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I'm not going to be writing here anymore. I'm happily retired from fanfiction writing.

My Xanga:

It has been deleted.

Concerning Hidden Flames:

FINISHED! Now that I think back on this story, I realize that it is much more of a Mary Sue than I originally thought. But that's how it's going to stay, unfortunately; I don't have it in me to do any rewrites. I'm not very, very happy with this, but it's my first completed fic. Melihobbit has been so kind to make me a banner for Hidden Flames! Unfortunately, I can only show it on harrypotterfanfiction. com, but click HERE.

Concerning A Fossil in the Mud:
Melihobbit has also been kind enough to make another banner for this story! HERE! DISCONTINUED

Concerning Firestorm:
Sequel to Hidden Flames! Once again, melihobbit has made a beautiful banner for me! DISCONTINUED

Another note:
I also posted my story up at


6/23/06: Um... well. This isn't exactly the best place to put news... but oh well. The last news is that I was writing back... well, now I'm retiring from writing these. I'm sorry to say there are going to be no more updates at all, and for those of you who think I might come back... I'm not. I've changed a lot in the past year, and the story hasn't changed with me. And also I just don't enjoy writing like I used to... so here's goodbye! I might post up the last bits of what I have in the next week or so. Please don't email me asking me to update.

6/14/05 Everyone should read this:

I've had to find out twice that some person is PLAGIARIZING my story, Hidden Flames, and today's the second time. IT IS A DISGUSTING THING. I cried for over an hour both times it happened, and believe me, it doesn't get any easier to go through. I'm sniffling right now. I hate to read the comments that people leave for those horrible people, because they don't know that that so-called author is really just a desperate, review-crazy slacker that wants to feel good in a weird, twisted way. People who plagiarize are among the lowest scum on earth, if they can feel good from taking credit another person worked so hard for.

Really, on the internet, especially with fanfiction, it's all too easy to plagiarize. It's a simple matter of copy and paste. No matter what temptations occur, DON'T DO IT! Just think about the person you're STEALING from. How would you like it if someone stole a piece of homework you worked really hard on and claim that it's theirs? I worked really hard on Hidden Flames, and I hoped that people would love reading it and maybe leave me a comment or two. What I don't expect is disgustingly small people who don't think they're creative enough to make their own story to find pleasure in reading praises addressed to them for a story they didn't write! Don't EVER fall into that category, because there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for doing it. It's wrong, and everybody knows it. It's taught in school, for heaven's sake! This person is 15 and getting a JOB this summer, and yet she still doesn't think it's wrong to plagiarize my story! MORALS, people, MORALS!

Well, happy readings!
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Firestorm reviews
DISCONTINUED! What with financial troubles, a cousin close to death, and the pressure of doing well in school... I thought life was as bad as it could get. But obviously, my friend and sort of enemy just HAVE to help me boost my standards.
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.Complete. So. Here I am. The new girl. I am proud to say that I've managed to make a few friends, despite my—how do I say it?—less endearing qualities. Now if only this certain Black will just leave me alone, then my life will be just dandy.
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DISCONTINUED! Perhaps the best way to gain your interest is to state that I’m a loser. Or lie and say that I’m a wonderful girl, and this is a swashbuckling story. Or we could just stick with: I was perfectly happy until HE came along.
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