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This just in.

I will not be writing any further.

For I am retiring from writing. I feel that I've written all I can and there's nothing else for me to write about.

However, I will beta if someone needs me. I can be reached on AIM (AwesomeMira) and email ( And I think the beta link above will take ya somewhere as well... if it's up there.


And due to a promise I made to my cousin, I'm supposed to promote her stories and such. She has good writing style! And if ya love my stories, you should love hers too. Enjoy!

4/8/07: I BEAT MY REVIEW RECORD! My first Teen Titans story "Crush" has 115 reviews. My Naruto story "To Be or Not to Be" beat that! Whoo! Thanks to you all!

Pairings I love!:

-Teen Titans:

Beast Boy/Raven: OPPOSITES ATTRACT! I love this pairing. It’s the whole light and dark thing. Beast Boy needs Raven because he's overly-hyper and needs her to make sure he doesn’t go and do something incredibly stupid. Like get with Terra.

-Danny Phantom:

Danny/Sam: -Squeal- She obviously loves him! And he loves her... but he thinks he likes Valerie. But it's just a minor fixation. Just like when he thought he loved Paulina. He doesn’t. Danny loves Sam. Sam loves Danny. And that is how it should be. And that is how it's gonna be. -Pause- Or else.


Shikamaru/Ino: I love this pairing the mostest! Prolly cuz this is the pairing has Shikamaru in it. And because of that, I’ll most likely be writing about them the most. I mean, they just complement each other! He needs her to give him a firm kick in the butt (literally)so he doesn’t sleep all day. And she needs him around so she keeps her feet planted firmly (or at least tiptoed) on the ground so she doesn’t constantly chase after Sasuke.

Sasuke/Sakura: This is the first pairing I got into in this show. Alex gave me a Sasuke/Sakura fic in hopes I get into it. And I still love it! I love how Sakura is so completely devoted to Sasuke (And I dont get why people hate her!) And Sasuke needs Sakura around cuz... come on! Not even Sasuke can be cold-hearted forever right? -Wink, wink- Someone has to warm his heart up. -Pause- And the fact that she can help him resurrect his clan is just a bonus. -Grin-

Neji/Tenten: EEE! I love this pairing, too! This is the third pairing I got into, and I am still currently... observing it. (Observing... obsessing... same thing, really.) These two were made for each other! Or as Neji would say... fate brought them together and destiny decided that they shall be together forever and make lotsa babies! ...or bad things will happen. Tenten needs Neji cuz, well, she has no last name! What could be a better last name then Hyuga? (And I dont mean she'd get that last name by marring Hinata. . ) And Neji needs Tenten cuz... who else could fight off all of Neji's fangirls? And like Sasuke, Neji can’t be cold-hearted all the time.

Naruto/Hinata: Oh. My. GOD! THIS IS THE CUTEST PAIRING EVER! I dont know what it is about this pairing that I love, but it's just so. Damn. Adorable! Maybe it's Hinata's obvious love for the boy. Maybe it's Naruto's cluelessness to Hinata's obvious love for him. Maybe it's the fact that Hinata can barely form a proper sentence around him. Maybe it's the fact that I love both Hinata and Naruto, WHO KNOWS?! I dont! But it's so cute! And when they get together, Hinata's got to get braver and all that stuff she doesn’t think she is, right? I mean, who can be a coward when dating Naruto? -Grin- I love this pairing.

Pairings I Tolerate But Wont Write About:

Naruto/Sakura: Okay, I'm not particularly fond of this pairing cuz I prefer Sakura with Sasuke and Naruto with Hinata, but since a lot of the Shikamaru/Ino stories I've read have Naruto paired with Sakura, I've learned to...accept it. And I think that it's cute. Really, I do. But, dont expect me to write any Naruto/Sakura.

Kiba/Hinata: I think this pairing is cute. Once again, I'm not fond of this because I prefer Hinata with Naruto. But it's pretty cute. But dont expect me to write about it.

Wrong Pairings:

-Teen Titans:

Beast boy/Terra: -twitch- WHY WON’T SHE STAY DEAD?!

Robin/Raven: ... No. Just... no. The Teen Titans movie "Trouble in Tokyo" vetoed this pairing. So... no.

-Danny Phantom:

Danny/Paulina: ... yeah... no. Danny's sweet and Paulina's... a shallow bitch. So, yeah. No.

Danny/Valerie: Valerie just needs to die. Okay? That's all I have to say on the matter. She just needs to be shot.


Sasuke/Naruto or Naruto/Sasuke, whatever: okay, for starters, ew. Ew, ew, ewewewewew. …EW. Okay, now, then, Sasuke is not gay. Naruto is not gay. Sasuke and Naruto will never be gay together. Or just gay period. Ain’t gonna happen. Sasuke needs to resurrect his clan; he can’t do that with a guy. he needs a girl. Contrary to popular belief, men cannot get pregnant! Although would be helpful for us girls… it’s not possible. Nothing can change that. Deal with it.

Shikamaru/Temari: -twitch- -twitch- -twitch- YOU MEAN TEMARI IS STILL ALIVE?! WHY THE HELL WONT SHE FUCKIN' DIE?! Gah. -grabs gun- I'll be right back...

Anything yaoi or yuri: I have yaoi friends, so I’m used to all the yaoi rants. but that doesn’t mean I like it. it means I...listen to it. And as for the yuri... um... no.

Neji/Hinata: ... Oh, yeah. There's nothing like good ol' incest. .

Wow, okay. I'm tired of typing. And I have to... not go spy on Shika while he's sleeping and take pictures... because I do not know where his cloud-watching spot it. -innocent grin-

PS: If you wanna contact me, you can IM me at my (many) screennames,

AIM: Awesome Mira (remove spaces)

MSN: shikamaru nara lover @ hotmail . com (remove spaces)

Fated Love (My Neji/Tenten website): http // fated love . pro boards 54 . com / index . cgi (remove spaces)

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