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Author has written 4 stories for Harry Potter, and Card Captor Sakura.

It's about time I just overhauled my intro to this profile. It was far outdated since I first wrote it when I was an innocent young girl in high school. ;) My name is Alex, but my nickname is 'Mooncalf'--a name which my cousin found in the dictionary. It's very old-fashioned (as in, Shakespeare used it frequently) and means "a thoughtless person; idiot or fool". Idiot I don't approve of, but fool? Why fools have all the fun! :)

Since I first began writing here, so much in my life has changed. I've learned what it is like to fall in love, and to find a person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. A person you can triumphantly say "yes" to. I also now know what it is like to lose that person. Terribly. Tragically. Because of hatred. I know what it is like to stand in the ICU and to make all the hard medical decisions for someone you love because they trust you to do so. I've learned about disease. I've learned about loss. I've learned that I can persevere through anything, and that perhaps it has all made me just a bit different from the people around me.

And what have I done with all these experiences? I have tried to use them to make my writing better. I have tried to use them to fuel writing that I love and pieces of which I can be proud. And I pray that someone out there enjoys reading them half as much as I enjoy writing them.

Personal stuff (if anyone cares :P):

Gender: Female! I'm female, I swear! I don't know how I keep getting mistaken for a boy, but in this case I swear 'Alex' is short for 'Alexandra'

School: In life, I am a pre-medical student with a BA in Music enjoying my 2 years of hospital work before medical school.

Occupation: I was formerly an EMT, worked in a lab for a few years, and now am back in the ED as a medical scribe. I also work as a semi-professional editor and Japanese/English translator, so do use me to your advantage, all ye seeking beta readers. ;)

Non-literary Goals: The ultimate goal is to become an awesome paediatric cardiologist, hopefully specializing in the ageing patients with repaired congenital defects.

Other hobbies: I used to do some art in my spare time, but not much any more. I'm still very into cosplay, video games, and tabletop gaming, however.

Goals as a writer: 1) To beat my little sister in a race to get a major original work of fiction published (apparently anthologies do not count)

2) To one day write a piece whose readers feel it is worthy of having a page made for it on TvTropes. It would be even cooler to be the first CCS writer to achieve this, and yes, I'd like to make Rooster worthy one day. I can think of no greater honour for a fanfiction. :)

WRITING STATUS: Global Hiatus. Yes, yes, I know... I promised I'd be back this summer, but some unexpected things happened and, thanks to some crippling depression, I've been unable to write. It's getting better though, so stay tuned.

NOTICE: Four Months Before the Golden Rooster is being completely re-written, and ALL my CCS fics are on hiatus in the meantime. Sorry guys, but I've got major projects in different fandoms at the moment, and they're just proving more inspiring...

My Works

The Calm AFTER the Storm- Rewriting once again!

Life for the older Sakura Kinomoto is getting a little more difficult than it was in elementary school. The night before, she was suddenly attacked in her bedroom and forced to flee in nothing but her nightdress. She doesn't know who or what might have set the attack--that doesn't matter right now. What does matter is who came to save her. It wasn't Kero-chan. It wasn't Syaoran-kun. It was someone she cares about, but... why does she feel so strange now about being rescued by this white knight? Waking the next morning, she finds that she is still cradled in his protective embrace--not that he's aware of it! Sakura gets a very hard lesson in mortality--and what exactly the word 'human' means with regards to a certain blond, winged sorcerer. All this time... she should have realized! She'd been so foolish! Such a child! A short, insightful YxS vinaigrette in which Sakura gets a bit of perspective--all while Yue is asleep.

A Summer Night's Musings- REWRITE PENDING!

On a hot summer's night, Kero finds himself unable to sleep (shocking ain't it?). With nothing to occupy his sleep deprived mind, an no one awake to offer a much needed distraction, he finds his mind drifting off to another hot summer back in Clow's time when he got a reality check of the worst kind. Rooster fans get an added bonus with this fic because it describes events that are going to occur in the 3rd arc of the fic. XP Musings was my way of testing the waters before I started to write Rooster, my big Cerberus/Yue fic. It is most definitely also a standalone fic, however. :3

Four Months Before the Golden Rooster -ON HIATUS PENDING RE-WRITE!

Set in Clow's time, the story follows the life of Clow Reed from his first venture from his mother's home, to his ambitious experiments with magic, creation of the cards, the birth of Cerberus and Yue, as well as all the events in between and after which both made, and shattered, their family. Beginning with a very green Clow's journey to embrace his English roots at his father's ancestral home, Reed manor, to the birth of his two housemates and each of the cards, the story follows the Reed trio through over a century as Clow grows in his magic and his wisdom, faces trials and tragedies from his own family, the Li clan, topples to his downward spiral into the affairs of the future, and at last sews the seeds of his own undoing in a pilgrimage to 19th century Japan. I intend this to be a very long and extensive multi-chapter story, and follow the early, untold tale of the pre-Sakura story-line from Clow's initial plan for the cards and their guardians all the way to the birth of Eriol and Fujitaka.

Chapter Twenty (Part III): "Down in yonder green field there lies a knight slain 'neath his shield..." The sound of the old folk tune fills the night air as the battle against the cards' storm continues. The bets have been places. The dice have been cast. The victors have rolled away from the table with little more than a few cuts and bruises, but the one loser in tonight's game has paid with every chip in his pile. Now, just as Clow had foreseen, one of their trio has fallen... Or has he? Now armed with the truth about his brother's fate, Yue is prepared to make the biggest bet of anyone at this table. As Clow struggles with his inner demons, it may be up to a more unlikely hero to patch up the rapidly deteriorating situation atop Reed hill--and to risk everything to do it! But he can't pull this gambit off alone. If there is any chance at all of saving the fallen--if there is any chance of saving the town--then some chances will have to be taken, some broken bonds will have to be mended, and some forbidden borders will have to be crossed.

Videogame Fanfiction (AO3 exclusive)

Yes, I finally gave in and started writing some fanfiction for the myriad of different games I play. I has helped enormously with writers' block. However, I won't be posting them here--for one thing, the gore, horror, or adult themes in a few of these are not well suited for FF. I have enough problems censoring Rooster... So look me up on AO3 if you want to read these! My penname is the same, except without the spaces. The rewrite of Rooster's early chapters will also be featured there.

Darkness-Chapter 1 done, chapter 2 on the way...

A Final Fantasy IV twoshot, this deconstruction looks into the psychologies of Rydia, Edward, and Cecil as they traverse the Antlion den and come into more trouble than they had been anticipating. Features a darkly clinical look at the devastating effects Cecil's dark blade has on his body, to say nothing of his soul.

Desert Crowns, Hometown Scandals, Rain-washed Dancers-Prologue now posted, remainder on temporary hiatus pending completion of side works

Sort of a novelization of Final Fantasy VI, but focusing much more on the lives and backstories of all the cast even before they are featured in the main plotline. My inspiration was how much I hate ffVI novelizations that never get finished, and thus result in a mass of Tina, Edgar, and Locke fics that never get far enough along to show us the other characters we love. Based on the Japanese game, which I own, and absolutely no one else's translation (except for the occasional nod to a few of the GBA's more classic lines). A prologue of this may soon be posted on AO3, and if I get a good response, more will follow.

A Tale of Two Cities-Presently being written with first chapters anticipated by summer 2015

This side-story to Desert Crowns explores part of the FFVI canon prior to the setting of the game: Darill and Setzer's past. The story is primarily from Darill's point of view and will follow the story of the pair from their first meeting, through the creation of their airships, up till their high-flying days just prior to Darill's tragic crash. World building and world politics will be a heavy feature, with particular emphasis on the cultures and relations between Jidoor and Zozo.

Moushiwake Arimasen--Top priority!

This is a 9-part series of related Golden Sun fics that expand upon the same head-canon and that will be tied together under this greater title (one can do that on AO3). The focus is mainly an exploration of Alex and Isaac's relationship, and what it means that the Wise One divided Golden Sun between them. An additional focus will explore plotholes in the series, including: the identity of the Wise One, his reasons for dividing the Golden Sun, and the motives of the entire cast leading into and during the events of Dark Dawn. Ultimately, if I write fast enough, Dark Dawn compliant material will follow. Everything is based on the Japanese version of the game, but will use English names in almost all instances.

1) I, Lucifer

Alchemy is restored, but all is not well in Weyard. Many years ago, the Wise One made a choice in the Star Chamber of Sol Sanctum, and is now beginning to regret it. Natural disasters and strange Vortexes of Psynergy ravage the land, and may destroy all Weyard if balance can't be restored. Worse still, ancient remnant of the Old World's greed that yet lingers, ready to pounce on the new dawn unless they are stopped: The Umbra Clan. Something must be done... but this time it's not going to be quite as clean an affair as slaying monsters and igniting lighthouses: to save billions, thousands must first be put in the line of fire (literally). This time it's going to take an Adept whose soul is not quite as clean as his noble heroes of Vale. After surviving the collapse of Aleph, a badly mutated Alex has struggled to get his new powers under control, but can't help be burdened by visions of Weyard's impending destruction. Driven to keep the world around, Alex is more than happy to play the villain again--even if the salvation of the world means the potential death of thousands. Hell, he'll even settle for playing minion to a man who ruined his life...especially if he can find a way to get revenge along the way! But things are not so simple as they seem. While Alex travels to Ayuthay to start the Alchemy Well, many wrenches get thrown into his plans. One of these is a warrior princess named Veriti who proves to be quite the worthy opponent. Another is the strange dreams that shake both wielders of the Golden Sun. With visions of chaos dancing in their heads, and a cryptic voice demanding their "reunion", saving the world is going to be a lot harder this time--for Alex and Isaac alike. Prequel to Dark Dawn. Truthshipping. An exploration of Amiti's conception, the missions of Alex and the Wise One respectively, as well as the nature of the Golden Sun divided between Alex and Isaac.

2) Nevermore

Two-shot. 1) Quoth the Raven. The Warriors of Vale had rejoiced in strange celebration with the refugees of the fallen village after which they would be named. They celebrated their journey and the rebirth of their world beneath a gold-tinged sky, and Mia forgot for a moment that she should be concerned about her traitorous cousin and the ultimate power he had presumably gained. It wasn't until they'd watched the sacred volcano puff with fury and collapse in upon itself that the Wise One appeared and told her his news: she would never have to worry again. Alex of Ymir had failed. The Wise One had outsmarted him. ...He was dead. But that's fine! He... deserved what he got. And may he rest in peace...It wasn't until she was teleported home to Ymir that it hit her. She was alone. She would never see him again. Nevermore. 2) Years later, Mia has erected a fourth memorial mound in the shrine to her late aunt, uncle, and baby cousin. The earth is neatly drawn-up. The snow atop it is fresh and white. A candle, as with the others, she nightly lights beside it as she prays. The name engraved upon the stone is 'Alexander'. Mia's husband has entertained his wife's eccentricities for years, but he can't take much more of this obsession. Her guilt is utterly unfounded, and her little memorial is sacrilegious. For all he cares, the former heir to the Mercury Clan can roast in Hell--as he surely is! ...But still Mia prays. As their children prepare to disembark into their years of studying with Kraden, he feels his duty is done. He's had enough of this. If she won't abandon her vigil... then she's going to have to stand it by herself. When Rief hears news of his parents' divorce, there is only one name he shouts in hatred and blame: the same one for which his mother prays. Mia is an angel. Rief guesses he's not. Nowell doesn't say a word. And so the angel prays for them all.

3) Hatred and Pain

Alex hadn't heard of Veriti's death initially. And when he does, he is livid. Rightly, he blames the Wise One who hadn't told him of the princess' distress in time to save her. It's the final straw, and Alex is plotting revenge... He will destroy that damned rock once and for all! An explanation of Alex's ulterior motives for helping the Tuaparang--because of course he had some! Likewise an exploration of why Alex fought atop Apollo Lens, why Blados and Chalis survived, and why his final lines were delivered telepathically. Likewise, a theory about the nature of the powers of Light and Darkness.

4) Unnecessary Bloodshed

After the children return from their long adventure saving the world, it's time for some confessions. The Warriors of Vale gather and share the story of the night after Golden Sun appeared. Set the night Mount Aleph collapses into the earth at the end of Lost Age. Details in graphic, medically-sound descriptions, how Alex could have survived the aftermath of the Golden Sun event to appear as he does in Dark Dawn. Of course, he's not going to manage it without a little help, whether the Adept himself would admit it or not. Thankfully... Felix is used to keeping his business a secret. And so is his party... Scenes based in the present are counterbalanced with scenes from Alex and Mia's past in Ymir/Imil, and how the pair of them ended up where they are now: one, a power-hungry manipulator who has been hurled brokenly from his throne, the other... well, she saved the world, right?

5) The Theory of Adaptation

Four-shot. The second generation of heroic adepts sometimes appear to wield powers and combinations their elders never could have dreamed of. Is their quick rising through the psynergic ranks proof of Kraden's pet theory of inheritance of acquired traits? Can the skills honed by their parents be passed on the Warriors of Dawn? And, if so, what secret legacies might they reveal? A chain of four linked moments in time hints at the frightening prospect of our young heroes' legacies.

1) After the lighting of the Apollo Lens, Kraden finds himself with unexpected company as he wanders Belinsk: a sorry-looking adept who certainly is not the sage's old travelling companion. Questions lie begging in the air, but the wizened scholar can hardly force a man to voice his private fears. Especially when that man is Alex of Ymir. Instead, they talk of Matthew, and his mysterious preference for the Growth psynergy. 2) Amiti was always happy to play the Fool, but he isn't stupid. Son of the Magician, raised by the Emperor, sitting in his Tower, he knows he's got a good grasp on all the major Arcana in his life. He also knows his surrogate father is dying--and thinks he has a pretty good idea about his biological father to boot! The young king has a lot to think about, but Rief is coming with news of his friends, and the least he can do is slap on a happy facade. Gods, he hopes that doesn't make him too much like Alex... 3) Rief and Amiti engage in a friendly spar on Ayuthay's lake, Mercury-on-Mercury. It seems a wondrous moment of youthful frivolity until they boys go a bit too far. Riding on the battle high, Amiti accidentally taps a new psynergy he never knew he had access too. Rief panics, to Amiti's dismay, and runs home to his mother, demanding an alternative explanation. She has none to offer. Inheriting the Warp is as plain an indicator as if the young king had tattooed his heritage across his face. 4) It's Paithos' last night on Wayard, but he doesn't want Amiti to know. However, resigned to breathing out his last alone in his room one darkened eve, the old king is instead receives a surprise visitor. An adept he'd never thought he'd see again appears, halfheartedly offering an unnatural restoration to his failing body. Paithos refuses, though he understands the intent. Amiti will be all right without him, besides, he's not quite an orphan yet. Still, his cyclopean companion makes points he cannot deny: if psynergy is heritable, then what does it mean for the child whose father carries inside of him the warring remnants of Golden Sun?

6) Angels, Demons, Da Vinci Codes

Two-shot. It is the cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn--the winter solstice. To those who follow the words of the Goddess, the night is holy, said to be the day the world was made. 1) Alex doesn't know why he has come back to this place, but on the eve of holiday, he somehow finds himself sinking in the snow of northern Angara. He avoids the service in the sanctuary where he is sure his cousin is singing carols with her family, and instead finds his way to his former home. The ruined shack still undisturbed, but is surprised to find that the shrine around the burial mounds has been lovingly tended over the years. He is more surprised still to find a cloaked figure there, already prostrate before the wintry tomb. Both are pleased to pretend they are strangers. Both know they are not. They discuss the past, the future, and whether or not any of it could have happened differently. 2) Sing Noel! In the days following the solstice, Amiti finds an unexpected visitor on his doorstep: a young scholar and Mercury adept who claims to be Nowell of Ymir. She already seems to know who he is and doesn't seem to care--at least not in the way Amiti feels she should. She claims to have come to offer her condolences and some familial comfort in the holiday season, however, she certainly seems to have her own agenda as well... Alchemy is discussed, as is the nature of the Golden Sun and the Philosopher's Stone. Nowell has a theory that surpasses even the learnings of her master, but she is not revealing all.

7) Terminal Dystrophic Calcification

Even with the power of Light to balance out that of the Darkness, the psynergy vortexes are still appearing. And with the Umbra Clan's true goals for the Vortexes and Mourning Moon revealed at last, it's looking like Weyard might be done for unless the combined Warriors of Vale and Dawn can do something about it. The Tuaparang must be stopped--at once! Secrets are revealed. Connections are made. Things are looking gloomy for the heroes of Weyard, until the almighty Emperor makes one wrong move... and the Wise One realizes, too late, that he may have made a slight miscalculation some twenty years ago...

8) Moushiwake Arimasen

It's a snowball effect: once you get it started, it just keeps rolling downhill. It's too late to turn back now. Alex can't lie to himself any more. Mia's shrine burns. It's time to end it--all of it. The Wise One now watches his plan go spinning out of control and fears he no longer has the power to reel in his wayward servants. Alex is beyond reason and about to ruin it all. Let the Philosopher's Stone be formed! But there may be one last shot at preventing history from repeating itself... and the Wise One may just have one more ace up his sleeve... In the aftermath of the destruction, Mia gets word that several of Ymir's hunters were bested and booted from their own camp by a naked, unarmed young woman who had appeared seemingly out of nowhere. What's more, this warrior woman is now calling for Mia... and claiming to be the Princess of Ayuthay... But if the Warriors of Vale are going to repair the Wise One's mistakes and truly wield the power of the Golden Sun at last, they're going to have to hurry!

9) Rise Like a Phoenix!

Rather than vengeance... The time has arrived for the final showdown between the Warriors of Vale and Dawn, and their enemies: the Umbra Clan. It swiftly becomes apparent, however, that mere teamwork between old enemies is not going to cut it if the Warriors want to save their world. To truly restore balance, something drastic has to happen...

Preferred Pairings

I'll beta read just about anything, and find many variations of character relationships interesting. But these pairings will get you my immediate attention. ;)

Cardcaptor Sakura:

SAKURA x YUE! (my one and only OTP), Sonomi x Fukitaka, Sonomi x Nadeshiko, Syaoran x Tomoyo

Tsubasa Resrevoir Chronicle:

Sakura x Syaoran, Fai x Kurogane


Kohane x Watanuki

Final Fantasy

IV: Kain x Rydia, Golbez x Kain, Cecil/Kain/Rosa in any combination


VI: Terra x Setzer* (why is there not more of this pairing?), Edgar x Relm, Gau x Relm, Locke x Celes, Mog x Molulu (sad ;_;), Kefka x Terra (consensual)

VII: Zack x Aerith, Cloud x Sephiroth, Cloud x Reno, Reno x Rude, Tifa x Rude, Sephiroth x Genesis, Vincent with anyone female.

XIII: Sara x Snow, Lightning x Caius, Noel x Yeul, Lightning x Sazh, Fang x Venille, Fang/Vanille/Lightning, Vanille x Hope

Golden Sun (I'll use English names...please do tell me if I get them wrong. :/)

Isaac x Jenna (Valeshipping), Garrett x Mia (Steamshipping), Felix x Sheba (Lighthouseshipping), Ivan x Feizhi (Purpleshipping), Felix x Alex (Porcelainshipping), Alex x Isaac (Sunshipping), Alex x Veriti (Truthshipping), Amiti x Karis (Stormshipping), Matthew x Sveta (Spiritshipping)

ATLA & Legend of Korra:

Katara x Zuko, Toph x Aang, Toph x Zuko, Sokka x Suki. For Legend of Korra: Verik x Zhuli, Mako x Prince Wu (Crack pairing, yo! XP), Bolin x Opal, Korra x Mako, and Kora/Mako/Asami.

Pairings I HATE

I'll still consider a request to beta read these, but I've got a strong bias and you'd probably be better off finding someone else. :/

Harry Potter:

Hermione x Draco (I'm *OK* with onesided on Malfoy's end), Snape x Hermione, any Marauder x Marauder or Marauder x Snape (with few exceptions)

Cardcaptor Sakura:

Nakuru x Touya (two-sided especially), Nakuru x Yuki or Ruby Moon x Yue, Eriol x Yue (two-sided or onesided on Yue's part), Eriol x Yuki or Fujitaka x Yuki, Eriol x Tomoyo, mutually reciprocated TYY, ANYTHING that involves Yue and Yukito 'merging' or 'really being the same person'. Basically: You'll have to twist my arm to get me to work on something non-canon compliant.

Final Fantasy:

VI: TERRA x LOCKE! (Dear LORD, kill it with FIRE!!! Pun intended...), Terra x Edgar, Celes x Terra, Leo x Terra, Sabin x ANYONE! O_O

VII: Cid or Vincent with any of the guys, Cloud x Tifa, reciprocated Could x Aerith

XIII: Lightning x Hope.

Golden Sun:

Rief x Karis (Tiarashipping), Karis x Sveta (Zephyrshipping?), Isaac x Mia (Mudshipping). Sorry, guys, I know that last one is popular. Just not my cup of tea. :/

ATLA & Legend of Korra:

Korra x Asami. Sorry, guys. It's not the characters that bother me, nor is it the fans, nor is it even really the concept. I just can't get behind what feels to me like little more than a poorly-written publicity stunt. :/

Pet Peeves in Fan Fics:

1) Repetition and run-ons. I see this a lot in posted works, and it always makes me so sad--particularly as a beta reader. Please, please seek out beta readers for all your works if you can, fellow writers. God knows even I do. I am sorry that it's so hard to find competent ones sometimes, but please don't give up! (Or... you know... come to me. >.> I love editing a good story!)

2) Comas and unconsciousness. I realize that a large part of the problem is a lack of education, and some lies by Hollywood for the sake of drama. But seriously my fellow writers, when you're dealing with issues of unconscious characters, please consider a few things. First, prolonged unconsciousness doesn't halt all body functions. If someone's out of commission for a while, they're still going to need a means of getting sustenance and water at the very least... and probably some unpleasantness like a lot of diapers and a good caregiver willing to deal with all that. Yes, I do realize this is hard in a lot of settings where technology is low. But you're writers! You're creative geniuses! You can do it. Also please do note that unconsciousness due to injury is a rather severe occurrence, and usually indicates severe brain damage if it lasts more than a minute in the real world.

3) Misunderstandings of anatomy and physiology. I see this a lot in the form of characters receiving injuries that would be rapidly fatal in the real world, but are treated as minor occurrences. These include any massive trauma, but especially to thoracic and abdominal regions as well as damage to the limbs. There's not a lot of places in the human body that one can get stabbed without serious and immediate complications. Do be aware that shoulder and thigh wounds can be one of the fastest ways for someone to bleed to death, and that getting stabbed in the back usually also means getting stabbed in the heart or lung. Drowning has secondary side effects due to water damage, and any prolonged lack of oxygen and/or circulation causes very serious systemic effects. Don't neglect that!

4) Cardiac health deserves its own special section. CPR almost never works in the real world, unfortunately--you generally need defibrillation to save a victim of cardiac arrest. Also do note the seriousness of the condition: I've worked in emergency medicine most of my adult life, and I've only seen 2 patients come out of cardiac arrest without serious, crippling side effects. In fact, most of them die in-hospital. If you're going to come that close to killing someone in your work, don't take it lightly. Also: no one comes back from a 'flat-line'. The condition is called asystole, is considered a non-shockable rhythm, and I have never seen anyone survive it. Another important thing to note, my fellow writers, is the effect of serious illness or injury on cardiac function. Regardless of cause, if someone is dying, their heart rate is going to increase, not decrease. What will often drop is blood pressure, which in turn will make pulses harder to feel. Hey, that's kind of a neat device! Go take advantage of that instead! The sole exception is when patient is dying of either 1) hypothermia, 2) a specific set of cardiac rhythm disorders, or 3) overdose of some drugs commonly called 'downers'. In those cases, you'll see a decrease in heart rate instead. Hey, be educated, my dear writers! ;)

5) Translation issues and folks attempting to incorporate Japanese elements into English fiction. Hey, I totally get it that a lot of us write for awesome video game, anime, manga, and other fandoms whose source material was originally Japanese. And that's great! I'm so glad we live in a global world! Sometimes, however, I see writers attempting to re-incorporate Japanese dialogue and other odd words into their English works, and it just doesn't work out very well I'm afraid. For one thing, it rarely ever takes into account a given character's speech patterns in the Japanese canon, and it can also feel jarring and out of place to the reader if not handled appropriately. If you do want to incorporate some Japanese into your work, please don't hesitate to seek out an editor who speaks the language! I know there are only a few of us among the registered beta readers, but more often than not we would LOVE to help you! The same is true of any questions you might have about a mistranslation in your source material or some nuance of your characters' speech patterns. Please, please come to we few who are familiar with the Japanese versions of your fandoms! We are usually thrilled to talk about our take on the canon! I know I for one am always super excited when a fellow fan asks me for a translation--so come! Work with us! :D

6) Calling an innocent beta reader the anti-Christ! O_O OK, OK, so that was mostly a joke (though this did happen to me on one occasion). This is mostly commentary about all the hate I still sometimes see among members of the same fandom. So listen up, you lot: we may disagree about the nuances of the cannon. We may disagree about which character should be smooching whom. We may disagree about who's the hero, who's the villain, and who is ultimately too far gone to save. But, you know what? We're all pretty awesome writers celebrating our love of the same fandom. Please do try to love and respect each other. Don't flame, and keep your mind open. Hey, that fellow's work may not be your cup of tea, but it still might have redeeming qualities, or even give you something new to think about! Also: walk in the light, my children. Never venture into "that dark shadowy place". It is called Tumblr, my little ones, and it is a dark place--you must never go there. :P

A Moment of Frivolity:



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