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Author has written 14 stories for Bleach, Fairy Tail, Harry Potter, D.Gray-Man, and Saint Seiya.

I'm sure you guys have notice by now, I don't curse. I would have a hard time trying to since I was raised not to, but I hope that does not make my stories less entertaining.

For those of you that don't want to read romance, then welcome! I will not be writing any romance. Not a big fan of it. Sorry to those that love that kind of thing, you won't be finding fanfictions like that here.

I have started recording audios for my Fanfictions. I started working on the first one - Could Things Get Any Worse?! I got the first chapter done so far, and you can listen to it now. I'm fixing the story as I go and once I'm done doing that, I'll replace all the chapters up on the site. It was bad when I reread some of the chapters. ' So if you listen to the story on YouTube - Dark Crystal being my username on that site - you will notice how the story has been fixed.

Things I'm self-taught


I've been teaching myself how to draw for years now, but I've been drawing dragons because they're my favorite creature. I'm drawing other things now like, cats, wolves, foxes, phoenixes, and some horses. I love animals as you can tell. I try to draw people, but they suck, I can draw anime, but I have to look at a picture and copy it. That's how I learn.


I sculpt on and off. I don't do it all the time, but that might be because I don't know everything about how to work with it, like if I want to take a break for the day, I don't want it to get hard, but i don't know what to use to cover the sculpture.

Book Binding

I watched videos on how to do this, because I got into it, and wanted to start making my own books. I do this on and off as well, and now I have a coloring story book that I plan to sell. :)


  1. Bleach
  2. Blue Exorcist
  3. Fairy Tail
  4. Hell Girl
  5. Yu-Gi-Oh
  6. The Devil is a Part-Timer
  7. Hellsing
  8. Sword Art Online
  9. Saint Seiya the Lost Canvas
  10. Noragami
  11. D.Gray-Man


  1. Warriors
  2. Devil's footsteps
  3. Harry Potter - just finished the first book.


  1. Okami
  2. Devil May Cry
  3. Legend of Spyro and old-time spyro
  4. Pokemon
  5. Final Fantasy VII


  1. Harry Potter *need to read the books*
  2. Avenger
  3. The Mummy


  1. Supernatural

That is pretty much all, until I find other new things to read, play, and watch. I was just going to do Bleach fanfics, but I started coming up with ideas for the others, like Fairy Tail, and I'm trying to think of some for Saint Seiya as well. I love Alone in the manga, he's so sweet, I just want to hug him, as well as Zeref. :) I have also come up with ideas for a lot of other things. Sadly, most of my ideas are for Bleach. I guess I just know that one the best.

Finally!!!!! Here is the information on Darkness the Dark Dragon! I still have to come up with histories for different fanfics I write, but I'll do that...when I get around to it.

Darkness the Dark Dragon: Mundane name: Tenebris

Darkness is one of the five leaders of the world of darkness and one of the 10 Balancers of Nature. She has the power of darkness as well as water, wind, fire, and earth.

Race: elemental spirit Dragon

Birth date: October 31

Age: 20 (A 100 years is like a year to the Darklings, so she’s 2,000 years old.)

Gender: Female

Size: 15’7” (5’10” in my Bleach fanfics, because she’s a teen)


Darkness is a black and red dragon with red on dark purple eyes, 2 pitch black pairs of horns and a pair of small spikes at the back of her lower jaw, black, feathered wings with red tips, red, underbelly and sock-like markings on all 4 legs, black claws, and a pitch black, spear-like tail tip. On the day of darkness, Darkness’ appearance doesn’t change, but she gets a bloody crescent moon on her forehead.

In Darkness’ human form, Tenebris, she has jet black hair with red tipped, side swiped bangs. To humans, her eyes are both brown, but to those that have the sight can see that her left eye is blood red. She has pale skin, and likes to wear casual clothing, but in battle, she’ll wear a red trench coat, shirt, and pants, with a dragon pin over her heart. There is a X shape belt that goes across her chest, and wears a necklace that has a red cord and red backing with a black crystal in it. This necklace can transform into weapons.


When Darkness was young, she would act like a mix of a puppy and a kitten, playful and impish. She would always play tricks on the elders with her friends. If she did something wrong, she would apologize.

Even as a hatchling, Darkness was kindhearted, but there are times where she’s evil. She’s smart enough to think up of plans that have the desired results. Though most of her plans are destructive.

Darkness is very nice, helpful, and loyal to her friends and fellow Darklings. She doesn’t act like most leaders, she will treat everyone equally and like family; if you mess with one of them, you mess with all of them.

Darkness hates humans because their destructive with nature, which send a lot of them to the World of Darkness instead of Hell. Even though Dark Dragon hates humans, she doesn’t kill them. If she’s in the world of humans, she will ignore them and let them make their own mistakes, unless it’s in front her. She would help a human from another if they can’t protect themselves.

If Darkness could, she’ll avoid a fight, but push her enough, and she will. She fights without pause, and she doesn’t, most times, talk to her enemies; she waits till the end of the fight to ask questions. Or sometimes if she really hates the person she is fighting, she will mock them like crazy just to make them mad.

When Darkness asks her enemies questions, she threatens to kill them to get them to talk. Most of the time it doesn’t work on the first try, but does on the second, because she killed the first. Sometimes the second enemy thinks he’s safer, because there is no one else to ask, but Dark Dragon told him that she can just find someone else, and if they do the same as him, she’ll just move on to the next till there’s no one else left. At that point there would be no reason in knowing if they’re all dead.

If Darkness finds someone being mistreated, she will help them, even if they are the enemy. If they were always mistreated where they’re from, Darkness will ask if they would like to join her, because they would be treated like family.

Darkness can be as wise as any elder when she’s calm and has a clear head.


Darkness was born on Halloween, the Day of Spirits. Her egg was formed from the darkness itself. Two dragons in the clan protected her egg like it was their own, but they died while protecting her, and the rest of the clan did everything they could to keep her safe till she hatched.

When Darkness was 1 (100 years old), she learned how to fly for the first time. It took her a month to the get it down; however for her first landing, she crashed into a tree, rolled on the ground like a human ball, and right into the lake. She didn’t have waterproof wings or the wind element yet, so she had to have someone dray her wings and fix her feathers for her.

Darkness would play with the other trainarks(dark trainees) when they had the time. She didn't train with them because she was being trained by the elders to become the leader of Darest(Dark Forest), and take the title “Dark Dragon”.

When Darkness turned 10 (1,000) she was named Dark Dragon, and became leader. At first she didn’t know what to do, but she got the hang of it quite quickly.

Ever since Darkness became Dark Dragon, she went to three different wars. One: because of a traitor, two: because of Angels that thought darkness is nothing but evil, and three: because of humans that were too afraid of the Darklings. She won all three of these wars, but she worries that there will be more.

(Powers and abilities)

Beast Style: Darkness is one of the best fighters. She fights with Beast Style, which is a style that animals that walk on fours mostly use.

Air Style: When Darkness fights in the air, she’ll sometimes look like she’s dancing, but she is really fighting.

Strength: Darkness can use her tail and/or wings to cut down trees, and cut through steel with her claws.

Speed: On the ground, Darkness can run fast enough to the point she can keep up with a car on a highway. She is faster when flying. While flying, she can keep up with a fighter jet if not a little faster.

Reflexes: If Darkness is attacked from behind, she’ll either dodge or grab hold of the enemy and smash them into the wall, ground, or toss them into the water if there is any close by. She does all this within one second.

Keen Intellect: Darkness most of the time acts like an imp, but when she is, she still shows intelligence. When she does her pranks, she thinks of ways of doing them without getting caught. In fights, she doesn’t give the enemy any time to react. If the enemy is talking, she will just attack them if she is not interested, but sometimes her curiosity gets the better of her.

Emmense Dark Power: Being a leader, Darkness needs to have a lot of power to withstand the title. While training one day, she breathed fire with full force at one of the mountains, creating a giant crater. That crater has been made for fire training ever since.

Power Control: Sometimes Darkness has a hard time controlling her power when angry. Other than that, she has the best control in Darest.

Presence: Darkness’s presence feels dark, darker than the darkest black. It feels like fear itself grabbing a hold of you with its claws and never let you go. Even if there are lights, it still seems like it’s darker than it is.

Human Transformation: Darkness can only be seen when in human form by other humans – unless she touches them while in dragon form or allows them to see her. She’s not a big fan of using it, because of her dislike for humans.

Crystal Defense: This can block everything that is solid for 5 minutes. When activated there is a bright glow of purple that surrounds Darkness, and once the glow dies down, her scales have a dark purple shine to them and are made of crystal; her wings are the same. Once the defense disables, she will become exhausted and in need of a nap.

Time Travel: Darkness was 10 (1,000) years old when she started learning how to time travel. It took her 1,000 years to master it.

(Dark Powers and Abilities)

Fear Claw: Sometimes when Darkness is in a bad mood and is questioning someone, she’ll put a paw on their chest and make shadow-like claws grip their heart. The heart beats at the same speed as Darkness’, but that’s because if they weren’t, their heart would explode from the fear that their feeling.

Shadow Travel: Allows Darkness to go from one place to another. When she goes through them, time slows down for her. It can take her to other places in a flash, but it can’t take her to people. She would have to know what place they are in for her to go there to search for them. Shadow Travel cannot be used to go to the World of Darkness or to the human world from there, because the shadows take the Dark Dragon into a void. Since World of Darkness is a void she can’t go into another, because there is no void within a void. The only way to use the ability for Darkness to open a void, is to slash the shadow with her claws that are covered in darkness. She had to learn to do this fast, because otherwise she could get caught by her enemies if she is too slow.

Shadow Cloak: Darkness can hide in the Shadows and they will cover her from view.

Dark Breath: If it hits a person, they will think they see their worst fears trying to kill them, but that part is an illusion. They think it’s real, because the attacks are real. If the attack hits in object, that object or place will feel like a demon is haunting it, but this is just the after effect from the attack. Darkness could withhold the effect from it, and just make it a beam of pure dark energy, which can cut through just about anything and even burn. The only thing that Dark Breath could not break through is in the Glows use Light of Judgment.

Poison Feather: It’s not really a poison; it’s negative energy that is within the feathers that Darkness shoots from her wings. When it stabs into someone – or something – the negative energy inside the body will start to rip the person to shreds from the inside out; just like poison. The more negative energy they have, the longer it kills you, and it’s painful; it feels like your blood becomes shards of glass and tears themselves out of the body. Darkness can only use this ability once every 24 hours. Poison Feather can also be used to cure other poisons. She can use one feather out of the five that shoots out normally to get rid of the poison on the same day of using the ability, but she would have to hold one feather back for it to be of any use.

Blood Illusion: Darkness can use blood from someone or herself and make a copy of them, but it has to be their blood for it to take on their form. If she knows the voice of that person, she can make the copy talk in their original’s voice.

Feather Guide: Darkness gives a feather to someone who is lost and can’t find their way. If Darkness doesn’t allow someone to touch the feather, they will be killed by Poison Feather, but if she did, they will be fine.

Day of Darkness: This ability covers the world in darkness. The moon is blood red in color, and anything the light of the moon touches makes it look like they are covered in blood as well, and the sky is darker than black. This move gives everyone in Darkness’ clan a power boost, and end a war in one night. She only uses this ability when she goes to the final battle with her clan. Once this ability has been used up, she loses her powers for a month.

Dark Whisper: When Darkness is in the void, she makes a connection with it with her spirit energy (Presence), and then talks to the deceased darklings with her mind. If you listen closely, you would be able to hear the whispers of what she’s saying.

Crystal Seal: If Darkness is too weakened, she seals herself away in a dark crystal. While in it, she regains her energy, but even when she is fully healed, she can’t get out herself. She would need an outside source to say a chant about all five of her elements; water, wind, fire, earth, and darkness.

Natures Judgement: An attack that Darkness uses as a last resort. All the elements come together around her in a wide birth. There’s a typhoon, tsunami – if close to the ocean – tidal wave – same as tsunami - lightning, fire tornados, forest fires, volcanic eruptions – when a volcano is nearby – hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, and sinkholes. Darkness makes sure that she is alone and far away from others, because this attack can still kill even her allies; those that live are the ones that Mother Nature allowed to live, and that means that they have not once done anything to harm her. After this attack is used, Darkness loses her powers for a year, and goes into a hibernation the next time she goes to sleep, but before she does go to sleep she seals herself inside a crystal.

Blood Eruption: The blood in a body can boil and make the body explode from the inside out. The time span can be different. Darkness can make someone suffer if she really hates them, but most of the time she just makes them explode quickly.

Dark Field: A pulse of dark energy that acts like an explosion, electric current, and shockwave. It is powerful enough to shake the surrounding area, feel like you’re being electrocuted straight at the heart, and it spreads out like a shockwave. This is a move that can kill humans easy, unless they can resist getting shocked. Other darklings and glows only get pushed back from the attack, but it does stun them for a few moments.

(Wind Powers and Abilities)

Cure Feather: It’s made up of positive energy, so it destroys the negative energy from Poison Feather.

Hurricane: Strong, powerful winds that can rip trees from the ground like they were nothing, but weeds.

Memory Manifestation: If Darkness can remember something she saw, she can put it on paper by putting her paw on it and think about the picture.

Wind Blade: Dark Dragon flaps her wings with a snap, and winds with a cutting edge is shot forward, slicing through everything like it was made out of butter.

Tornado: Darkness spins while breathing wind, creating a tornado.

Wind Breath: It can go from as weak as a breeze to a strong as a whirlwind.

Heal Breeze: This could be used in two different ways. One: with a pulse of Darkness’ presence while spreading her wings, and then flapping them to spread the green tinted wind. Two: Flies over the injured, and flaps her wings above them to send the breeze down to them like a pulse of healing energy.

(Earth Powers and Abilities)

Earth Wall: A wall of stone shoots out of the ground. Darkness uses it as a barrier or to separate her from her enemies. It only lasts for 10 seconds no matter the size of the wall.

Earth Breath: Dark Dragon can’t really breathed rocks, but you can breathe sand. She can use that to form sandstorms, rock spikes, and boulders. When she first started with Earth Breath, she would cough a lot, because she would get sand in her lungs.

Sleep Spore: Dark Dragon can puff green spores in someone’s face, and when they inhale it, they fall asleep. Darkness really only uses this when someone needs sleep, but can’t or just won’t, or when she wants to knock someone out. The down side to this is that the person she’s using it on will have nightmares. She can counter this by singing positive songs – like lullabies – to the person. She could make the nightmares worse by singing scary songs.

Vine Growth: Vines grow out of the ground, and are used like extra pairs of arms, whips, ropes, and/or traps. The vines can be none-poisonous or poisonous.

Earth Drill: Dives from the sky while spinning really fast like a drill allowing Darkness to tunnel through rocky grounds or any form of earth.

Sand Storm: Picks up the sand with her hurricane ability and covers the whole area in a sand storm, but the sand can be used as a weapon. The sand can rip a body apart with small cuts, but the cuts are filled with sand to create pain.

(Water Powers and Abilities)

Ice Claw: Dark Dragon encases her claws in ice. When scratched, the wound will be covered in ice and slowly freeze the blood; killing the enemy. To fix this, they would need to be in a very warm place or next to a fire.

Water Breath: Can go from as weak as a stream to as powerful as a high pressure water cannon. She can even make the water scolding hot.

Ice Shards: Dark Dragon can turn the water in the air into ice shard of different sizes, and uses her wings to propel them forward.

Ice Breath: Can go from a blizzard to freezing someone solid.

Ice Tail: Coats her tail in ice and can use it as a blade or freeze anything or anyone just by swinging her tail in the air within a Glacier or individually. She can also move the ice on her command.

Water Whip: Covers her tail in water, but the water extends farther than it, so she can use it like a whip.

(Fire Power and Abilities)

Fire Breath: Dark Dragon can make her flames to normal, red-ish fire to blue, and then to white hot fire, but she would need to use her Presence for it to become hotter or beam-like.

Volcanic Eruption: when Darkness creates a big enough opening in the ground, she can cause a volcanic eruption, or if she is near an active volcano, she can cause that to erupt by firing a huge fire ball down into it.

Lava Fang: When Darkness bites down onto something, lava comes out of her fangs like a snake’s venom. If used on a normal person, this will kill them, but used on a non-human, it has a chance of not killing. After use, she gets a very desert-dry throat.

Fire Tornado: Dark Dragon spins, creating wind, and breathes fire, creating a fire tornado.

Phoenix Rebirth: If Darkness dies or one of her Wararks, she can use Phoenix Rebirth. This ability works almost like a Phoenix when they die, but the rebirth is not instant. When they die and Darkness uses the ability, they will be reborn when the next birth happens. The Dark Being would look the same as they did in their past life, and will or will not have their memories; it is their choice.


She can only use each of her abilities for a few minutes at a time before they have a negative impact on her.

Fire Weakness: If she uses fire too much, her body will burn out and dry her blood to make blood clots. Also if she loses too much energy, she won’t be able to breathe fire at all and coughs up smoke; she will go into a coughing fit when this happens.

Water Weakness: The pressure of the water could erupt her organs, or the ice could lower her body temperature too much to the point it will make her sick or freeze her insides, killing her. The farthest she can get into the depths of the ocean is 3,800 feet, where the giant squid lives. If she goes any deeper, she’ll have a hard time breathing. She’s not a sea dragon after all.

Earth Weakness: She could dry her body out of all fluids, or she could poison herself if she is too weakened and not careful when using said poisons.

Wind Weakness: If she made a tornado, she could tear herself apart if she isn’t careful. She can also have trouble controlling it; if she was flying and there was a strong wind, it could push her back. She can’t control the current flow of the wind.

Dark Weakness: She is still vulnerable to fear like every other living being. If her control slipped, she could see things or have nightmares. Also, if she gets too angry, she could lose her sanity for a bit.

Defense Weakness: Darkness doesn’t have the best defense, she can make her scales as hard as crystal, and her wings as strong as steel, but there is a time limit for how long she can keep this up, and that is 5 minutes. The name of this defense is Crystal Defense. How she counters this is by training her body to move fast and dodge attacks, so she doesn’t have to use this defense right off the bat. The only time she puts it up is when her opponent gets a hit in; she would need to end the fight within 5 minutes, or she might lose the fight.

Human Transformation: Darkness has a human form that she can only take if she was born into the human world. Even when born, Darkness can still take on her dragon form, but that form can’t be seen, unlike her human form. If she was killed in human form, she will lose the ability to transform into it again, unless she is reborn. Her name in this human form is Tenebris Shadow Crystal.

Human Transformation Weakness: Darkness can only hold onto her human form for about 12 hours before she runs out of energy. Once she does run out of energy, she can’t go into her human form for a week. If Darkness is using up her energy in a fight, this could make the transformation time become shorter. If she turns back before her energy run out, she can go back into it some other time ones her energy returns.

Things Darkness can’t block:

1. Light energy: It will blind Darkness for a minute, and also weakens her; her Crystal Defense can’t block this.

2. Spirit energy: Any kind of spiritual attack can’t be blocked; even Crystal Defense can’t block all of the attacks. It can only block 50% of the damage.

3. Elements from others: The last element Darkness used, and the opponent used the opposite element, it would hurt her more. Like if she used fire last, water would hurt her more than normal. If she used water last, then water from the opponent will hurt less than normal.

4. Teeth and claws can still get through her scales from other beings, unless she is using her Crystal Defense.

5. In the human world, Darkness isn’t very affected by the elements there, but they can still do so, for example: smoke from a fire can still make Darkness cough, pressure in the water can make it hard for her to breathe under as well as move, she can’t fly in strong winds, and boulders could still crush her.

Things Darkness can block:

1. A bullet from a human gun. It just bounces right off her scales.

2. A sword

3. Any human weapon really

4. Normal animals can’t hurt her

5. Elements from the human world, like heat from fire, can breathe under water, flies best while in the flow of the wind, and can get out of quick sand easily.

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