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Author has written 11 stories for Digimon, Inuyasha, and Doctor Who.

Fanfiction I have written...

Digimon: Waking the Dragons: For the 15th anniversary I've done the hubristic thing and decided to repost this with the idea of actually finishing it...despite now being nearly a decade since I've started it and it being on indefinite hiatus...no promises... Es finished!

Overall: After the fall of MaloMyotismon the world fell into peace...unfortunately there are still forces that want to see the harmony destroyed. Can the digi-destined stop the oncoming war that's coming...or will both worlds be consumed in the flames of conflict.

Digimon: Waking the Dragons: Reconciliation: Something is moving through the veil between realities and it threatens the Digital World...a warning is sounded but is it too late, can destiny be saved? A sequel to Digimon 02: Waking the Dragons. In Progress

Fall of Harmony: FINISHED

Overall Summary: A force from the earliest parts of the Digital World has reawakened some years after the twenty years later epilogue. The Harmonious Ones have been destroyed. Can a group of nine of the Digi-destined's children utilize the last Digicore of Azulongmon to fight the rising power of a fallen angel, or has the Harmony of twenty years truly and irreversibly fallen? (Takes some liberties with the twenty years later epilogue...I know I didn't realize until I went back and re-watched it...and I am quite surprised noone else has either...)

In the Shadow of Chaos: Is Finished.

Overall Summary: The Digital World, created from information cores of several realities, is in a dire condition. An evil has returned, Gennai calls forth eight children to stop this beast. Can they face the evils of the Digital World, and survive, or will the Digital World fallunder the shadow of chaos?

Genesis of an Adventure- A prequel of Adventure, and the stories within the line of Harmony and Fall. Involving the five digi-destined silohouetted in Adventures season 1. Finished

Overall Summary: The Founders thought they created a paradise, they were wrong, they thought they made a cure for the chaos their fallen utopia had become, but one amongst them betrayed their trust, now five humans and their digital allies must fight a force from the dawn of time. Finished!

1928 - One of my Doctor Who fanfics, it's a one shot so it's completed. I thought it was very nice. So feel free to look, even if you don't like Doctor Who.

Digimon: Quest - I took this down as well. I started this and have hit a block...not a real block more like a small avalanche of problems with it. And I just...I don't know, I've become rather irresponsible fanfic writer. I've lost a bit of my mojo...and I apologize to those of you who were enjoying it.

Streams of the Heart: Deleted and reposted with fixes to punctuation, grammar and general story mechanics. FINISHED...

Summary: A drought has befallen Jinenji's farm and one day while retrieving water from a near by stream he meets a young, female, wolf youkai. Will their hearts find a wellspring of love or will family and rivals tear them apart.

Green Revolution - It looked like a miracle, a program that increased biofuel production while increasing food production, on the same plant, using the same soil. But miracles are often too good to be true. Especially when the miracle comes from two meteors, especially when a grad student goes missing and most definitely when a monster stalks the streets.

The End is Hurt - One potential explanation as to the end of the war, the loss of his name and the beginning of loss.

Where I Can - Originally a one shot, now a series of One shots, of indeterminate length. It's as long as I have ideas for one shots I guess.

Lastly I have a twitter account The Masked Ermine (generally) @newtja84...throw me a follow, though I have to admit I'm not crazy active and I'm super not elite at the twitter...but it's not too bad. Maybe we can socialize via media...I'm always kinda curious as to what kind of people are reading what I'm writing.

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In the DigiWorld, the harmony is disturbed upon the arrival of the evil Legion of Darkness. Ancient legend tells of five who would be chosen above the others. The first ever team, Matsuo (Max), Darien, Kira, Jonathan (Jon) and Kanto are the Legendary Digidestined. This is their story. RECONTINUED NOW after 10 YEARS hiatus.
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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Digimon: Waking the Dragons: Reconciliation reviews
Reality is cracked and something dark moves through the veil across the worlds. A warning comes to Gennai threatening the end of destiny itself, but has the warning come too late? A sequel to Digimon 02: Waking the Dragons
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Where I Can reviews
A series of One Shots featuring the Eighth Doctor, as he proceeds towards his destiny. The War Doctor as he trudges through his ultimate plan and even some of the Ninth Doctor surviving after the war. Series is in no particular order...but feel free to piece together a time line.
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Digimon 02: Waking the Dragons reviews
The theft of an old artifact is the beginning of a process that seeks to unleash an ancient force upon the Digital World, a force that wants to destroy the Human World as well as dominate the Digital World.
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This is an AU ending for Time of the Doctor, largely the last scenes. Conceived as a One-shot re-do, but may press on in some other way with it.
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They thought it was safe, they thought after twenty years the shadows of the Digital World were put in check, but now the Harmonious Ones are gone, and rogue digimon roam a defenseless Human World. Rating:Langblood
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