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Author has written 9 stories for Avengers, Star Trek: 2009, and Star Wars.

Hi guys!!,thanks for coming for my profile.

I'm Sydney (Syd is good too) I'm from the south, I'm a girl (a little obvious, a little) and...I like starbucks?! :P

My BIGGEst and more in brain flow thing though is Star Trek. Now that Starstrike is finished, I will put my purer efforts on Into Glowing Stars and Monster Of Me. Also my new story Interstellar. So if you like Star Trek and Dad Kirk(there's not enough fanfics for 'em, I swear), check 'em out!...Please...(lol, pleeze)

New Thing as of July 22nd, I officially became a Trekkie. Soooo, you're gonna be seeing a lot more Star Trek outta me than Avengers probably for a long long while.

Just gonna let you know...



Thank you.

I am also going to list my future story plans below.


Avengers:Miss 'Merica(going back and forth about it, but I would write it after Aqua series, RMAM, and TOI)

Avengers: Aqua(Remake) (Updates will be semi-slow. Maybe one every some 5-7 weeks. Idk. Pm if updates are longer than that)

Avengers: *Untitled* *Tony x OC story*

Star Trek:Starstrike(*FINISHED*)

Star Trek:Monster Of Me(EXTREMELY SLOW)

Star Trek:Into Glowing Stars(EXTREMELY SLOW)

Star Trek:Interstellar(ALSO EXTREMELY SLOW)

Star Trek:When One Star Becomes Three(EXTREMELY SLOW)

Lion King III(Start time will be random)*Possible Story*

Ice age: Choices(planning to start working on after finishing TLK3 if I do)*Possible Story*

Rio:Bright Blue(planning to start working on after Choices)*Possible Story*

Star Wars:Young Rebellion* Possible Story*

My Favorites:

Food:fried mac and cheese balls (u can find them at Macaroni Grill. :P)

Color:Me having only one is the equivalent to saying I have no heart, so top three are Neon Coral, Mint, and rose gold

Places I want to go:Norway, Ireland, England, Iceland, Bahamas, Argentina, Chile, Greece

Singer(s):Young Guns, Oh Wonder, One Repbublic, XYLØ, Imagine Dragons, the Star Trek theme(I know it's not a singer)

Songs:Zayde Wolfe:New Blood, Beastie Boys:Sabotage, Rihanna:Sledgehammer, For King And Country:The Proof of Your Love, Matt Redmann:10,000 Reasons, Phillip Phillips: Home, Phillip Phillips, Hold On, Imagine Dragons:Monster, Imagine Dragons:Shots, Imagine Dragons:Battle Cry,Imagine Dragons:Warriors, Buried by Young Guns, Mad World by Young guns, Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons, Centuries by Fall Out Boy, We Don't Have To Dance by Andy Black, A huge list of many more.

Movies:Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, Star Trek Beyond, Avengers, Avengers:Age of Ultron, CA:Civil War, The 5th Wave (always growing list)

Fandoms:Star Trek, Avengers, Doctor Who(BIGGEST FAVES!), TLK, Ice Age ( the list is always growing and random ;)

Books:The Selection Series, The 5th Wave series, The Survivors Series, Let's Get Lost, The Lunar Chronicles, The Glittering Court, Magonia and Aerie, excetera because I LOVE books!

Season:Summer cause no school. And when it gets hot, there's staying indoors with Air conditioning. Otheriwse, it's hands down Autumn.

Favorite Avenger:Iron Man/Tony Stark. Hands down. You cannot compete Cap is NO match for him.

Favorite Trek character: I love all of them! ...But I do like Kirk and Bones...

Avenger quotes:

TS:I have a plan, attack.

Thor:You listen to me, I-

Loki:I'm listening.

Thor:Do not touch me again

TS:Then don't take my stuff

Thor:You have no idea what you're dealing with

TS:Uh...Shakespeare in a park? Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?

TS:Of the people in this room, which one is a:wearing a spangley outfit, and b:not of use?

*internally clapping because Tony silenced him(well, not literally. Sadly)*

Below written...Uh...During either June or July of 2016. I dunno.


Team Cap or Iron Man:...If you try to make me Team Cap, imagine me as Darth Vader or Scarlet Witch. I swear it will be the biggest mistake you ever make. It's not really because of the people, but the whole reasoning. When you think about it, if the team falls apart, the world falls apart with them because they will be dealing with their own grudges against the government trying to get them under control when they need to help the world.

You've been burned!

I think

Here's some other link to add to that:

AO3 story which is hands down BRILLIANT

Do you think Cap should've dropped the Shield: I don't care too much, but the shield is part of who he is. It's the serum and the shield. Just like Tony and the suits, they're apart of him(not technically). It's one of Steve's symbol as a hero, the star. The arc reactor to me is Tony's symbol, the one in him and the one on his suits.

Ships you ship:Pepperony(Tony and Pepper), kinda Winterwitch(Wanda and Bucky)Stannon(Sharron Carter and Steve Rogers). My book pairings:Stinnow(Madison Stark and Sawyer Minnow), Natogers(Natalie Stark and Steve Rogers(its a brief pairing))

How do I feel about Infinity War: EXTREMELY. ALL I ASK IS THAT TONY DOESN'T DIE. WHY DO I HAVE TO WAIT TWO YEARS?!?! NO EXCITING MOVIES BEFORE THEN FROM MARVEL! *looks at all the fanmade posters on pinterest, including the one that's on my phone lock screen*

Um...Wow. I am ashamed of myself. SpiderMan Homecoming, Thor:Ragnarok, Black Panther. BOI!!!!

If you had to choose someone out of the Avengers to die in Infinity War who would it be: DON'T KILL TONY!!!!!! But seriously, as long as it's not Tony who dies, I'll survive. Maybe Hulk, but they wouldn't kill him I don't think. They'd kill Cap, Stark, or Thor. But it'd be very hard to think of a Marvel universe without Cap or Stark, Thor has already been out of Civil War and it was plenty fine by me. But there were rumors of Cap dying in Civil War and he didn't, they may be saving that for Infinity War. Infinity War is pretty what every single movie has been leading up to, starting from the very first Marvel movie Iron Man back in 2008. Crazy how long it's been since then and how much longer it'll be when it's 2018 and 2019 when they come out with part one and part two.

Geez, I'm Lost rambling an Infinity(Reference there, get it?)


Written sometime during August 2016 below

Star Trek quotes:

JTK:It's better to die saving lives than live with taking them. That's what I was born into.

Bones:Dammit, man, I'm a doctor, not a torpedo technician!

JTK:That's a good choice.

Spock:I am Vulcan sir, we embrace technicality.

Spock: I am expressing multiple attitudes simultaneously, sir, to which are you referring?

Uhura:It's him.

Sulu:If you test me, you will fail.

Sulu:You kidding me, sir?

Bones:Fear of death is what keeps us alive.

Bones:Well, at least I won't die alone.

Bones:Well that's just typical.

What Star Trek 4 should be in my wide mind:

I have seen it be confirmed that Chris Hemsworth is playing George Kirk in the movie and that the father and son cross paths. That will be very very interesting, but I have my own ideas in mind. What if Jim got to see his future? What if he got to see his first kid(I'd prefer a girl since there's already George and Jim) be born? And see who his wife is in the future? I would love love love seeing what he thinks of it. Or maybe he meets a female character who's young(like a teenager) and badass, shootin guns, saved him from some thugs or something maybe in our time in the past. And maybe there's a type of friendship or father daughter kind of relationship that grows between them, the female without any family really anyways.

And Bones though!

Bones should give some lady a pill that heals something they can't heal yet and she's like:

"The doctor gave me a pill and my lung regrew!"

Wouldn't that be hilarious??? Just like the Voyage Home(or whatever movie that is).

StarStrike characters:

Selene Amaya Kirk:Portrayed by Olivia Holt. You could say she's like a female, adopted copy of Jim Kirk. She loves apples and 21st century music, First Officer of U.S.S Enterprise(shared position). Protective of loved ones, especially her father and best friend(Jim Kirk and Jemma Omara).Her first parents were abusive nobodies, dying in a house fire, getting onto streets at age eleven. Then Kirk found her and raised her ever since, growing a very strong bond between them. Theme song is Raging Fire by Phillip Phillips. (Look, I'm not sure if these songs really truly fit the characters, but they'll sound good if you think up a song fic with the character)

Jemma Reese Omara:Portrayed by Kelli Berglund. She's protective, secretive, and friendly mostly to Selene Kirk, her best friend. Her past started with her mom never liking her, disowning Jemma at age ten. So she was on streets until she befriended Selene Kirk, growing a very strong friendship with her and her father. She often stayed at their house, otherwise she was on the streets. When she was fourteen, she left them for Starfleet academy until they ended up coming too two months later. Theme song is Something Big by Shawn Mendes.

Into Glowing Stars characters:

Selene Amaya Kirk:Portrayed by girl in story cover. A strong solution of her mother and father, Selene Amaya Kirk has kept her head up and shoulders straight, letting herself stride when she liked. She grew up in an orphanage with her sister not by blood, Jemma Omara. She always wanted to know her parents, especially her dad. She never knew a hint. But then she applied for Starfleet as well as Jemma and found out her father's identity:James.T Kirk. With that info, Selene let herself have a very close and very knotted bond with her dad, sacrificing her life for him when the U.S.S Enterprise fell. And with the events a month and 1/2 later, the crash of the U.S.S Dakota which she was on and survived, she developed PTSD with extra pressure of questions and interviews and public nosiness and curiosity. But she kept her head up high and strid through the crowd when necessary. Soon, she found her mother was alive, not caring about that she hadn't been there for her whole life, embracing her fully.Theme song:The Proof Of Your Love by For King And Country. Favorite color:blue/teal. Favorite food:pizza or steak, she's not sure.

Jemma Reese Omara:Portrayed by Kelli Berglund. She was raised in the orphanage with Selene Kirk, a girl who she has a sisterly bond with. She always loved communications and reading books, doing so in the oprhanages where she was raised for eleven years until the events of joining Starfleet happened and she became adopted by Selene's father ONLY for the sake of not going back to the orphanage where she had been hurt by the head of the orphanage. She's always been sometimes grumpy and overly sarcastic, but is overall a great friend. If you need her, she'll be there as soon as she can be. The reason why she ended up in the orphanage in the first place was because her mother killed herself because of Jemma as found out when Jemma was nine. She kept it a secret to everyone but Selene Kirk, not wanting to really find her own father who she also soon found out was dead. She's always been afraid to get attached to people because her mother killed herself because of her being alive.Theme song is What We Live For by American Authors. Favorite color:purple. Favorite food:uh...she really doesn't know. Does coffee count?

Joanna Marley McCoy:Portrayed by Ciara Bravo. Joanna had a complicated life in her eyes. She was born to loving parents, always being closer to her dad, wanting to make a pursuit on the art of medical just like him. But her parents divorced and it drove Joanna very upset, especially after she knew her father was going on a five year mission with Starfleet. Joanna mostly confided in school, her medical classes, learning German another skill. But then Rick came around as her mother's boyfriend and that was the last straw, seeing him drunk. And if things couldn't get any worse, she was kidnapped by Kaigon aliens and taken to the deserted planet of Macarora where she had to survive for a couple months. But she wasn't alone, she met Everly Woodley Kirk, who turned out to be the long thought dead girlfriend/wife of Jim Kirk no one knew about. She finally went home, but only to endure a very harsh welcoming from Rick(her mother's bf). The event caused her growth of PTSD, giving her scars she desperately tried to hide. But Joanna could still find ways to keep her head up one way or another. She did because she felt like she still had people to live for:her father and Everly. Theme song is I Bet My Life by Imagine Dragons

Owen Jackson Oaks:Portrayed by John Boyega. Owen never had much of a huge life, but it was still on an average level of tough. He had loving parents, even though they were never around and the love didn't seem that strong to him. He was raised in southern Tennessee state(that surprisingly still existed), raised normally. He went to public school, had friends, applied to Starfleet at thirteen with not very much care from his parents. He soon met Selene Kirk one day during bullies taking a hit on him, Selene scaring them off. And then the next day, the Dakota crashed, the two being the only missing, everyone else alive and evacuated. Soon enough, Selene found him and were rescued, going back home to San Francisco and being assigned to the U.S.S Enterprise's five year mission in the months until. From then, Owen has formed a casual and caring friendship with Selene Kirk and Jemma Omara.

Sorry if links don't work. I'll try to fix soon. PM me if still don't work.

When One Star Becomes Three:

Selene's appearance:

Winter's appearance:

Keva's appearance: (with intense green eyes)

Harper's appearance: (with cognac eyes)

Winter's hair:

Keva's hair:

Harper's hair*to be found, lost it. It is dark chocolate asymetrical bob, extremely stick straight*

Link to my tumblr:My tumblr:Ziggy23 (or you can search citrus beach) Wattpad is Ziggy_23 (there's nothing on there, I gave up on publishing there)

On there, I'll occasionally post something. Probably always gonna be Star Trek. Maybe I'll post the entire character pictures and outfits that would represent their style. Who knows what I'll post. Search something like "Selene Kirk" or "Interstellar" or something that relates to my stories for anything specific. Hopefully I'll remember to add a specific tag on my posts.

Selene's representation outfit:search "Selene Kirk"

Cassidy's representation outfit:search "Cassidy Scott"

Marley's representation outfit: search "Marley McCoy"

If you want to ask me anything feel free to pm me, I don't bite, I'm not a shark :).

I hope you enjoy and like my stories and I will try to update as soon as I can!

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The World Falling
A general. A rebel. Airstel Sarine Solo is ready to face the world and she's not turning back. A hunter. A mother. Nayra Evelle Oador has been trying for years and will not stop. A loner. A secret. Ashara Starlight Kamazón-Skywalker is everything the whole world would never be able to prepare for. And they are all falling farther and farther down.
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"Heroes aren't fearless. Heroes are brave. Bravery requires fear. And fear is born of loving something that its loss will break you." Madison Luna Walker Stark is the daughter of-you know who. After an incredibly hard escape for the fourteen year old, she is brought into Tony's life and the Avengers. (PLOT CONTINUED INSIDE)
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Selene didn't know who she was. She always wanted to know who her parents were,but especially her dad. In the orphanage,intelligent for her age being three years older smarter, finally enough for Starfleet, so she applied. Meanwhile,Jim Kirk is being more haunted by someone he abandoned in his past:his baby girl.But what happens when she comes back into his life?HIATUS ON WRITING!
Star Trek: 2009 - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Family - Chapters: 37 - Words: 65,575 - Reviews: 16 - Favs: 23 - Follows: 17 - Updated: 1/10/2017 - Published: 8/26/2016 - J. Kirk, Spock, N. Uhura, OC
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Selene Amaya knows who she is, she knows her parentage and hates what she does every day. She hates that she's the symbol,a terrorist symbol for a group that doesn't know better. She was captured and trained to an assassin because of her parentage, something to use against Starfleet. Selene doesn't want to kill Captain James.T Kirk, her dad. She rather kill herself.(FullPlotInside)
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He took her off streets while he was mildly drunk, that was how Selene became a Kirk. Sure he wasn't always home and was at a bar, but he cared about her and gave her a home and that's all that mattered to her. That was three years ago, now he was at a bar which wasn't abnormal. But it was abnormal that he and Selene were asked to join Starfleet. (Full plot inside)RatedTforLanguage
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