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Reviving this old account to give a second chance to my fan fiction writing, as well as some original works I may post. To give you an idea on how old this account is, the profile said I was 18 before I edited it. I'm 23 now, 24 in May :P.

Anywho, in this profile blurb I'm going to include FAQs for any of the stories I write that might warrant one, in particular the large compilation fiction I'm doing with another pair of authors with the mouthful of a Title: Super Robot Taisen Generations.


1) Why is this story called Super Robot Taisen Generations and is a crossover when your first chapter seems suspiciously about Digimon alone?

1a) The title was selected by the main author of this hopefully soon to be large crossover story to tie the whole mess together, and before you ask yes there will be giant robots in this story, just not right away in some of the sections.

As for the name of the title, I'll let a couple of quotes from the main Author of this project, Gouken 2010 aka Phillip Elthrope, handle this Phillip says: "Well, It's called Super Robot Taisen G, or Generations, due to the fact Super Robot Taisen was, is and will always be, the ultimate crossover. Super Robot Taisen Alpha 3 crossed over more anime than any other game out there, ever. Also, It habitually changes the timelines of the series to make them meld together and also to extend them long past the known end. Oh yes, and one other thing, Banpresto and JAM Project forever."

2) OMG You're copying someone else's catchy title for your story IMMA REPORT JOO!!1111

2a) Like I mentioned above, we're using a shared title for the story because it is a project to be written by multiple authors covering multiple viewpoints on one larger story. On a whole, it is called Super Robot Taisen Generations, but each section of each individual author's work will more then likely have their own names to divvy up the bulk of the work.

3) So, just how much is planned to be in this fic anyway?

3a) Well personally I plan to have a selection of the following in my work, and of course the characters in my story will have moments where they are within the works of the other authors as well so this list is no means inclusive (not to mention I might even add more to this as I come across stuff I think like/would like to add).

As an additional note, these occur in no particular order, just the order I recall the stuff we have planned.

Digimon (Mainly 02/03)

Pokemon (Post Kanto Anime/Game storyline mostly)

Shin Megami Tensei (In particular the ones where COMPs are commonly in use, one of the other authors is covering Persona I believe)

Trauma Center (Doctors starring admist the 'normal' world from the series)

House M.D. (Just to mess up the TC characters some with his 'unique' personality .)

Death Note (NOT the second half! Dear gods no >.>)

Dungeon Keeper (2 in plot, might have elements from 1)

Earthbound (Mother 2)

Mother 3

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness (and 2: Cursed Memories)

Makai Kingdom

Phantom Brave (Notabely the 'so we meet again' mode from the Wii Remake)

Grim Grimoire

Eternal Poison (All of the paths! OMG)

Team Fortress 2


Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (And upward)

And many more that are either unknown, or I'm forgetting them at the moment ^.^;

4) Is the character Mike Tucker a self insertion the way the other main characters are for the other Authors?

4a) Yes and no - Yes in the sense that he is modeled after myself at the proper time (the story begins in 2000, I was only beginning high school at that time so is he etc) but no in the sense that he's a character that will be coddled through the plot and will get to be the big hero all the time and win over the sexy girls and big cash prizes. If anything, I want to have Mike be something of an outcast amidst a band of colorful characters with his relative blandness (what with being from the 'real' world while the rest are anime/game/cartoon/fiction characters) who does his best to fit in and often does, but stands out sharply from time to time as well. In particular, he won't shirk as much from things typical 'good' guys would in some of the younger aimed series like Digimon, which will further differentiate him from the pack.

Additionally, the other Author Characters will be similarly based, although in their cases having ultimately different character growth then Mike's path I had laid out for him. Gouken 2010/Phillip Elthorpe apparently having the exact same computer issues his real life counter part had at the turn of the millennium for example

5) How much of this is just going to be rehashed from the plots of the multiple series within it? How much is new?

5a) You'll find familiar scenes in many of the works we cover, usually moments that are universally agreeable by the fan base at large. What is usually new is when one of the author characters gets a chance to be directly involved in a character's development (Which can be minor or completely story breaking/changing) or when the main antagonists the Continuity Police are involved. Rest easy though - even the moments that are 'rehashed' will be seen through a new perspective by new characters both Original and Features from the Series, making it a new experience even for the veterans of the many series we plan to cover, change, and have our way with while on the run from the Continuity Police

We guarantee that very few stories will follow the original plot. Even less will end at the end of the last episode... and anything where we take characters from... those characters will find a good home in totally the wrong universe.

6) What's the deal with the theme music titles in the chapter headers and spliced into the story itself? And what's the theme music in the headers anyway?

6a) That my dear reader is a cue for you to find your favourite legal source of said music and listen along to it while you read the fic of course!

As for the music in the headers, I've taken the liberty of taking a quote from the main author of this project - Phillip Elthorpe known on FF.net as Gouken 2010 - on the subject

Phillip says "In the Super Robot Taisen games, the first musical cue is a short musical phrase, listed on the soundtracks as BANPRESTO. In tribute to that musical cue, SRTG effectively has the same musical phrase there."

7) Speaking of the Continuity Police...um, Who the hell are they?

7a) Can't tell too much without giving away spoilers of course, but let's just say they're Canon Nazis to the extreme - they believe everything has PRECIZELY VUN way of ending, and in 9/10 cases, that's poorly. We naturally, coming to like and in some cases even love the characters we discover in our journeys, want much better endings (or even gasp! an ongoing life!) and this tends to stick in the CP's craw just a bit. So they...well, again spoilers, but let's just say they don't make things easy for us.

Phillip adds : "7b. READ THE START OF THE MY STORY, It's all the information you're going to get! It's at 5877721... And the first person to phone the number, YOU'RE A IDIOT! For those idiots in the audience, I've already found a car dealership, a bakery, some builders and a gun show of some kind"

Super Robot Taisen G: Generations
A young man finds himself to be a new digimon tamer, but soon learns its not just digimon who are more then real...and how this upsets a behind the scenes enemy known only as The Continuity Police. Digimon/SRT/Various crossover with other authors.
Crossover - Digimon & Anime X-overs - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Parody - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,639 - Follows: 1 - Published: 4/30/2010 - Lunamon