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Author has written 22 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, Sonic the Hedgehog, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil, Assassin's Creed, and Metal Gear.

Next Stories: At Your Service: a Crisis Core/Final Fantasy VII Story Alternation Universe
Pairings: Zack/Angeal/Sephiroth/Genesis

Completed: Anonymous: a Crisis Core First Person Story (Genesis POV)
Pairing: Genesis/Sephiroth

a Resident Evil Story 'Crack'
Pairing: Merchant/Leon Kennedy

Overall Profile

Code Name: Toshiya
Sexuality: Straight as the arrow and the erection, peoples!
Hobbies: writing, video game expert (I think pretty highly of myself xD), beta-reader, roleplaying, student
Likes: biking, horror movies, anime, video games, dragons, foreign guys, instrumentals, kirbys
dislikes/hates: terribly sad endings, terribly happy endings, liars, assholes, ignorant people, bad video games, hypocrite, Sailor moon, sore losers
Morals: Read Chinese proverbs :3

Other sites I'm active on(ask about other sites I'm on):

Kirby Profile (for the video game 'Kirby Air Ride')

Flamer: Is the meanest of the Kirbys and has a major attitude problem. Is always trying to kill the Kirbys in races instead of winning. Is an ace at hot area races. Is in love with Destruction Derbies. Loves the evil air ride machines, Hydra and Shadow Star.
BlueSky: Doesn't like to run much. Likes flying type air machines and the Legendary Dragoon. Is Flamer's mate.
Boo: Loves to scare on the battlefield with bombs. Sersor bombs are a favorite. Loves to race on the Belt. Is Flamer's and BlueSky's child.
Grape: Loves to eat whenever food is avaliable. Enjoys battling and fast air machines.
SunShine: Enjoys the outdoors and the thrill of the race of Checkered Knights. Is a little on the queer side.
Taffy: Eats more than she battles and races. Has a knack for Drag races. Is always trying to be a goody-goody and never attacks on races. Somewhat has a crush on Meta-Knight.
Dookie: Despite his name, he is obsessed with his smell and composer. Enjoys to battle and can't stand drag races.
Pukey: Always getting sick on the battle field. Loves slow air ride machines and never races and/or battles. Likes mini-game racing.

I know Kirby is copyrighted to Nintendo, but my army of Kirbys (aka made up profiles of my Kirbys) are copyrighted to me! You may not use their personalities or names without my permission!

Anime I Watch and/or Tolerate (followed by favorite character)

InuYasha: Miroku, Sesshomaru, Naraku
Yu-Gi-Oh: Pegesus, Seto, Yami, Malik
Trigun: Vash
BeyBlade: Tala, Lei, Hiro, Kai
DBZ or GT: Goten, Vegeta, and Chibi Goku, Super Saiyan 4 Gojita
Yu-Yu-Hakusho: Yoko, Hiei, Teen Koenma
Cowboy Bebop: Spike, Edward
Sensative Pornograph: Ueno
Gundam Seed: Kira
G Gundam: Domon
Gravitation: Yuki, Tohma
Digimon, Season three: Rika, Giomon
Full Metal Alchemist: Roy Mustang, Edward Elric, Maes Hughes
Speed Grapher: Suitengu
Junjou Romantica: Miyagi, Akihiko Usami(Usagi-san)
Hetalia: America, France, Russia, Canada

Manga I Read

WallFlower: Kyohei, Ranmaru
Trinity Blood:
Under Grand Hotel
: Swordfish

Favorite Cartoons

Avatar: the Last Airbender: Aing, Prince Zuko
SpongeBob SquarePants: Squidward, Gary
Drawn Together: Xandir
Chowder: Snizel, Chowder

Favorite Games (followed by fav character or other)

Sonic the Hedgehog: Shadow, Knuckles
DDR: Heavy/Challenge mode, Light, Doubles
Super Smash Brothers; Melee!: Marth, Roy, Link, Young Link, Bowser, Ness
Super Smash Brothers; BRAWL: Pit, Ike, Snake, Zelda/Sheik, Marth
Bloody Roar: Uriko, Cronos, Xion
Kingdom Hearts Saga: Xemnas, Sora, Donald, Larxene
FFVII Saga: Vincent, Sephiroth (Crisis Core), Yazoo, Rufus, Angeal, Zack, Cid Highwind
Pokemon: Silver, Red, Yellow, Gale of Darkness, Pearl (DRAGONITES BIATCH!!)
Metal Gear Solid: Big Boss/Naked Snake, EVA, Raiden, Vamp, Johnny
Persona 4: Main Character, Kanji, Yosuke
Tekken 5: Hwoarang, Jin, Devil Jin, Baek, Kazuya, Lei
Resident Evil series: Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Chris Redfield, Albert Wesker
Assassin's Creed series: Shaun Hastings, Desmond Miles, Altair, Ezio, Rosa, Leonardo da Vinci

Soul Calibur II Profile -
Name: Dragonite, Grand Edgemaster of the Cerberus (level 82 aka I will kick you ass :3)
People: Link, Ivy, Kilik, Talim(fav)
Weaponry: Soul Calibur, Soul Edge, Great Fairy Sword, Wiseman's Mace

Soul Calibur III Profile-
People: Talim, Taki, Cassandra(FPOC)
Weaponry: TBA

Soul Calibur IV Profile-
People: Talim, Cassandra, Kilik
Weaponry: TBA

Favorite Movies (followed by the hottest -or coolest- person in it)

Mulan: Shang
Day After Tomorrow: None
Spider Man Saga: Otto 'Doc. Oct', Harry
I, Robot: Will Smith
Hitch: Hitch
Cars: Doc
National Treasure: Benjamin Gates
Iron Man: Tony Stark
Dark Knight: Joker

Disclamer: Due to stupid people, I'm posting my disclaimer on my bio as well. No characters of any video game or anime fic belong to me... but my army of Kirbys and my OCs are mine, so stay back!

Reasoning: Eh, do I really need a reason for writing? My hand shakes when I get an idea and I write it down. I don't need a turn on to get me to write. I write because I love to. Love to make my own world where I create the plot. Don't get me wrong, however. I'm not so much as a fantasy writer. I'm realistic. I'm in tune with death and blood and angst, but I'm not goth either. I'm everything, but nothing. I'm a realist, but a dreamer. I'm a little of everything and I put that in my writing... but beware. My fluff gets fluffy and my angst can get pretty depressing.

Warnings: I am a yaoi writer, so to all that hate them, shove it up your ass and get over it! Don't read my stories... or the yaoi ones, anyway. I also write mature stories most of the time, but they won't be up here

YGO Pairing Names:

Now, I've been seeing alot of common pairings getting names in the YGO sections, so i'm here for the people who don't know the pairings that come with the names. ya can thank me later and some may be copyrighted too where ever they came from -.-;;;

puppyshipping: Seto/Joey
prideshipping: Yami/Seto
friendshiping: Yugi/Joey
grudgeshipping: Yami/Bakura/Seto
psychoshipping: Marik/Bakura
wishshipping: Yugi/Jounouchi
toonshipping: Pegasus/Seto
chaseshipping: Otogi/Honda
buddyshipping: Honda/Jounouchi
stubbornshipping: Seto/Honda
antagoshipping: Bakura/Seto
protectshipping: Honda/Ryou
dragonshipping: Yami/Jounouchi
dangershipping: Marik/Seto
heartshipping: Bakura/Yugi
puzzleshipping: Yami/Yugi
tendershipping: Bakura/Ryou
stonicshipping: Seto/Seth
bronzeshipping: Marik/Malik

revolutionshipping: Yami/Auzu
silentshipping: Seto/Shizuka
polarshipping: Jounochi/Mai
avishipping: Yami/ Ishizu
manipulashipping: Malik/Auzu
ardentshipping: Honda/Shizuka
trustshipping: Ishizu/Seto
regalshipping: Yami/Ma
azureshipping: Seto/Auzu
cheershipping: Otogi/Shizuka
conceitshipping: Bakura/Mai
peachshipping: Yugi/Auzu
replayshipping: Yugi/Rebecca
hostshipping: Ryou/Auzu
exoticshipping: Bakura/Ishizu
kiddyshipping: Mokuba/Rebecca
obscureshipping: Shadi/Ishizu
supportshipping: Honda/Auzu
devotionshipping: Auzu/Joey
arrogantship: Mai/Seto
siblingshipping: Mokuba/Shizuba
softshipping: Shizuka/Ryou
persevereshipping: Otogi/Auzu
cloudshipping: Shizuka/Noah
timidshipping: Yugi/Shizuka
shadowshipping: Yami/Shizuka
xenoshipping: Rishid/Ishizu

scandalshipping: pharaoh Atemu/Seth

Kingdom Hearts Pairings:

There's a YGO pairing list, might as well make a list of another largely popular fandom, Kingdom Hearts. (Next will be Final Fantasy and/or something else)

The Burning Keyblades: AkuRoku, Axel/Roxas
The Voided Keyblades: Xemnas/Roxas
The Dancing Keyblades: Demyx/Roxas
The Frozen Keyblades: Vexen/Roxas
The Powerful Keyblades: Lexaeus/Roxas
The Joined Keyblades: Sora/Roxas
The Frozen Flowers: Marluxia/Vexen
The Burning Flowers: Marluxia/Axel
The Empty Rage: Xemnas/Saix
The Empty Blizzard: Xemnas/Vexen
The Dancing Blaze: Demyx/Axel
The Killer Rage: Xigbar/Saix
The Killer Dragon: Xigbar/Xaldin
Deadly Gamble: Xigbar/Luxord

(funny, honorable, or just plain perverted)
Forewarning: you are responsible for any linkage that you click on concerning stories from which the quotes were taken from. That includes 18+ stories

"I hate Mondays. I'd like them better if they started later." -Garfield

“Does he know that I'm a Tomb Raider?”
“Yes, but he isn’t offended by it. He had even mentioned that he would rather have you raid his tomb any time.”
- Marik and Bakura

"It takes true courage to live, that it does." - Kenshin Himura, Rurouni Kenshin: Samurai X

"Would you be my mommy?" - Carl, Jimmy Neutron

"I shaved my mustache, you idiot!" -Vegeta, DBZ

"I'M READY!" -SpongeBob SquarePants

"Way past cool!" -Sonic the Hedgehog

"You're right about one thing, you are my best friend but for future reference do not confuse that with being my keeper." -Kurama, Yu-Yu Hakusho

"looks down I'm your daddy now!"
"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" -Sonic and Mario, Nintendo gets Sega


"I…" with dramatic flare, "am his boyfriend, thank you very much!" -Yami, Change in Atmosphere

"Thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not- Oh, fuck it, where's that knife?" -Seto Kaiba, Change in Atmosphere

"You can't just be rambing a man's personal business into some hole like that!" -Will Smith, Wild Wild West

"If you fuck this up, I'll fuck YOU up!" -Marik, 'Happy Birthday, Marik'

"That has double meaning, doesn't it?" -Trunks, 'You're Not So Smart'

"Now, now. We can share!" -Auzu, 'Gardening'

"You're such a whore..." -Marik, 'Happy Birthday, Marik'

“There’s a big difference between cowardice and cleverness." -Kurama, 'Fightful'

"Bite me!" -InuYasha, 'When Kagome's Away, Demons Will Play'

“Impressive. I didn’t think that someone of your stature would be so, how shall I say; so well equipped.” -Kurama, 'Fightful'

"Just what are you doing?"
"You." -Yami and Kaiba, 'Dark Clouds'

"Guys, I'm bored." -Ryou, 'Bored'


“Like you weren’t stupid when you’re sober, why drink something that lowers your intelligence to zero?” - Hiei

"I want to play. How about you? With my shovel and pail, there's plenty to do. Digging in the sand is so much joy! Can you figure this one out, Seto my boy?" - Summary Joey's POV, 'Cries of Echoes'

"Please let that be the Millennium Rod and not something else!" Ryou, 'Misplaced Items'

“I think I hear your bitch, Jounouchi, whining outside. Better get there quick lest he starts humping the limo’s tires rather than your leg.” -Malik, 'One'

"I hope you know that Goku is a slut." -Piccolo, 'There's Just Something About Sayians...'

"Big, fat, hairy deal!" - Garfield

"Yes, Goten is a slut – just like his father." -Piccolo, 'There's Just Something About Sayians...'

"... I died and heaven wouldn't let me in, and hell was afraid I would take over." -Shadow, Manipulated Love

"Don't be such a pussy, Kyle!" -Cartman, South Park

"I'm not known for my compansion..." - Garfield

“Oh shush! I got you a new shirt didn’t I? It wasn’t my fault the other one had too many buttons." - Yami, My Bloody Valentine

“Where is the ice cream Spiky-man?”
“In my room.”
“Cool, it is good ice cream?”
“You have no idea.” - Spike and ED, Hands Are Tied Up

"Kakarot just ate a Fruit Loop off my face." - Vegita, Empty Emotion

“I don’t like what you’ve been teaching my light Marik.” - Bakura, Yours Completely

"I'll repeat again... Kakarot just ate a damn Fruit Loop off my fucking face!" - Vegita, Empty Emotion

“Oh, you don’t know half of what I’ve taught him. Hehehe...” - Marik, Yours Completely

"Uhh..." Goku, Empty Emotion

"Damnit Kakarot, if you fucking say 'Uhh' one more time or just stand there and let that bitch screech at you and spoil your boner, I swear to the fucking planet Namek, I will punch your ass so hard your damn four-eyed, freak son will feel it!" - Vegita, Empty Emotion

"Uhh..."- Ryou, Never Really Innocent

"Uhh..."- Pegesus, Employment

"Uhh!"- Marik, Milkshake

“I can’t do that in front of you people.”- Yami, Yours Completely

"I do that all the time, in my pants."- Tails, In My Pants

“Where haven’t we ‘done the deed’?”- Malik, Yours Completely

“In a log cabin on a bear skin rug?"
“Done.”- Yugi and Kaiba, Yours Completely

“Not again.”- D. Human, Yours Completely

“You would think that when a person throws away something they wouldn’t want it back but then again I could be wrong.”- Naraku, Innocent Seduction

"Macho chick, built like a stick! Can't even kick!"- Ranma(male), Ranma 1/2

"I'm bad, I know it! I'm bad, I'll show it!" - Joey, Yu-Gi-Oh

"Daughters become lovers, and then become mothers, so mothers be good to your daughters too." - John Mayer

"Say Suchi, what happened to you last night?"
"Something... GOOD!" - Suchi and Hiroshi, Gravitation

"Come on, don't just say that! What happened to you?" Goku, Dragonball

"I won't tell! giggles" - Suichi, Gravitation

“Shu-san! Is that a micro-phone or are you just happy to see me?” K, The Benefits of Drinking Before Eight O'clock AM

"You do realize that you have bad timing, don't you fox?"
"Yes, but I thought you might like to know that your show was attracting quite an audience." - Hiei and Kurama, Getting Want You Want

“That’s easy. We kidnap Kaiba, strip him naked and chain him to bed. Then, we lure the blasted Pharaoh into the room and lock the door.” - Marik, The SetoYami Project

"Oh... My... Fucking... Gods..." -Sanosuke, Sweet Revelation

On The First Day of Christmas – A Tomb Robber in a Tall Tree, On the Second Day of Christmas – Two Worried Hikaris, On the Third Day of Christmas – Three Disturbing Events, On the Fourth Day of Christmas – Four Slow Dances, On the Fifth Day of Christmas – Five Thousand Years, On the sixth day of Christmas – Six Plotting Friends, On the Seventh Day of Christmas – Seven Thoughts of Murder, On The Eighth Day of Christmas – Eight Snowflakes Melting, On the Ninth Day of Christmas – Nine Shots Later, On the Tenth Day of Christmas – Ten Muttered Curses, On the Eleventh Day of Christmas – Eleven Eternal Seconds, On The Twelfth Day of Christmas – Twelve Happy Signs- The chapters of Twelve Days

“You’ve got until the end of this “movie” to get me my cake. And it better be chocolate.” - Hiei, A Night to Remember

“Can I kill him? Please?” - Bakura, Kinky

"Hello, this is Ryou's teacher. I called to inform you that your son...er...has gotten the scholarship he was trying for but...um...heh heh...it seems he's busy at the moment. I...ah ah ah ah...won't call back. EVER AGAIN!" - Mr. Lin, Yu-Gi-Oh Yaoi Answering Machine

"If you're begging for your life, why don't you ask your money to save you!" - The Battosai, Rurouni Kenshin

"What the hell is going on here, Fox?"
"Ummm... First Aid?" - Hiei and Kurama, Goodbye, Lady Luck

“Always knew there was something going on between the two of you.” - Yusuke, There is no such thing as UST

“I am not a needle pillow!” - Hiei, There is no such thing as UST

“It is said that the feeling that takes ones body when the Battousai’s sword is thrust deep within you is the greatest thing this world has to offer. I want to feel that.” - Aoshi, Incidious Urges

“I’m sorry, my name is Shuuichi Minamino. This might sound strange but can I hug you?” - Kurama, Time Without End

“You know what, they really have some gal. All men want is sex, the very least they can do is shut up, bend over and say ‘thank you Mr. Kaiba me harder please.’ ” - Mokuba, Prostitutes and Dogs

"Never. Say. That. Again!" - Seto Kaiba, Prostitutes and Dogs

"Are you all right?"
"Yea…but I’m making sure I have my Christmas music up a bit loud tomorrow night. I don’t feel the need to hear my brother screaming out like a banshee in heat." - Ryou and Mokuba, Merry Chirstmas, Seto

"NOOOO! No one touches my newly released Zelda games!" - Mokuba, Merry Chirstmas, Seto

“Why are all the cute one’s gay?” - A nurse, Gravitation

"The dark deed that you have requested has been done, sir." - SpongeBob SquarePants

"Must… control… homicidal… urges…" -Seto Kaiba, Change in Atmosphere

"aaah! Come to Bluu... aaah!You look so finger-licking goooooooooood!" -Bluu, Foster's Home For Imaginary Creatures

"If the yaoi shounen-ai bishis don't get them... the rabid fan girls will sure to be first in line" Yoshiki, a rabid fan girl

"You of anyone should know the differences between us."
"Yeah, he's more demanding in bed, and you are more high maintenance." Yami and Seto, Symphony

"This is my rifle, this is my gun. This is fighting, this is for fun." - Stewie, Family Guy

"Ahh, baby…don’t tease me…It might spit at you...but I promise it doesn’t bite.” Hwoarang, The Quality of a Sword

"You should come stay at my place, Jin. It's safe there."
"Do you mind? We were about to go have sex." -- Ling and Hwoarang, Ending the Rivalry

"Come on, lets get unwound! It's a wonder you ever survived without me in your life, man. It just so happens I have the ability to help get that stick out of your ass and not leave ya too many splinters." -- Hwoarang to Jin, The Quality of a Sword

“How do you go and give a guy the best sex of his life then forget about it? Especially when there wasn’t any alcohol involved. I can tell you right now that shit’s not going to fly.” -- Hwoarang to Jin, Raven Wings and Blood Talons

"Why does something bad always happen to my clothes when you’re around?" --Hwoarang, Rise From The Ashes

"No wonder your clothes get wrecked when you’re around me, they’re damn annoying!" --Jin, Rise From the Ashes

"Steady my man... keep your mind on the job!" --Mugen, The Morning Ritual

“Good bye my baby brother! We shall call and have long discussions over the phone while you spill your deepest secrets to your older brother and I console you after that cat molests you so delectably.” -- Ayame, Three Ways

"What have you got there, Hwoarang?"
"Revenge!" -- Jin and Hwoarang, Devilish Influence

"Kid, you don't have anything that I don't have" -- Sephiroth to Riku, Nani? Nani?!

"Oh why not?!"
"Last time you played 'decoy', you ended up a Demyx sandwich with Xigbar and Xaldin." -- Demyx and Axel
, The Organization XIII Files

“My name isn’t Zazoo. It’s Yazoo. With a ‘Y’.”
“It should be Fruitloop with a capital ‘F’" -- Reno and Yazoo,
A Reluctant Guest

"You guys are such assholes... and I don't mean the good ones." -- Xandir, Drawn Together

"We were expecting laughter, maybe teasing, but not outright anger. Do you really believe these pictures are demeaning to SOLDIER?"
"He's lying naked on a bed with satin sheets and a come-hither look; this is not the image of a First Class SOLDIER we've promoted to date!" -- Angeal and Sephiroth, See You In September

"S-sir! You don't mean...!"
"Yes, Saix. Chocolate chip pancakes with sausage... on a stick."
"I will follow you to Hell, sir!" -- Xemnas and Saix,
Orgy LIX

"Sooo... Mr. World's Strongest SOLDIER..."
"I'm gay. So gay. I'm more gay than a tangerine wearing a sundress and overly large sunglasses... with rinestones."
"I'm glad you're so happy Sephiroth." -- Scarlet and Sephiroth, "Blind Date"
Orgy LIX

"If I hadn't killed anyone, I wouldn't have met you." -- Swordfish, Under Grand Hotel (warning to Hyperlink 18+ only!)

"You too... Immortal."
"No... I just don't fear death." -- Vamp and Raiden, Metal Gear Solid 4, Guns of the Patriots

"Whether your words are lies created to decieve me... or the truth -which I have sought for all my life- it makes no difference. You will rot."
"I see... perfect monster indeed." -- Sephiroth and Genesis, Crisis Core FFVII

"Size 11 huh? Only one other guy I know has bigger shoes than you and he won't let me test out that old saying. Will you?"-- Zack to Cid, Combat Training for the Stubborn (story 18+)

“I didn’t even realize I had a heart until you fucking demolished it!" -- Sephiroth to Rufus, At Least He's Hot (18+)

"He thinks he's some kinda alpha male."
"Lies and slander! I know I'm the alpha male." -- Trish and Dante, Made in Error

"...You should find an outlet."
"I have plenty of outlets."
"I meant besides vaginas."
"Mother!" -- Ezio and his mother, Assassin's Creed 2 (2:09-2:23) (Mature game)

"Men's hearts grow firmer in my care"
"Among other things, I'm sure" -- Teodora and Ezio, Assassin's Creed 2 (Mature game)

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The Castle that Never Was is a truly marvelous palace but it does tend to get... dirty. Organinzation XIII is forced to clean the castle after a certain Superior develops an allergen. hints of Xemsax
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A collection of sonic comics from all over the web and few gags here and there from me, myself, and Kirbys. Gag 3: The Priest gets four seperate visitors... and three of them seem to think bubbles are a bad thing... Enjoy
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Kurama has the life of a 12th grader AKA spirit fox. What happens when there's a new girl in his school and boys have been declared dead over a week's time? And Yoko's having feelings for her, but not of a lover's kind... OC,OCC! AN OLDER FIC: NOTE THIS
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Changed Title Under going MAJOR Editing Implied abuse n' rape, slavery theme. 'I shall never place harm upon you now that you are with me.' stated the spirit fox, 'However, if you so much as disobey me, I will change my mind.' Lime/Lemon Completed
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FINISHED/EDITED You can not rape the willing. There is no such things as forced love in the feudal era. You either want them or not. You can choose whether you want that child, even if Nature says otherwise... SesshomaruOC InuKag
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