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Author has written 7 stories for Teen Titans, Ed, Edd n Eddy, and Harry Potter.


UPDATES: I added some stuff, took out some stuff. Check it out.

I got a myspace! My display name is Riot DeLonge-Boyd and my address is ! Be sure to check me out!

I got an account on! It's Helga Moon, and I should have my story up! I also have another one called The Adventures of Simple Plan. Read our story! (Me and my friend share it.)

Anyway, after that crap I wrote up there, I'm Riot DeLonge/Boyd, aka Helga Bouvier. I used to be Helga, decades ago 0_0

Name: Call me Helga or Riot.
Age: 15
Gender: Female. Well, NO DUH... read my list of bishies!
Home State/State now: Texas! Yay, I'm a Texan and proud of it!
Color hair: Red
Social status: Ehh...loser. Pretty much ((nods))
Relationship status: Single, as always
AIM: RiOtDeLoNgE26

By the way, I'm a proud member of the Terra Haters Club. My duty is to Burn Terra's Possessions! If you want to join, to talk WhiteTigerClaws for details... and read her stories! She rocks!

Most-visited/liked sites:

- this is my site on myspace!
- check my deviantART and I'll love you forever :3
- this site has the stupidest pick up lines ever! XD most which won't be used on me :P
- this is the best site ever. You better go. Like, right now.
- this site is freakin' hilarious! I LOVE the comix! - nuff said =) - read my stories--I'm Helga Moon =D - they have good pics...but they're all the same now -.-;;
- my own SP site :)
- music videos galore! Watch blink-182's =D
- my e-mail site thing
- good thing for're bored.
- this is addicting, man. Find me under HelgaBouvier or HelgaBouvier26.
- the most amazing blink site IN THE UNIVERSE!!

Fave Shows:

~Aquateen HungerForce
~Cowboy Bebop
~Ed, Edd n Eddy
~FullMetal Alchemist
~King of the Hill
~Malcom in the Middle
~Spongebob Squarepants
~The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
~The Simpsons
~The Young Ones

Favorite mangas (not much!):

~Azumanga Daioh
~Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
~YuYu Hakusho
(More to come!)

Fave Movies:

~50 First Dates
~A Christmas Story
~Across the Universe
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
~Back to The Future 1, 2
~Blades of Glory
~Blues Brothers
~Edward Scissorhands
~Harry Potter 1, 2, and 4
~The Little Mermaid
~Napoleon Dynamite
~The Nightmare Before Christmas
~Phantom of the Opera
~Robin Hood
~Sleepy Hallow
~Spider-Man 1, 2, 3

Well, romances I like:

~Daria x Trent
~Jane x Tom
~Brittany x Kevin
~Hated Romances~
~Daria x Tom

~Ken x Yolei (I forgot the fancy name)
(I like Michi the most!)
~Hated Romances~
(I'm so weird when it comes to Digimon pairings.)

~Ed, Edd n Eddy~
~Ed x May... no, I'm not kidding!
~Eddy x Nazz, definitely!
~Kevin x me! aka Candy, my character.
~Hated Romances~
~Pretty much anyone else with Nazz, or slash
~Edd x May...Ed and May are for each other, man! (However, I did like the Valentines Day eppie...)

~Harry Potter~
~Draco x Hermione
~Hermione x Ron
~MAYBE Harry x Ginny
~Hated Romances~
~Harry x Cho
~Harry x Hermione

~Hey Arnold~
~Helga x Arnold, duh
~Phoebe x Gerald
~Curly x Rhonda, hehehe
~Arnie x Lila (hey, someone's gotta like her :-D)

~Misty x Ash
~Jesse x James
~Brock x Joy... am I the only one?
~Hated Romances~
~Misty x Brock... no, I'm not kidding-there are Misty/Brock stories!

~Teen Titans~
~Beast Boy x Raven
~Robin x Starfire
~Speedy x Demonfire, my character.
~Hated Romances~
~Rae x Rob
~BB x Star
~Cy x Star
~Rob x OC

Favorite bands:

~The All-American Rejects
~Angels and Airwaves (AVA)
~The Beatles
~Boxcar Racer
~Bright Eyes
The Clash
~The Doors
~Good Charlotte
~Green Day
~Led Zeppelin
~Simple Plan
~SkaSkank Redemption (My bro's old band)
~Tiger Army

Anyway, if you want to know who my bishonens are (someone does? Oh joy!), well... here they are:

~Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day)
~Brandon Boyd (Incubus) My newest love obsession!! :3
~Deryck Whibley (Sum 41)
~Jim Morrison (The Doors) I don't care what you say...that man is freaking hot!! D:
~Mark Hoppus (blink-182) I totally love him. :D
~Nicholas D. Wolfwood (Trigun) I love my smecksi little priest!
~Nick Wheeler (The All-American Rejects) He's so cute!!
~Pierre Bouvier (Simple Plan) He's so hot! ((huggles him, as well as Chuck))
~Ryan Key (Yellowcard) Yes, definitely! If he wasn't on here, I might die! ((huggles him!))
~Reese (Malcom in the Middle) He is so hilarious and mine...heh :-)
~Roy Mustang (FullMetal Alchemist) I fricking love my Flame Alchemist!
~Tom DeLonge (blink-182) I LOVE YOU TOM! ((dies))
~Travis Barker (blink-182) Mm-hmm, I LOVE Travis Barker. :D
~Tre Cool (Green Day) He's so super smexxy :-)
~Tyson Ritter (The All-American Rejects)

Fave quotes:

~A little violence never hurt anyone! ~ me, commenting on this one movie

~Heheh, you're rather fond of margaritas I presume! ~ David on TAoSP

~CHAM-PAG-NE! ~ that's how I know how to spell champagne...

~It's morning; it's gone...OH NO IT'S BACK! ~ me commenting on this one movie Moosey's mom made me, Moosey and Snaitf watch...I swear...

~When life gives you lemons, chuck 'em at people and run like hell

~Eat well, stay fit, die anyway

~Girls aren't objects. They're people too. Treat them as such. And remember, it's really fucking hard to play video games with broken thumbs! ~'s BEST COMIC!

~Tina, you fat lard! Come get some dinner! ~ Napoleon Dynamite ~ There's a funny story behind this. I was in Hot Topic once with my friends and I did the Napoleon voice since there's so much Napoleon crap in HT. Anyway, this one cashier dude heard me and was amazed! I guess I am a little like Napoleon...

~So, you're afraid of some black stuff? ~ Red vs. Blue (Moosey said that Church says that...I'm going with her on that.)

~And Anakin was like, grr. And Jeff was like, grr. And Snaitf was like, "I'M GONNA KILL YOU!" ~ me in Snaitf's Late Christmas Fluffy chapter (READ HER STORIES!)

~We take these because we drink too much, these when we get sick, and these because we need to lay off the Red Bull. I take one of these everyday. Kids--take your vitamins. ~ Ryan Key on the Yellowcard DVD

~When we got to Europe, we lost the violin in the luggage, and for three days I was in a "pissed-off-I-hate-everybody-mood." Because you can rent a guitar and you can rent a bass, but you can't really rent a violin. We finally found this Yamaha that had only the body and the strings--it sounded like absolute dog crap. Yeah, great, great experience. ~ Sean Mackin on the Yellowcard DVD

~Hey man, you better stay away from my girl! Relax man! That's ma drinkin' ring! The darker it is, the more drunk I am! When it's black, I gotta stop drinking! ...okay, I can have some more! ~ Pierre and Ryan Key in my daydream...hehe...

~...Like Darth Vader, the little bastard! He killed Obi-Wan! ~ Snaitf talking about the newest Star Wars movie...I swear, she's crazy!

Your Honor, I have a Sebastien. Can I got to the Sebastroom and use the Sebtoilet for a few jackbats?~ It started out that I thought Moosey said she had a "Sebastien" instead of "question"...Then the rest came gradually. We're starting a new language.

~That bush just flashed me! ~ Wow...this is so old...basically, me and my old friend Lindsey (she moved two years ago) made up a story where she would wait outside of the house that the dude I liked lived in (she lived near him.) She would wait in his bushes and take a picture of him when he got out of the house and he would yell, "That bush just flashed me!" Sigh...I wish Lindsey was still here :(

And later on, on the drive home, I called her mom, from the payphone. I said I was the cops, and your husband's in jail, the state looks down on sodomy... ~ blink-182's "What's My Age Again"

We've never had sex, but if we had to to sell a record, we'd do it. ~ Tom DeLonge on a blink-182 interview :-P

~Can I "go" in the water, or will it attack me? ~ Travis Barker on "Meet the Barkers"...oh Lord. That shark was totally gonna bite him. XD

~Hey dipweed, Mom still got your balls? ~ Travis Barker on the MTV short, "Leave it to Blink-182" XD I love that!

~Hugh, we need to talk to The Blink. What did they do this time? Did they break another window playing baseball? No... Did they bring another frog to show and tell? No... Then what did they do? Today, I found two porn stars, a fifth of Jack Daniels and a naked munchkin under their beds! ~ Barbara and Hugh on "Leave it to blink-182"

~Boys, what's this talk about porn stars, booze and naked munchkins? Okay, we'll admit to the porn stars and booze, but we don't know anything about naked munchkins. (Then, a naked midget runs by and out of the room...) ~ Hugh and Mark Hoppus on "Leave it to blink-182"...I know, I'm obsessed, no need to tell me!

Twelve majestic lies... Tom has sex with guys! ~ Tom and Mark at the very end of Aliens Exist live on "The Mark, Tom and Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back)

Don't attack guys who shit their pants. You guys know what's really weird? To shit in your pants while you're asleep. Not like I do that or anything. But I did last night. I haven't showered since then, and I'm wondering if that's what smells.~ Tom DeLonge at the end of Aliens Exist live on TMTaTS (TESB). Mark is such a jerk. =P lol he's just being stupid. Sigh, I love them all to death.

When we went to France, they were like, you're pronouncing your name wrong. It's DeLonge, with a kinda haaaah sound. And my name's not Tom--it's Thomas. My parents did not name me Tom, they named me Thomas! Thomas THAT sounds fuckin cool! Tom DeLonge kinda rhymes. It sounds like a fuckin weird microphone echo in a train station...Tom DeLonge! ~ I laughed my butt off at the weird thing Tom does at the end of this quote. He pretends to talk in a microphone. Hehe. This is from an interview with him,'s so stupid!

Who here thinks I look like Tom Cruise? ... Good, cause I do. ~ Tom at the end of Aliens Exist on TMTaTS (TESB). And he does NOT look like Tom Cruise! Haha.

We play a lot of games. We play gay chicken. We also play gay prison, and Tom's always the new guy. ~ Mark Hoppus...hehehe

~School is practice for the future, and practice makes perfect, and nobody's perfect, so why practice? ~ Billie Joe Armstrong. He is SOOOOOOO right.

Well, enjoy. AND NO FLAMES PLEASE! Just constructive criticism, if you will.

Riot DeLonge 182!

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