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You know, I'm told on a regular basis that I'm evil. I say "Thank you."



Well, it's finally happened. I got a flame for one of my stories. It was for my new story, What! Actually, I was kind of disappointed about it. I guess I expected more from my first flamer. The grammer and spelling was atrocious and they didn't even tell me what got them so mad.

kimasbetrthenyou ()

Your sick to sick you must be sickly gay or somthin now listen if you value your life id stop writeing stories like that or inuyasha will personally sniff you out and taru u 2 pieces.then hell tare those pieces to pieces and so on got it?

Anyways, I wouldn't mind this as much if they actually told me what I did wrong here. I feel that if Inuyasha is going to spend his time sniffing out bad stories, there would be a lot to get through until he got to mine. I also am writing What! because I wondered how the actual Inuyasha would react if he knew how some of the AU stories protrayed him. So I took a hypothetical AU universe where once more, Inuyasha is a playboy, and stuck the canon Inuyasha there. I also am sticking playboy Inuyasha in the canon universe. I really don't think I'm doing that big a disservice to Inuyasha here by doing this. I'm even making it a realistic AU. Anyways, I wanted to share this with everyone (it's only fair that people know that I've been flamed, after all!) since I wanted to address this reviewer's comments and any other readers' concerns about this story. I also can't reply to the flamer because s/he was disinclined to leave an email address for me to reply to, which was rather rude. Anyways, I'll return you to my regular profile now!


PS if kimasbetrthenyou is reading this, well, "You ain't seen nothin' yet!"

Anyways, I am now posting again, however, with my current story Fire's Awakening I am currently waiting to post the next chapter until I get a few more reviews. I try not to be a review Nazi, but when my latest chapter has had the fewest reviews out of the whole story, that tends to make me very stubborn. Meanwhile, Tsubasa and I were messing around, and the next thing we knew we had a fanfiction on our hands. If you want to check it out, the story is Lost Enroute to Fate, by Feline Mischief, our joint name. It is a Inu/Yu Yu crossover (what else would we write?) and the main pairing is of course Kagome/Hiei! Come check it out! I will probably also be posting a few other things I am working on, so keep an eye out for those!

All right, a lot of people have apparently been visiting my profile, so I thought I would give everybody some information on my main series (tentatively named, Ring of Fire). As many of you know, this series is based on my first major story, Going up in Flames. The pairing is and will be Hiei/Kagome, for any new or concerned readers.

The series will have three books, with a few short stories added in to fill in the blanks.

Fire's Awakening:

Kagome finds the courage to start the process of finding her true self, discovering new friends, abilities, and more. Sesshoumaru and Kikyo will instruct her, Mukuro, Kohaku, Yomi, and others will become new friends or possibly team mates, and the framework for the destruction of Naraku will be set in place.

AN: I have chapters 1-10 planned out, and am guessing that I won't go above twenty. Also, the ending will not be what you expect, and things will be changed from the information first given in Going up in Flames and Fire.

Crouching Ogre, Hidden Fire:

Okay, cheesy title, but actually fits the storyline. So, why doesn't the Spirit World know what really happened during the final battle, and of the existence of a time-traveling miko? Believe it or not, clumsy ogres form the plot that will keep the Spirit World decieved for centuries to come!

Fire's Legend:

Probably a two-shot that will tell the legend of the Shikon no Tama. One chapter will tell the most generally accepted version of the humans, and the other will tell the generally accepted version of the demons. Neither will be exactly or even close to completely true, because the only ones who know the truth aren't talking.

Seen in Fire's Depths:

I can't tell you the summary for this story yet, because it would spoil the end of Fire's Awakening. Sorry!

Fire's Fury:

Kagome only has a few days to get adjusted to the feudal era when her family is killed in a fire. Forced into hiding, meeting her birth family, and having to deal with a fire ice hybrid is not making things any easier!

AN: This will contain many changes from the first version, but I am rather excited about what I have planned, so don't worry too much!

Fire's Rebirth:

I can't tell you too much about this one. It will incooperate the episodes following the Dark Tournament saga in the Yu Yu Hakusho series, but things will be different. Some characters from the feudal era might be making an appearance!

Fire's Fate:

Yup, I go on sabbatical and I think of another book to go with the series. So I thought I would spare a few minutes and let anyone who visits my profile know. Anyways, can't tell you much, but it involves King Enma wanting to destroy Demon World and anyone who has anything to do with it. And he doesn't make exceptions for family.

Well, that is what I have planned so far! I have other stories I have either started on or am keeping the ideas in my mind, but until I get this series posted I won't be doing too much in actually posting them. I also might think of a few more short stories to throw in the mix of the Ring of Fire series (or more in the Scene type, but the main idea I want to work with that follows that pattern will be two stories, so it might be awhile until I post.) So, thanks for hanging with me so far, and I hope that I will provide you with years of great writing! Thanks for all of your support and forbearance!


Update, 02/21/07

Okay, I tried, I really did, but it's taking so long to wait to update Fire's Awakening while waiting for a couple more reviews that I gave up. I posted a couple other stories. And might post another one or two up soon, or just update the others, who knows. Anyways, information on my new stories.

Harry the?

Basically me just poking fun at some of the stuff people write into their Harry Potter fanfictions. This will be updated whenever I feel like it, since it is not a very serious project for me. As I said, mostly me having fun.


All right, another sorta parody. I can't help it. I see things that make me go, "What?!" and then I can't resist poking fun at them. I call it a sorta parody because I'm going to make an honest attempt at this story. It will have rumor, but I will try to make sense of why Inuyasha is a playboy, as logically as possible, considering, and logically adapt all of the other characters to the roles they are generally given in those sort of AU stories. I shall also give the playboy Inuyasha a bit of a wake up call, to put it politely. It's little wonder that AU Kagome hates AU Inuyasha. He's a jerk. He'll learn better, though, I promise! This too, will be updated when I feel like it, though that is more because I'm writing several things right now, and do not have the time to devote to this. I try writing one story, I truly do, and it never ever works out. Probably because my dratted brain keeps up with coming up with too many ideas. I might be only posting a few stories, but I'm working on at least four more, or at least keeping the ideas active in my mind.

Anyways, I'll shut up now. Any more questions, feel free to message me. I'll generally get a prompt reply back to you, if for no other reason then I'm a sucker for anyone that reads my story. It's a bit pathetic, really.

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