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My name is Aaron, and i am writing fan-fiction in order to increase my writing skills and keep them sharp. My goal is to one day become a published author.


as a reviewer, i will always try and give each reviewed story a fair score based upon not just content, but writing skill and ingenuity. However i have a set of major pet peeves... here they are

1- I HATE it when people write story's where two characters who have never shown interest in each other romantically in the canonical story, are randomly paired together... I am OK with shipping, IF you tell me how, when and where in the story that they fell in love with each other... If its an alternate universe? let me know that... you just have to have a legitimate reason they are together...

2- Changing Gender Identity/ Sexual Orientation ... One example? Avatar Korra... i hated the ending not because i am anti-gay or homophobic... but because it literally changed the sexual orientation of two major characters who had a history of being heterosexual... come on!?!?!?!

3- Smut... come on guys, i don't come here to get my fix of sex... if i wanted that i could go to literally the other 2/3eds of the internet... i am here to read interesting stuff... Dont get me wrong, i don't count kissing, cuddling or even a simple allusion scene as Smut... Smut is like those horrible dime store novels that your mother buys with the guy who is totally Photoshoped on the front with names like "Cold Love" and "Burning Desire"... you write like this you will automatically get a 1/10 as i find it the lowest form of writing... also, generally a five year old can write better ...just saying... I have one caviot with this, and that is Romance Novel's that are up front about being a Romance Novel or story, but again if it is basically pornography? you will get a 1/10.

I also use a scale out of 10 and family friendliness out of 5. Here is how the scale works.

1/10 = Horrible! generally reserved for Smut, and stuff that little kids should never be exposed to... horribly written and given little thought as well... please stop being a Troll?

2/10 = Terrible! Horribly written, and given little thought or work... please... don't submit a rough-draft again?

3/10 = You genuinely gave it your best... It didn't turn out well... but that's OK... keep working on this. revise it, re-write it, and keep improving and you might increase your score!

4/10 = You gave it your best work, you got most of your thoughts to paper, there are very few contradictions or wholes in the story... but everything else needs a LOT of work..

5/10 = Passable. i can understand what you are saying, and know what you are meaning. You might need to work on passive voice vs active voice, or you might need to work on spelling, or any combination... but this type of writing i would consider only half finished... do some re-writing and you can get this up to an 8 for sure!

6/10 = Lowest Professional Rating... your work could be sold to a low end publisher, but that dosnt mean its truly ready for publishing... it needs editing, both content and copy-editing, and needs to be smoothed out at points...you still have only 2/3eds of the work done.

7/10 = Low Professional Rating; your work could, with some work, be sold to a mid-stream publisher, and easily to a low end publisher. It could use some polishing, and probably should be worked on a bit more, but you have a decent piece of writing here. Good job!

8/10 = Medium Professional Rating; Your work is ready for publishing. there are some things that could still be worked on, such as the occasional word mis spelled, or passage that dosnt quite fit and could be smoothed out, but this is the level that most works are published at.

9/10 = High Professional Rating; your work is spit an polished, fully written, and ready for publishing. With something like this you could have multiple publishers asking for a contact from you if you have a history as an already published author... as your first piece this would defiantly get looked into by high end publishers.

10/10 = you are Tolkin... or C.S. Lewis... can you sign a book for me please?

1/5 = Smut: Completely inappropriate for all ages... basically open pornography, and legitimately i am concerned that 13 year olds on this site have access to this type of writing...

2/5 = Mature: defiantly not appropriate for non adult ages... some pornographic or excessively gory scenes though the story still drives the writing.

3/5 = Teen: Some Romance scenes, or intense action scenes that might not be appropriate for all ages, though very few adults would find anything objectionable.

4/5 = All Ages: Appropriate for all ages, with little to no sexualisation, and light to moderate action scenes.

5/5 = Young Ages: This type of writing is specifically directed at young readers.

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