuffing bears at Build-A-Bear Workshop, and have a busy schedule between rehersals for shows and hang out time with my friends. Thus, I don't get around to my writing very often, but when I do it's really very fun and relaxing to do. I always strive to better myself, so I love comments and feedback with constructive criticism.

Drawing is another avid hobby of mine. I love to draw fanart, and also draw my characters. So, you can find my works here: http:///

But you don’t really care about all that do you? You just wanna see what my stories are about and the couples and stuff I like from shows, eh? Well then lets get to the fun stuff!


I read quite a bit of manga. The ones I particularly like are the following:

Hikaru No Go, Et Cetera, Love Hina, InuYasha, Yu-Gi-Oh, Rurouni Kenshin, Negima, Marmalade Boy, Hot Gimmick, and Psychic Academy, Case Closed, Real 'Bout High School, Chrono Crusade, Bleach, Fruits Basket, Monster, Ranma 1/2, From Far Away, With the Light, and Death Note

Anime Shows/Movies/Other Shows I Love—

I’ve been an Anime fanatic since Pokemon, so you’re looking at a veteran here! We’re talking, since SECOND GRADE! Just thought I might point that out…oh feh, here’s the list:

InuYasha, G Gundam, Gundam Wing, Yu-Gi-Oh, Rurouni Kenshin, Tenchi Muyo, Digimon (Only 1st, 2nd, 3rd season), Pokemon (Only through Orange Islands IMO, after that it got stupid.), Flint the Time Detective, Sailor Moon (Only 1st Senshi), Dragonball, Zoids, .hackSign, Hamtaro, and .hackLedgendOfTheTwilightBracelet, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Castle of Cagliostro, Pokemon movies 1-2-and 3, Digimon Movie, Endless Waltz, Chrono Crusade, Orphen, Case Closed, Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, Danny Phantom, Star Gate SG-1, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Fruits Basket, Gunslinger Girl, Death Note

Video Games—

Here’s a few of my favorite Videogames and the Video Games I own! (Beware, it’s A LOT!)

Dark Cloud, Dark Cloud 2, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy X, Final Fanatsy X-2, Final Fantasy XII, Wild Arms 2, Wild Arms 3, Super Smash Bros, Jak and Daxter, Spyro Year of the Dragon, Hey You Pikachu, Paper Mario, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, Super Mario 64, Wave Race, Mario Kart, Banjo Kazooie, Zelda Majora's Mask, Zelda Ocarina of Time, Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon Puzzle League, Pokemon Snap, Kirby Crystal Shards, Quest 64, Kingdom Hearts, Tekken 4, .hackSign Infection, .hackSign Mutation, Legends of Dragoon, Dance Dance Revolution, Ephemeral Fantasia, Star Ocean, Tales of Symphonia, Enchanted Arms, Shadow of the Colossus, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Star Wars: Battefront II, Eternal Sonata, Dragon Age: Origins, Halo

The Couples Factor—

Okay…there are only a few couples I like! But I’m gonna list the REAL couples and the R/OC couples I like too. Those are characters coupled with my characters or my friend's characters. Here’s goes nothing!


Clive/Catherine, Jet/Virginia, Inu/Kagome, Inu/Kikyou (wow shock, I like them both. XD), Miki/Yuu, Meiko/Nachan, Ginta/Armi, Tidus/Yuna, Cloud/AERIS (NOT TIFA!), Lloyd/Collette, Sora/Kairi (Kairi's not good enough for RIKU!), Lulu/Wakka, Tai/Sora, TK/Kari, Joe/Mimi (Anyone ever considered that one? Ahhh dunno...XD), Max/Monica, Sarah/Merlock, Tenchi/Ryoko, Yamcha/Bulma, Ash/Melody, Moonbeam/Irvine, Vaan/Fiona, Joey/Mai, Negi/Asuna, Keitaro/Naru, Heero/Relena, Trowa/Kathryn, Wufei/Sally, Zechs/Noine, Aoshi/Misao, Rena/Balmung, Shugo/Ouka, Kite/Blackrose, Domon/Rain, Saan/Ashitaka, Chihiro/Haku, Toan/Paige, Haruka/Seta, Seda/Sophia, Baskersville(aka Razy)/Mingchao, Chrono/Rosette, Ryoko/Tatsuya, Orphen/Cleo, Ron/Hermione, Genis/Presea, Kratos/Anna, Sheena/Orochi or Kuchinawa (Am I weird?), Regal/Alicia (Even though she's dead...), Naruto/Sakura, Cliff/Mirage, Fayt/Sophia, Danny/Sam, Ed/Winry, Axel/Larxene, Roxas/Namine, Yuki/Tohru, Shigure/Mei (his editor? SO CUTE!), Carth/Revan, Allegretto/Polka, Beat/Salsa, Jazz/Viola, Jazz/Claves, Chopin/Konstancja, Alistair/Tabris

-Real/Original Character-

Miroku/Itsuka, Kouga/Sayoki, Sesshoumaru/Akujin, Sephiroth/Tymaikryn, Cloud/Storm, Tidus/Earth, Ash/Cristiana, Tai/Blue, Matt/Lillyah, Ken/Tian, TK/Keo, Rayne/Rufus, Imphy/Baralai, George/Freeah, Silver(Thess)/Arthur, Kidryn/Seda, Kayheu/Kenshin, Azura/Cliff, Amiri/Albel, Rufus/Rayne

My Stories—

Here’s the section where I tell you a little background on my stories. Won’t that be fun?


Game: Final Fantasy X

Rating: PG13-because RPG Dreamers rated it that…don’t ask me why.

Pairings: Tidus/Yuna (Duh!)

Main Characters: Tidus, Auron

Supporting Characters: Yuna, Rikku, Paine

About: This is one of my few completed FFX Fanfictions, believe me, in the dark depths of my computer I have several hundred some. LOL I thought of this story coming home from mexico one year. It’s a great story, I hope you all enjoy it. (written in 2004, likely to be taken down soon for revisions)

-Through Torrents of Time-


Rating: PG for blood, violence, and romance

Pairings: It's a surprise.

Main Character: Storm Torrent

Supporting Characters: Rufus, Twai, Chrome, Eveo, Des, Sephiroth, Cloud, Grec, Travis, Ty (Courtesy to Blade Of Mako, or known to me as Bre!)

About: The trials of an orphan girl living in the hell they call Midgar. When misfortune continues to pursue her will she crumble under the pressure of ShinRa Inc or will a light shine in the darkness giving her new hope for tomarrow? Simply the past of my FFVII Original Character named Storm. Yes, there will be Real Character/Original Character pairings, but give it a chance. If written well, I know that they can be pretty decent. (written over the course of 2004-2006. Likely to be taken down VERY soon for revisions)


Game: Tales of Symphonia

Rating: PG--For blood and depressing themes

Pairings: None (GASP!)

Main Characters: Zelos

Supporting Characters: Hope (You'll see! She's not a real character.)

About: A this is my "a day in the life" Zelos fic, not romantically themed. I'm so sick of seeing all this yaoi stuff of I made a fic where he's not paired with anyone. I've gotta be one of the few Zelos fans in the world who doesn't veiw him as gay or a match for Sheena! XD I renamed the fic for, while I wrote it, it took a turn to be a different kind of fic than I intended. Anyhow, it's a short fic about Zelos reflecting on his life, and his decision between living behind behind a lie or showing the person he really is. Something in particular (read to find out) helps him realize what he should do. Also, SPOILER WARNING for those people who don't know what happened to Zelos' parents. (written in 2005)

-Call Me Kindness-

Game: Naruto (Okay, so that's a TV show!)

Rating: G--I don't intend to put any real questionable stuff in it! heh

Pairings: Naruto/Sakura, minor Sakura/Sasuke stuff...

Main Characters: Naruto, Sakura

Supporting Characters: Sasuke, Kakashi, and maybe Iruka in another chapter--just for Michelle!

About: Today is not Team Seven's Day. Stuck without a mission what on EARTH at the aspiring ninjas going to do? When Kakashi tells them he has a lesson planned, the young wanna-be Hokage's cross their fingers and hope for something good.Little do they know what Kakashi's crazy scemes have in store for them! This is my first Naruto fic, I've seen episodes 1-16 on VHS tapes in Japanese with english subtitles. So cut me a little slack! heh Anyway, I hope I'm in character, blah, blah, blah...This is one of my sillier fics. I intend it to not have any angst, just all for laughs. Wow, if I can make someone laugh, I'll be excited! (written in 2005)


Game: Kingdom Hearts II

Rating: PG, for mild violence and references to darkness

Pairings: Minor Larxene/Axel

Main Characters: Larxene, Axel, Roxas

Supporting Characters: The rest of Organization XII, and possibly Riku

About: When a new Nobody is born, Organization XII takes an interest in its soon-to-be final member. But...this one if much different than the rest. Xemnas leaves Number XII in Larxene's care. Larxene find out that raising a child, a very special Nobody in particular, is much more than she bargained for. TOTAL SPOILER WARNING! I suggest just not reading this until you've finished Kingdom Hearts II. I promise you, you will most likely be sorry if you don't.'s a great story though, I'm really proud of it. Hope you guys enjoy it. (Written 2006-2007, will continue to be updated soon)


Game: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Rating: K+ for romance and angst

Pairings: Carth/Revan

Main Characters: Carth

Supporting Characters: Revan, Mission

About: When the woman he thought he could trust, and maybe even love, turns out to be Darth Revan, Carth Onasi leaves the Ebon Hawk and its crew with no intention of return. The story takes place after the crew discovers the true identity of their hero. Everyone seems to still be behind her, except for Carth who in the game was very skeptical but ended up staying anyway. Instead of staying, Carth decides to leave not able to bring himself to aid the rest of the crew. Spoilers of course, if you haven't played through a good portion of KOTOR. (written 2007)


Game: Final Fantasy VII

Rating: K+ for romance, angst, and some violence later on

Pairings: Rayne/Blythe, Rayne/Rufus, Storm/Cloud, Ty/Sephiroth

Main Characters: Mainly Rayne Strife

Supporting Characters: Rufus ShinRa, Cloud Strife, Sephiroth, and many, MANY original characters.

About: Time--no one can stop it from passing, and no one realizes the damage it does little by little every day. Rufus ShinRa comes to know this very well as nine painful corrosive years pass by without the company of his longterm girlfriend, Rayne Strife. Replaced by the young, dashing, mysterious, Blythe Dalton, Rufus ices over once again. What's really changed between them? When he discovers that this change goes far beyond just their personal realtionship, what does that mean for Midgar? For the world? (Written 2010-2011, most likely to be continued)

-Heryn Meleth-

Game: Dragon Age: Origins

Rating: T

Pairings: FemTabris/Alistair

Main Characters: Goldanna, Warden

Supporting Characters: Goldanna's children

About: "As if it hadn’t been enough of a day already without a good-for-nothing half brother showing up on my doorstep without rhyme or reason." Goldanna's life only got more complicated when Alistair showed up. What was he thinking, marching in expecting love and acceptance? With a house full of children and a well-meaning but MIA husband, Goldanna has struggled through life enough aready, and been wrung thin of love and comassion. However, a certain Grey Warden makes her think twice about her cold-shoulder. (Written 2011)

Stories To Come-

- Rekindle, Reborn, and Regret -

(A three book Dragon Age Epic)

The world is at peace. The Blight is over and the darkspawn threat has been eliminated. King Alistair is on the throne, and has a young princess heir. When Warden-Commander Illuvah leaves Vigil's Keep to play surrogate mother in the place of the late queen Elise things get very complicated. Haunted by dreams of Morrigan's mysterious dissapearance, she leaves to tie up loose ends. Illuvah finds she is in for more than she bargained for on a journey that will take her through the Fade and beyond. Peace, she realizes, is always being threatened in Ferelden. Can she be the one to keep it?

The three books will follow the storylines of Origins, Awakening, and Witch Hunt as accurately as possible with artistic interpretation. I have a few tricks up my sleeve...stay tuned for the trilogy!

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Here Without You by Dasque reviews
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Final Fantasy VII - Rated: K - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 576 - Reviews: 3 - Published: 12/3/2004 - Complete
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