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What can I say about myself? I've always wanted to be a writer and reader specialising in... Almost everything. For now, I have my eyes on horror, thrillers, fantasies, science fiction, psychologicals (not sure if this is a genre on its own, not all of them are thrillers), mysteries, contemporaries, local and foreign fictions, and more...

What do I like? Now that's a good question- there's plenty of stuff I like that could fill a novel. Let's just put it that I love stuff and I love doing stuff that has a deep meaning to me and others. I'll just put it this way for now.

So no really, what do I like? Here are some of the things I like. As you can see, I've arranged them in categories:

Novels: Novels by Stephen King are pretty well done- I've read plenty of them to know. Every book he write had always(sorry, my grammar's low quality right now because my mind's been wrenched by a horror game)a deep meaning attached to it- there's always stuff to think about everytime I finish one of his masterpieces. I'm not gonna recommend anything seeing that enjoyment is a personal thing, and I'd prefer to leave you guys to explore his library of books. Other than Stephen King, I found The Terror by Dan Simmons a good book- very intelligent book that knows how to use words to great effect.

On the classic side, I've read 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, The Time Machine, The Invisible Man(Honestly, this is the least enjoyable of the classics),Edgar Allen Poe's collection of short stories, novellas and poems(I read only half of them though), and many others which I've probably forgotten the title of.

Miscellaneous books I've read are Red Sky In The Morning(This one's good!), Doom 3 novelisations part 1 and 2(It gets a little boring at part 2, probably because of the divergence from the game's plot and how unrealistic the action and horror scenes could get), and probably many others I've probably forgotten the title of(I have a fairly poor memory).

Games:I have about eight odd years of gaming experience. Yep, I'm hooked ever since day one. For the first few years, I enjoyed the Sim games: The simcity series, the sims series, SimAnimals and other Sim titles. Then I started moving towards the strategy and shooting games, from Doom to Quake to their respective series, from Warcraft 2(never actually played the first) to Starcraft. System Shock 2 and the Age of Empires series caught my attention too. As I grew older, so did my gaming tastes. I played RPGs and adventure games too- like the Silent Hill series... There are many other games that still live in my memories, but I can't remember them right now. I'm tired.

Right now, as of this 4th July 2009, I've been playing games like Dead Space, Half life 2 mods, Europa Universalis III, the Total War series... Someday, I'll catalogue the games I've played meaningfully... Yeah... Just not today or anytime soon.

Sports: I am not much of an athlete. I think too much and get far too many headaches to play that many sports. However, in order to keep myself fairly in shape just in case I need to fight off a mob of zombies, I do go for a run on a regular basis, and visits to the gym are semi-regular these days too. The weird thing is, I could rollerblade but I cannot ride a bike even to save my life. Other than all that, I do know how to play basketball, street soccer and I know the hardship and pain that comes with martial arts, specifically Wushu.

Don't expect much from me in terms of sports- If it was last year, I'd be in very good health to take on anything but now... I am too out of shape to take sports seriously.

Writing: Yeah! Writing! This is what I do best and this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I simply love to express myself and come up with all sorts of proses and poems(actually, I specialise more on proses and this is an understatement). I wrote to enjoy myself, to express myself, to learn and to teach. As for the genre I write in, I've been trying contemporary, Surrealistic(not a genre, but that's the only description I know for some of the stories I write), Psychological horror(though they aren't always horrors even though they do mess with your head), Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance(actually I've only tried this once for a competition. Not sure if I've caught anyone's eyes though) and probably many others that I've forgotten about.

And now the date is 13th March 2013...

Oh, how so much I've grown over the past 4 years. That's some 4 years. Within this space, I have finished my conscription liability, and I am now in University, growing and learning as anyone should if they are hoping to go anywhere in the world and survive.

Let's just say my time in university has been fruitful. I am majoring in English Literature and minoring in Creative Writing, so I am getting plenty of exposure where the appropriate departments related to fan fiction is concerned. I'd have plenty of reserves, references and materials to draw from, I suppose.

My specialisation, it seems, would be around modernist and postmodernist literature, films and a few specific interests courses.

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