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Well hello hello my little possoms! Sorry i havent finished one of my longer stories yet..BUT.. im working on it.. so first of all. ill tell yall a lil bout me! dear lord NO i hear you sigh

Name: Sophie -Lunatic- no its not REALLY that.. its just to show how insane i REALY am And im not going to give my last name to any JohnDickHarry
Age: I am VERY immiture for my age.. ass you see.. HAHA i spelt ASS not AS AHAHHHAHAH see? Although i wont be telling you how old i am..
Live: A little place where no one visits. Northern Ireland. Heard of it? I doubt so very much. As a girl from the internet once asked. "What is the UK?" _ never mind Northern Ireland.
Hobbies: Well.. these include.. Swimming, Cycling, Dancing Insane-ish, singing BADLY, SHOPPING, YAY i love shopping.. and going to the cinema.. also sending sillynotes to people.. hehe =D and also reading and writing.. its an obsisesive and compulsive thing my friends say..

Storys working on:

A Touya/Yuki story.. i still havent got a title.. as yet..and im not even sure if i should finish it cause its pretty damn crap..

A Sakura/Sayoran story.. no title yet either.. _ same thing here.. i started it and couldnt continue -_-

oh and yes ive just posted guardian angel.. it was my first time uploading something.. so sorry if its a bit.. higgldy piggldy.. mm..

Yep yep now i have posted my Harry/Draco one shot.,. it didnt turn out to bad for being written in 5 mins.. :P

Another Draco/Harry Hey Kitty Cat.. i started this and i do plan to finish it! but i just dont know how to.. i need tips.. please review.. please!

A Hair Fetish .. good reviews on this and i am planning to finish this cause the plot bunny is screaming at me to to.. so i shall unless i want a spoon in my eye..

About an Angel.. which.. if you read.. might like :P its the story i was talking about below..

I have started 2 more Harry/Draco fics.. i know! im obsessed.. ubt i LOVE the coupling.. they are so kawaii together.. anyway.. they are well.. one is about Harry changing to like.. goth. .thats all i can say.. and the other one.. im having a really good time writing it and i cant stop! it starts with a revealing spell in charms.. and everyone sees the real Harry Potter.. crappy summery but i think its really good cause i just love writing it.. and the plot bunny for it went so crazeh i couoldnt sleep unless i typed it.. and in a hour a had a few thousand words.. obsessive dont u think? but its one of my more serious stories i think.. it shows the inner self of everyone :D oh yea.. if u know latin it would be a great help cause i need to make up a few spells.. Thank yew _

Fave Couples:
Hmm.. Yuki an Touya.. KAWAIII!
Sayoran and Eirol.. thats just a fun couple! seriously.. an evil Eirol and a scared Sayoran.. what more could you want?
Annnnd.. Harry/Draco ohh ya i love that couple.. so cute..
As you may have noticed..i find the plain couples now .. just boring!.. like..male/female.. pssh.. to simple i say..hehe.. i just love slash..
Im also in love with the darker couples now like.. HP/LV, HP/LM .. cause i read to many HP/DM stories and.. its gotten kind of old now..

P.S - if something is wrong with the stories, then just go to my livejournal which is being set up at this moment, and the stories are there.. in my meories.. mhm.. so here is the addy :

Gomen if u got bored or anything.. lol actaully me not care =P

-cackles evily-

have fun! Soph xox -wOOt-

Note - Please check my livejournal for haappenings on the stories and updates, thanks =D
(yea.. havent updated this for a while.. so stay tuned..)


OMG, oh mon amies! Je suis tres desole! yes, i am SOOO sorry! i really actually.. kind of.. forgot.. O_O.. ive had my GCSE's this year.. so thats kind of why i couldnt update .. at all.. o.o i feel so awful . ..
i also kind of lost the writers passion after te exams finished -_- and i have been having trouble getting chapters done..
BUT! so i dont leave you with NOTHING.. im uploading a few stories that i have started.. (and unfortunately not finished..) while i do the chapters of the stories i have uploaded.. get it?
and im actually kind of worried i might not be able to finish some of the stories.. like.. my little Hair Fetish story O_O
i have run out of ideas.. whiell i cant remember them.. which is kind of the same.. so.. HELP? O_O
anyway.. hope you can forgive me.. talk soon

20/08/2007 UPDATE!!

omg! how sorry i am you can not guess. i know i still have so much to do and your probably soooo annoyed with me but im afraid im just going to have to go on a break of writing for a while.. an official one that is.. is just done my AS levels and well.. i got 2A's and 2E's. so im guessing you can see that i need to be better.. i have started a few new stories which i can never help as so many plots come to me.. but who knows if ill ever get them done. if anyone ever wants to mabye continue one of my stories and can give a good explaination of why and how then ill consider seriously if they promise to finish. i mean.. whats the point of someone else continuing when they ..well.. dont?
but i really really do want to be able to finish these stories! you have no idea how much i adore writing and sharing my ideas with you!
..its just.. well i have a touch of writers block.. -cough-
okay mabye more than just a touch..

but.. look.. ill see what i can do.. just dont hold your breath anytime too soon eh?
always loving you my beloved readers
dont give up on me though! _
love you all
meow-fairy xoxox


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