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I stole this from Fire Redhead.

Your real name: Hollas
Age: 22
Height: 5'2

Natural hair color: Dark blonde with a streak of blun on the right side.

Eye color: Blue
Skin color: Pasty white, but I can obtain a bit of a tan in the summer.
Glasses/contacts?: Glasses.
Piercings: My earlobes are pierced twice and my nose.
Tattoos: Darth Vader on my ankle.
Braces: Once upon a time and I hated every moment.
Other distinctive markings: Umm... I have some interesting scars, mostly small, some from my childhood(I was a tomboy and lived on an acreage. No sheltered childhood for me), some from work(I burn myself far too often). I dunno.

Color: Black, red or purple, with small amounts of white.
Band: Within Temptation, Nightwish, System of a Down, The Arrogant Worms, Voltaire, Plaid Tongued Devils... Lots of stuff.
Video game: Definitely KOTOR 1 and 2, the first two Age of Empires, the ancient Doom 1 and 2, Metroid Prime, Star Wars: Republic Commando, the first three Spyros... I like lots of things.
Movie: Anything with Aliens or Predators, Transformers, V For Vendetta, almost any comic book movie...
Book: Gah... Too much to list... Blood and Chocolate? Raptor Red? Anything Discworld?
Food: Ribs, or really good bread or good cheese or virtually anything I bake.
Game on a cell phone: None.
CD: I am such a pirate... But I do get some from CD's... Mainly ones I get from the library and rip. (shifty eyes)

Flower: Lilies or Bleeding Hearts or Morning Glories or too many others...
Scent: Baking bread or just about any baking, the smell of coming rain or the green smell of a forest in summer. OOH! Or BBQ!
Animal: Cats or snakes. I love animals.
Comic book: Alien or Predator, Deadpool, the various Ultimate series, Venom...
Cereal: Special K Satisfaction with blueberries.

Website: Deviantart, Fanfiction or numerous web comics.
Cartoon: Gargoyles, Robot Chicken, Futurama, Clone Wars, Spectacular Spiderman, Drawn Together...

Play an instrument?: I can kind of play the piano, but not too well. I tried to play the French Horn in junior high. Try being the key word.
Watch TV more than 60 hours a week?: No. I don't like much TV, but I like movies.
Like to sing?: At home, alone, or at work when I am alone.

Have a job?: I'm a baker. Yay!
Have a cell phone?: Yarp.
Like to play sports?: Not really. I like biking, walking and swimming.
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Yep!
Live somewhere NOT in the united states?: I live in Canada.
Have more than 5 TVs in your house?: No. Three.
Have any special talents/skills?: I can draw, paint, write, alter baking recipes severely and randomly and usually have them turn out, or at least taste good, I can garden a bit too. I suppose my nose is a bit of a talent. I'm training myself to have a better sense of smell. I can pick out individual ingredients in baking sometimes. I don't think it's much, but some people think so... I just pay attention. Once, I lost my sense of taste and smell for a couple days when sick and it was horrible! Also, according to my coworkers, I am part schnauzer because I can hear higher frequency noises than they can. It hurts!
Exercise daily?: I like to walk, but lately I haven't been exercising much. Bad girl. I do walk to work everyday though.
Like school?: I adored my art classes and baking school.

Fruit/vegetables: Fruit and vegetables.
Black/white: Black.
Lights on/lights off: Off most of the time.
TV/movie: Movies.
Body spray/lotion: Lotion, I guess. I don't use much of either.
Cash/check: I prefer debit.
Pillows/blankets: Blankets.
Headache/stomach ache: Head ache.

Paint/charcoal: Paint.
Chinese food/Mexican food: I like both. Indian?
Summer/winter: Summer.
Snow/rain: Rain.
Fog/misty: We don't get much fog or mist here. Fog? It looks neat.
Rock/rap: ROCK!
Meat/vegetarian: I love teh meat...
Chocolate/vanilla: Chocolate and vanilla. Together.
Sprinkles/icing: Icing, as long as it is decent stuff, but I do like the kind of sprinkles you can get from Dutch stores. They know their sprinkles!
Cake/pie: Cake. Mmm... Ganache...
Strawberries/blueberries: Blueberries. Strawberries are usually too sour to eat alone.
Ocean/swimming pool: The ocean is nice, but bathing suits pick up all the bits in the water like a trawler. Pools are chemically and filled with irritating children. The ocean probably.
Cookies/muffins: Cookies!
Wallet/pocket: Wallet.
Window/door: Window.

Charles Chaplin/Chespirito: I dunno.

Pink/purple: Purple. I hate pink, unless it is a truly eye-watering shade.
Cat/dog: Cat. I love cats.
Long sleeve/short sleeve: Short sleeves.
Pants/shorts: Pants.
Winter break/spring break: I like spring, but it's usually so wet here... Maybe winter break, because the weather isn't nearly as finicky.
Spring/autumn: I dunno. Late spring is nice, but so is early fall.
Clouds/clear sky: Clear sky, unless a thunderstorm is around.
Moon/mars: Moon.
Questions/Answers: Answers.
War/Peace: Both can be important, but war is often stupid and pointless, like right now. Peace.

What is your favourite genre of music?: Metal or Epic/Opera Rock.
What time is it now?: 11:10 PM.
Are you hungry right now?: No.
What are you doing right now?: Messing around on my laptop.
Do you like parades?: If they don't suck, which most do now. I was in a parade as a zombie and I made kids cry. But only a few; mostly everyone loved us. It was awesome.
Do you like the moon?: Yarp.
What are you going to do when you're done with this?: Perhaps write a bit, or sleep.
If you could have any magical power what would it be?: Flight, but with wings or to be pyrokinetic.

Funny?: I can be witty sometimes.
Cool?: Not really. I prefer dorky.
Pretty?: People say I'm pretty.
Sarcastic?: Yarp. Especially when I'm around people I don't like.
Lazy?: Oh god... Too often.
Hyper?: Sometimes.
Friendly?: Sometimes.
Evil?: (cackles)
Unforgettable?: Maybe.
Smart?: I like to think so.
Strong?: Fear my mighty baking muscles. Throwing around forty pound bags of flour does that.
Talented?: I guess.
Dorky?: HECK YES! I've said so many times.

Predator: The Early Years: Guan-Thwei, Nihkou'te and Meh'ket. Younger, bolder and much more naive. A loss of honor, a betrayal and a death.

Predator: Primitive: If we have primitive tribes living on Earth, then the Yautja must as well. Undiscovered, ancient and dangerous beyond belief to outsiders. A lone hunter discovers the origins of their culture, but will he survive?

X-13: Alternate life: What if X-13 had been raised differently? What if a few crucial experiances in her life were different? The new course of life for a much more ruthless Experiment Thirteen.

Not so tentative anymore. I think evil X-13 will be neat.

Serial: In a small town, a terrible serial killer is making his mark. On the Homeworld, a power hungry warrior copes with his own fall from grace and his treacherous offspring. Can he regain his honor? Can the town discover the killer before it is too late?

Predator: Bounty Hunters: A young woman hires a bounty hunter to capture a dangerous criminal and winds up getting far more than she bargained for. What will happen when the bounty hunter's backup gets involved with the criminals? Can they survive?

Predator: Culture Clash: Matthew Booker has a daughter. She thinks she's a Yautja. After she nearly gets killed in a fight, he decides to send her to Earth to live with her aunt for a short while in order to learn how to be human too.

Predator: The Folk: Kemiri and Deborah have begun to work things out when an exile of a different sort takes up residence in Quebec City. How can anyone, even a pair as odd and strong as them, survive this new threat? And why is it that some people seem to know about Deborah's new problem?

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Finding the True Gift by Golden Wind reviews
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