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Author has written 20 stories for Harry Potter, and Doctor Who.

I'm living in the US and I'm a lapsed fangirl. I write mainly in Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Pride and Prejudice.

Disclaimer: Some of these stories are over 10 years old. I'm a better writer now, but I have no intention of deleting them just because of that.

I'm also a part of a yahoo!group of betas. We're just starting out, so please, come by, either to offer your services or find a beta for your fic. Many fandoms and original fiction covered! Visit us here: All Purpose Betas

A Few Thinks to Remember:
The wise speak when they have something to say; the fools speak when they have to say something. Plato
The pen is mightier than the sword, and considerably easier to write with.
The secret of creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.
Argue not with dragons for thou art crunchy and go well with Brie.
Don't judge a book by its movie.
Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer is at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae we do not raed ervey lteter by it slef but the wrod as a wlohe. Initsereg!

Reviewing: Say whatever you want, guys. Crit is particularly good, actually, but some of these stories really are old and I have moved long past them and their flaws. :
The Waffle Iron of Death: one shot 7/26 A few people pointed out that they found Kretcher's death very sudden. So, I have to explain. I originally found this story as a challenge to take place after OotP, in Grimmuald place, with Dobby dying and the title being The Waffle Iron of Death. This kept bothering me, so I eventually wrote it. With one little difference, Kreacher died. After I found out that I confused the two elfs, it didn't make sense to change anything, so I left it as it was. So, however much I don't like Kreacher, I didn't write this story just so I could brutally kill him off. Heh

Epilogue: one shot 7/30 I tried to write what I thought at that time to be a very cannon ending. I made Harry Minister with 12 kids because of the "prediction" that Trelawney made. (You know, the one where she was being watched by Umbridge and instead of saying that Harry was going to die, she said he's live to a ripe old age, become Minister of Magic and have 12 kids.) Pomona is Sprout's real name, someone actually pointed this out to me, when I posted this somewhere else. (curtesy of the Harry Potter Lexington) Also, I wrote this story nearly a year ago, so it may be inconsistent with new information. (This includes everything from, obviously.)

Leaving one shot 8/3 Inspired by myself. :-)

Claws one shot 8/7 This is sort of a companion to another story of mine, Chunks. You all seem to love this. Though I can't blame you, as it is Remus.

Chunks one shot 8/11 A sort of companion to Claws.

Not Just a Normal Day at the Office one shot 8/15 Inspired by me, again. Geez, I'm so bad...

Harry Potter Fandom one shot 8/19 The authors in Fic Central are from various websites that got deleated in the editing process. Don't be surprised by lack of websites.

Gloves, Toaster and Toilets chaptered 8/23-7/22 My first fanfic, actually... This is a chapter story as a background for OotP, following Arthur Weasley. There is a total of 15 chapters as a background to OotP. I have started writing Gloves, Charms and Amulets, which is the same thing as a background for HBP. That's on an indefinite hiatus, since I would feel the need to rewrite GTT before continuing on.

Crossdresser one shot 7/2 A little fun on my part.

The Ferret and the Weasel one shot 7/2 There's no Draco/Ginny here, sorry. This is a bit of insanity on my part. Yes, there was a point to it when I wrote it... I can't think of it off the top of my head, but I know it's there.

I Hate You! one shot 7/2 My hand at a little romance. My two best friends were the inspiration. ;)

Doubt of the Moon: chaptered 7/29-7/31 A short Remus story about how he was bitten. It was 2/3 of the way written before HBP came out, and I didn't want to abandon it, so it became AU. In this story, it is not Fenrir Greyback who bites Remus (since I didn't know that) but a different (now AU) possibility. Also, Remus's mother is a witch and his father is a muggle, not the other way around (as it should be.) Since it was AU anyway, I saw no point to change that. By the way, I have no idea which exact year Remus was 6, and I certainly don't know if that July had two full moons, but that's how it fit my story.

Umbridge: poem 3/27 This I wrote a long time ago for a sorting quiz... I dug it up lately, and I realized that I liked it, so I decided to post it. I'm not much of a poet, but a little dabbling never hurt anyone. ;)

J.K. Rowling went Bowling: poem 3/29 Cowritten. This was a bit of sillyness that started in an AIM conversation with my friend. It quickly got out of hand, and most people reacted positively, and we liked it, so I decided to post it up. My friend wishes to be credited as Barty Buffin, and although slightly insane, makes for a nice collaborator. I had fun!

The Yule Ball's Happy Ending: one shot 4/8 Randomly inspired by the movie. It was writen before the DVD, so there may be slight inconsistencies. Thought that everyone deserved a nice, happy, ending!

Out of a Paper Bag: chaptered 6/30-7/21 A challenge on Fiction Alley from spiritualwitch that I just couldn't resist. Meant to be funny, but I'm not sure if I suceeded. I've continued for recreation, and would rather like to add a bit more to it. I still would like to continue it, but I need ideas!

Detached: one shot 8/8 Inspired by looking at Snape fanart and my own ceiling.

The Misadventures of Arranged Marriage: drabbles 2/4- A crack version of When All Else Fails, a wonderful story! I have full permission and encouragement from Rickmanlover24601, who's been nagging me to post. On hiatus, will return sometime soon, I promise.

Triple the Trouble: one shot 7/xx-8/31 My first Doctor Who fc, written for a prompt.

New Head, New Everything: drabble 10/5/13 Just a quick take on Matt Smith's regeneration into Peter Capaldi. 100 words to make it a challenge and not a lazy one shot. Disclaimer: No gingers were harmed or offended in the making!

Currently: as of 10/5/13 It's been ages since I was active, but I still remember how to write. I've been writing a few long stories, for HP and Pride and Prejudice, and I hope to start posting again -- eventually.

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