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Howdy-do. I am a 23-year-old college student still living with parents and working part-time at a music store now! I've been writing stories since I was probably ten years of age, but I just started writing fanfics about seven years ago. I tend to focus around yaoi, so if you don't like it, please refer elsewhere for other such nonsense.

As any somewhat intelligent person should be able to see, the bulk of my stories are either Harry Potter or Yu Yu Hakusho. I actually DO plan on changing this eventually (I'm thinking on reincarnating my Furuba fanfic I had up here a few years ago). If you like a good yaoi, please read any of my lovely stories.

Warning: All of my fanfics are quite explicit in the sexual interaction between the characters, and I often give warnings when there will be a particularly explicit chapter, but if this offends you, once again, please look elsewhere for your fanfiction needs.

Warning: I regret to say it, but my updates are normally quite sporradic, and I profusely apoligize for this. However, please do not stop looking and checking for updates, I even recommend getting the e-mail notification, for I WILL update each story in time. I have my own life, and am working on several different things all at once (I'm hoping to publish a book soon), but I do love my fanfics, and will thus eventually complete each one. Thank you for your patience. bows

FOR THOSE WHO READ MY YU YU HAKUSHO FANFICTION: This fanfiction is complete! The second installment has already started, so please read and review it!

My characters:

Esmerel: She was made solely for the purpose of The Darkness and may or may not show up in What A Demon Child Wants.

Ki, Hi, and Yuna: The three half-sisters. Characters my old friends and I made up for ourselves. They are now being used as side-characters in the sequel to The Darkness. Ki is, of course, my character.

For Those Who Read My Harry Potter Fanfiction: Since nobody helped me decide, I've chosen one myself, which will give you guys a few more chapters than the other ending would have. Please enjoy and review!

Updaaaaaaate: Guess what!!!! I have finally began working on finishing What a Demon Child Wants, and have just posted six chapters for your viewing pleasure. I haven't given any disclaimers, I figured you guys would gather what characters were mine and which weren't, but I will probably apply the disclaimers soon. I am suuuuuuper sorry for the huuuuumongous delay in chapters, but que sera sera. I will hopefully finish this fanfic before school starts next week, but please do not get your hopes up too high. It may not be until this Winter Break before I get a chance to write again.

Anyway, please enjoy and review! Reviews make me want to write and remind me that people actually are, in fact, reading my fanfics. _

I am also looking for a beta, if anyone is interested. I would, of course, return the favor by becoming your beta if wanted or needed. Please PM me.