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Age: 19

Location: Texas

Hobbies: Anime, drawing, writing, TV, movies, video games and anything else to keep me from burning something.

Personality: Funny, usually shy, creative, caring.

Career Interests: I don't see anyway of making a living off of FanWriting, unless the company of the fic I wrote want to buy the idea from me, or better yet have me on the staff! It's just for fun and helps prep me up until I start writing my original ideas, what I really want to do is be a 2D Animator and do some writing on the side. If I could accomplish this my life would be perfect.

My Primary Interests: When I'm not hanging out with my friends or messing with the Key Board, I draw and write. Some people often say after a while that fanfics prevent them from doing their original ideas, but with me it's kind of the opposite. Most of my KP fanfics are adaptations of my original ideas. I.E. Heart of Darkness was based off an idea for an RPG style story, all I did was change the characters and storyline and kept the main plot.

As for my drawings I either do fanart or original, I don't mind either since it keeps my skills sharp. I joined deviant art and slowly, but sure, am becoming a little more known. It's nice to have people comment you on your works, it gives you the inspiration to keep doing it. Just don't rely on it too much.

I always enjoy getting emails, so drop me a line if you want to comment or discuss something or just want to be friends. I always enjoy logging onto AOL and seeing I have some fanmail. Later!

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