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Author has written 16 stories for Star Wars, Harry Potter, Cowboy Bebop, and Sleepover, 2004.

Note: duckity is actually my other penname on here. I usually publish my mocking fics, joke fics, and badfics under it.
Note 2: Uh, well, if you haven't noticed I kinda have been neglecting a lot. This is due to several things, mostly because I've gotten busy with trying to have a post-collegiate life and have lost the urge to pen fan fiction I had those many years ago. I do intend to write more for Once She's Gone at some point or another because I actually like the story a lot, but if you're expecting updates for anything else, uh, sorry? And the updates for Once She's Gone will be slow and sporadic... if I ever manage to churn them out at all. D:

Profile updated: 7-11-2012

- Dragon Pox - Hey, I FINISHED A FIC! It's a super short four chapter fic, but I finally wrote and uploaded the fourth and final chapter - this one with Ginny. I might add more later, but I probably won't due to demands from everything else I do in my life.
- One day I really do want to continue Once She's Gone. Maybe after I graduate college I'll bother. I lost my old notes for it, though, so I don't entirely remember where I was going with it anymore. xD

Right, so, me. My name is not actually Revan's Pet Duck, it is Sarah, though I respond to "duck," "RPD," and "s'rah" as well. I'm a twenty-two-year-old with a Bachelor's of the Arts in Film and Electronic Arts. I absolutely love ducks (big shocker), and have been writing fan fiction since I was 13. I hate to admit it, but I wrote almost as badly as the "typical thirteen-year-old fanbrat" when I was 13, only I didn't deal with concrit for over a year, shockingly enough. And then I decided I wanted to write. And then I changed my mind after I got to college. Although I still like to write, movies have become just such an integral part of my life that that is what I would like to do. So I was a film major, yo. Graduated May 2012, movin' on my with life. Somewhere. Somehow.

Anyway, chocolate makes my life and a lot of my old author's notes have to do with that love, I noticed upon rereading my stuff. I'm a vegetarian (not associated with PETA, tyvm) and a blonde (blonde jokes really aren't funny, y'know), and I carry around a sexyass yellow purse of doom. I have a seven-step nailfile that rocks my world and a collection of rubber ducks. I'm the youngest of two with an older brother currently in Albequerque (which I'm guessing is because he loves Breaking Bad - he even worked on the crew, which was amahhhhzing for him). I reside in upstate New York with dreams/plans of moving to NYC.

My true loves include, but are not limited to, Wikipedia, proper grammar and spelling (I know my grammar wasn't ace back in tenth grade; it's stupid to criticize grammar from years ago when my education has advanced since then, so review something else, people), movies, television, Entertainment Weekly, sleep, writing, the Seatbelts, my cats, music (especially my saxophone), Rian Johnson being the coolest director ever (he actually visits his fan forum and talks casually about his famous actors Adrien Brody and Mark Ruffalo AND he was influenced by Cowboy Bebop! It doesn't get much cooler than that), drooling over Chris Pine, unconventional clothing choices, and Mr. Muggles from Heroes (I want a pomeranian!) even though the show sucks now and I quit it before it ended even though I used to be the biggest fangirl of it.

I could say a lot more, but I've already said too much.

I like reviews like any attention-seeking whore with an account on this site, and normally this is where I'd say I care about constructive criticism but as I know just as well as you do most of the flaws of this body of work since most of it is so old, there's no point. Just tell me if you liked it or not. Praise my supreme being. Make scandalous claims about my love life. I don't really care.

Enough about me, here's the fics.

I write Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (I and II), Harry Potter, and Cowboy Bebop.
I read Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (I and II), Harry Potter, Cowboy Bebop, The Hunger Games, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Mass Effect. Or whatever strikes my fancy.

I have no immediate plans to write for Mass Effect or The Hunger Games. Maybe someday. I don't really have immediate plans to write much of anything anymore, honestly.

Note: Updates have been, and will continue to be, slow. My apologies. I'm busy learnin'.

Posted Fics with More To Come

Once She's Gone - Chapter Two up! Sequel to Once He's Dead. Despite the Exile's absence from the reforming Jedi Order led by her old shipmates, her influence lives on. Like the Exile had to deal with the death of Atton, her crewmates, most particularly Mical and Bao-Dur, have to deal with her exit from their lives, perhaps forever, which is made even harder when her ship is seen in known space after a gap of two years.

The Real Han Solo... and other kotor oneshots - Basically what the title says. Most of my kotor oneshots, from now on, will be located in that section. The stories vary in time, place, main character, length and genre plenty. Latest addition: In Dealing With Rejection and Abandonment, featuring Carth Onasi and Juhani dealing with, well, rejection and abandonment.


Past - A fic concerning Spike and Faye's relationship, taking place just after Session 23: Brain Scratch.

Traitor - Oneshot. DSF Revan captures Carth and shows him the pain and pleasure of the darkside in the hopes that he will join her.

Who We Were - Oneshot. DSF Revan and LSM Exile. Pans from the Mandalorian Wars to a final confrontation.

The Box - A kotor/original trilogy crossover involving a certain mysterious box. Also from the DCC 12: Crossovers.

After the Forge - First male Revan fic! Bastila is dead, the Star Forge destroyed, and Carth tries to talk it out with Revan.

A Very Malfoy Christmas - A fic written for a challenge on the boards. Narcissa and Draco fic during HBP.

Messed-Up Lunkhead - A fic centering around the Spike/Faye tension, taking place just after Session 20: Pierrot Le Fou.

Torture - Revan attempts to torture Carth to the Dark Side so he will join her. But how can she succeed when it hurts her more?

Finished Stories/Discontinued Stories

Use Your Imagination - Complete! Harry Potter fic. Locked in acloset until they can get along, can Lily and James manage it?

Dragon Pox - Harry gets dragon pox, which sucks, especially since it's supposed to be date night with Ginny. Also with Ron and Hermione. Everyone has to take care of poor sick Potter, oh no!

Once He's Dead - Epilogue Added! An AU post kotor2 fic. Atton died and the Exile feels differently about his death than expected. It springs a series of events that lead the LSF Exile on a self-destructive phase before she finally leaves to go on the search for Revan.

Drunk Realities - Quick two part kotor 2 fic about Atton and the Exile (Sienna, LSF) getting drunk. Use your imagination.

Destiny - Chapter Eighteen: Neutrality up! A fic taking place during the first game featuring a light side female main character. Many genres rolled into one, and a rather large fic to boot. Spans the whole kotor1 game, though it's only to Manaan. Unlikely I will continue it, though there is a slim chance it will rejoin the "Posted Fics with More to Come" category.

Vaquero - Session Two: My Favorite Things up! Faye Valentine and Jet Black are the two members of the Bebop crew still on the ship, but that doesn't mean that they're not in for any adventures! With many familiar faces (and some new ones too), Faye and Jet are still out to collect the bounties, facing strange bounties, familiar bounties, all the sorts of things you'd expect to see our favorite sci-fi anime county hunters face. ...On indefinite hold.


Don't forget to visit The Relationships Between Them (my C2) and see some brilliant fan fictions concerning kotor and kotor2 characters who aren't usually seen interacting together, at least not in the same way as the fics. Check it out!

A note to all fan fic writers:

You have a fandom. You are responsible for characters and scenarios you did not create. You are responsible to treat these characters and scenarios with proper respect. You are responsible to do them justice and to give authors a reason to not ban/discourage fans from writing fan fiction. You have a responsibility to remember that the fandom is not yours alone.

You have liberty. You get to play around with characters you didn't have to bother creating. You get to make up new scenarios and characters to fit into the world of the canon already created. You get to work with already formed ideas instead of taking hours just to brainstorm an incredible newly formed universe. You have a responsibility to keep your extensions in check.

You have a challenge. You get the opportunity to create something new and original in an already created canon. You have obstacles to overcome when you try and fit something new and original in. You have to pay close attention to the world you are working with so that you do not contradict something fans count on. You have a responsibility to meet this challenge head-on and to not take the easy path of avoidance, sacrificing your work's relationship to the canon in the process.

You have your own agenda. You are not being paid for this and have the luxury to be self-indulgent because this site does not determine your success or failure as a writer. You have a responsibility to not be too self-indulgent.

You have to be respectful. You have to treat your readers with respect. You have to treat your fan fiction's origins with respect. You have to respect yourself and your writing and your potential. You have to respect the changes others make even if you do not agree.You have a responsibility to be respectful.

You have wants. You want to get reviews. You want to get fans. You want people to appreciate your hard work. You want people to respect you and your decisions. You want to improve. You want to make something interesting. You want to be a good writer. You want positive feedback. You have a responsibility to achieve your wants.

You have readers. You have people giving you feedback you may not like. You have people discouraging you. You have people trying to help you. You have people giving you advice and tips, even if all they tell you is what they don't like. You have people to listen to, even if you don't want to listen. You have a responsibility to remember your readers.

You have an ability. You have the potential to write many things. You have ideas to explore. You have things to say. You have reason and logic and a proper understanding that comes with being a writer. You have a responsibility to use your ability well and to respect it by using it properly.

Fan fiction writers have a lot of responsibility.
Please handle it well.
Practice, listen, and learn. It is the only way you will ever grow.

The End.


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