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Name: Well duh...The Shiny One, of course.
Age: 3,984 at the moment. Call me back in 16 years. I'll be 4,000 then. -throws streamers-
Birthday: Like I would tell you.
Gender: Female. Something you can tell because I beam when anyone calls me a bitch.
Nicknames: Fluffy, Koneko-chan (~_~)U, Rere (If you're not family and you call me that, you die. Painfully.), Shuen-Shuen, Yu-Shuen, A-Choi (I sneeze like Osaka in Azumanga Diaoh. XD), Odd One, The Shiny One, get the idea.
Likes: Not like you probably give a flip, but I like manga, drawing ($$$), anime, the Magic Circle, Artemis Fowl, Redwall, psychology books, shiny objects, botany (ESPECIALLY poisonous plants...yummy. hehehe), languages,SHARP, shiny objects, literature, reading, writing, typing, REVIEWS -hint, hint-, violin, piano, music, plotting to take over the know, the kind of things that everybody does.
Dislikes: people who talk/sing/dance/etc. while you're trying desperately to concentrate on class, the preppy people in my school; preps in others may be different, the jocks in my school; jocks in other schools might also be different, people who don't get that when you say, "I have 70 acupuncture needles and I'm not afraid to use them", you aren't joking, people who think that everyone fits into a clique (Although I don't really dislike them: they just kind of annoy me.), people who take away my shiny objects, homework (I don't bother doing it, though), certain categories of science, social studies, math, and English, people who go "Ching-chang, ching-chang chong. What'd I say?" in a reeaaallly irritating way, racists, discriminatory people in general, horrible typing/spelling/grammar errors in writing, WRITER'S BLOCK, not knowing important things, 67 percent of the world's population, etc. BTW, I dislike 67 percent, like 3 percent, and LOATHE all the rest.
Number of Plots to Take Over the World to Date: 27,943. I'm not kidding.
Number of Books Read to Date: I really don't know. Maybe 1,500-2,500? My house has around 1,000-1,200 books (Mom and Dad counted once) and I've read almost all of them, not to mention library books from the various schools, books I've read in the bookstores while freeloading, and friends' books. I am not kidding. Ask my friends. Or anyone who knows me, for that matter.
Type of Person: To be blunt, I am intelligent (I.Q.:180, depending on the I.Q. test) and lazy. I am also supposedly artistic, caring (-snort- As if.), and a very kind little girl. I call myself evil, sadistic, violent, needs-anger-management, and weird. So do most people who know me and aren't adults.
Mental Disorders: According to one of my friends, whose mother is a psychologist and who printed out like, 30 different diagnosis sheets for various mental disorders, I am bipolar, a tad anti-social,a bit of a pathological liar, and have a slight OCD, as well as a borderline personality disorder. But don't let that worry you. I was diagnosed with ADHD by the old family doctor when I was three, which goes to show how much she knew me: I was, Mom says, the quietest and calmest child she'd ever seen. And I have the embarrassing childhood videos to prove it.

And now, a section for my lovely, lovely reviewers. The following people have my utmost thanks for their kind reviews, and I hope my stories are enjoyable to them:

For Reunions and Remembrances (Artemis Fowl): 2 hits - 6 reviews (How that makes sense, I don't know.)



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For Pickles and Cream (collaboration MegaMan): 8 hits - 2 reviews

Zakuro Tennyo

Imbri of the Moon

For Lotus Blossom Winter, by Ilei (Inuyasha-soon to be deleted): 2 hits - 2 reviews



For Back at Discipline (Circle of Magic-Tamora Pierce) also my most popular story: 1513 hits -23 reviews

-cries- I feel so horrible...I haven't updated in forever and I have way over 1,500 hits. I promise I'll have the gift chapter out soon!

Bopper (-hands over bouquet of roses- Thanks for reviewing...and the praise!)

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If you want to know who Ilei is, I think I wrote an explanation in one of our stories. For those of you who don't have unlimited time, though (heaven knows what you're doing reading this then XD), Ilei is in short a very, very lazy friend/sister of mine who absolutely refuses to get her own account and thus shares mine. She does, however, have her own e-mail. Contact her here: Ilei. Please send her sympathy because she's going through a hard time right now. A whole bunch of her family is already dead and some of her (and my) friends' family members are dying/dead as well. For a while, she was depressed but she has gotten over it by now. However, I think that she would appreciate any sympathetic/kind/cheery e-mails right now, as she is still slightly angsty. Thank you.

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