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Y'ello, I'm Lymeryk. I'm an aspiring writer like many here. I'm also an aficionado of film, a composer of ambient soundscapes, a history buff, plus some other nerdy stuff.

Can't say I'm on here much, but I try to work on some of my story ideas when I can.

Speaking of which...


#1 - Through Fractured Time - My first real attempt at putting a story together. It's a very different, deeper, and more cinematic take on the concept of Super Smash Bros. with some core elements of The Subspace Emissary, as well as World of Light (hence the different part). The origins for this story's ideas grew between my brother and I way back in early 2009, naturally after playing Brawl a whole lot. Yet, this concept doubles as an exploration of how things like childhood curiosity and that nostalgic wonder from gaming in our youths can still affect us at an older age, even though we may not be children anymore. (STATUS: IN PROGRESS, BUT ON HIATUS)

* Here is the story's SOUNDTRACK on YouTube for anyone interested: Sounds From Beyond The Rift.

* A QUICK NOTE ON THE SOUNDTRACK: “Through Fractured Time” is a journey, yes, yet it's also a journey through music. Music that makes one feel, makes one wonder; makes one yearn. It’s exactly what I mean for representing the story’s aesthetics. The tracks are arranged in proper order as per their 'cue' in each chapter, but that's merely the music I recommend to accompany a certain section. It's not limited to those in any way! I highly encourage you guys and girls to explore other tracks from the same albums that come before or after the ones listed! Thus, I hope you all find the soundtrack to be a worthwhile addition! Listening to some of my favorite artists and composers has certainly been an inspiration for me in trying to articulate this story, so I hope it can help you "see" it in the way I do...

Lastly, I apologize to those who are following the story, but progress will be slow due to being busy with life. It's also the fact that this is a considerably big concept in terms of the scope, so I'm just going to take my time.

#2 - Vahlok: An Elder Scrolls Story - 20 year-old Imperial Athaeus Acteon, upon discovering his true destiny as heir to a position in the Blades, is forced to take up his long-lost father’s mantel when war breaks out between the Empire of Tamriel and the Aldmeri Dominion. However, even with the war’s ferocity and grueling 4-year course, it all turns out to be a mere distraction from a larger menace that threatens the entire continent. Unlikely alliances become forged, while others are tested as a result. Powerful forces once believed to be forgotten in time re-awaken, yet above all, an ancient promise will finally be honored from a distant land across the sea, east of Tamriel...

We Follow Athaeus’ life-journey from an estranged childhood, through adolescence, and finally, his early adult years which prove to be a true “baptism by hellfire.” Spans a time period from 4E 150 to 4E 176, but the turning point of events are set primarily during The Great War of 4E 171 - 175. (STATUS: TBA)

#3 - Reverence: An Elder Scrolls Story - Cyrodiil, 4E 219. A young Imperial boy struggles to cope with the fractured state of his family where his mother, despite being a bit naïve, is very caring and tries her best to raise him to be righteous; the best person he can be in life. His father on the other hand is a hardened centurion in the Imperial Legion, who has completely lost sense of the beauty of life and suffers from excessive alcoholism in trying to wash away all the gruesome things he’s experienced in the ongoing Skyrim Civil War. After a particular night of unhinged abuse from his father, the young boy can take it no more and decides to run away from home. He meets up with a friend who also has family issues, and the two set out on a journey to try and leave their troubled lives behind for good. However, they soon cross paths with an elderly man who holds a stunning revelation that, if truly realized, would shake the Empire of Tamriel down to its very core. Little did the boys also know, that this discovery was to be the start of a life-changing adventure; one which could very well change the course of Tamriel’s future altogether. (STATUS: TBA)

This is a semi-sequel that takes place 43 years after my planned events in Vahlok: An Elder Scrolls Story. Feel free to ask me about it for more details if you'd like, because for now, both these Elder Scrolls stories are set to a slow bake.

"MAYBE" IDEA(S) - Several Smash Bros. shorts set during the events of Through Fractured Time which would follow some characters not featured in the main story.

"MAYBE" IDEA #2 - Untitled Kantai Collection story.


I'm part of the Super Smash Prose discord server. It's a great little community for people active in the Smash Bros. archive. Anybody interested can check it out, so here's the link: gDK48ua



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Our place in the cosmos. Are we alone? Are we not? Such questions have wrestled the collective conscience for centuries. But, what if there was something out there? What if, across vast stretches of space and time, something truly grand was about to unfold? The story of how one day; one moment changed the course of history forever. [A *different* take on Smash Bros.] ON HIATUS.
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On the edge of possible death, Fox recalls a certain moment between him and his father years ago. This piece comes from "Through Fractured Time", my Super Smash Bros. story where Fox is a central character, yet I found it also works quite well as an impressionistic one-shot. Plus I hoped it might attract a wider interest in said story from some of you here in the Star Fox fandom.
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