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Author has written 20 stories for Gundam Seed, PlanetSide, and Kingdom Hearts.

Name: Prayer Reverie, Ottoman, Syuu

I've decided to re-vamp my Profile section for those who check it out.

Updated: 06/08/2006 (June 08th 2006)

"Well this is taking longer than expected."

Unfortunately, all stories are On Hold for the time being. Work will progress with 'Work Bytes', starting with Photoshop.

Work - Redefining Random

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My username is PrayerReverie (gee, what a shock eh?)

Let it be known: I will not tolerate Flay-bashing. (Gundam SEED)
Her defenders are few and far between, but those who defend, they do it well.

Check out the G-Pub, hosted by Amuro and RPGZero.

Alright, so I made a Kingdom Hearts fanfic, really short one-shot before I even finished the game. I made it just after finishing Neverland. Come to think of it, I'm still not done the game.

PAX '05: (Penny Arcade Expo):
There were over 9000 people attending throughout the weekend, and they all agreed that it was a smash hit. I personally learned a lot of things:
-Gabe vs. Tycho in an Arm Wrestle match: Gabe won after minutes of deadlock between the two
-In the eternal struggle between Ninjas and Pirates, Ninjas are winning
-The sound of a falling bottle of Bawls is now the official sound-byte of PAX '05
-What is the only thing sweeter than hearing over 1000 people crack their knuckles? The sound of a thousand falling Bawls.
-SC2 Beat the Pro event (XBox): Zig won 20 out of 30 rounds
-Halo 2 Beat the Pro event (Team Slayer, 5 minutes first to 10 frags): Char and Gilde dominated all 10 rounds, earning $400USD for being undefeated
Good Quotes:

-Real life:
Control: "This is Office Control, I believe your power is out"
Me: "Gee, and here I thought it went dark because I closed my eyes."

-Red vs. Blue:
"Why are there six pedals if there are only four diections?" - Caboose

Sheila, the Tank: "Target Acquired"
Grif: "Oh shit oh shit oh shit"
Simmons: "THREE! Oh you backstabbing cockbite!"
Shiela, the Tank: "Firing main cannon"
Shell fires, blows up the Warthog
Simmons: "Son of a bitch"
Grif: "Son of a Bitch!"
Church: "Son of a Bitch"

"My toes are getting pruney" - Caboose to Sarge

Grif: "What the fuck?"
Donut: "What?"
Simmons: "What is that thing?"
Donut: "What thing?"
Grif: "There's something on your head."
Donut: "What, is it a spider? Get it off!"
Simmons: "No, it's not a spider, it's like a blue thing"
Donut: "What, like a blue spider? Get it off!"
Grif: "It's not a spider, calm down. It's some kind of fuzzy pulsating thing."
Donut: "That doesn't sound much better than a spider"
Simmons: "Does it hurt?"
Donut: "No."
Simmons: "Maybe we should try to take it off"
Grif: "Good idea, go for it"
Simmons: "Me? By 'we', I meant 'you', asshole"
Donut: "Well someone needs to get it off. Look, it might be dangerous!"
grenade explodes
Grif and Simmons: "SON OF A BITCH!"

Grif: "'Lopez', he said 'Lopez', I understood him! I can speak spanish!"

Lopez/Church: "el grande ... tanke"
Grif: "Hey, I think if you're going to live in this country, you should speak the language"
Simmons: "What country? We're on an alien planet."
Grif: "What are you, a communist?"
shell fires and explodes against a wall
Grif: "Son of a bitch!"
Simmons: "Son of a bitch!"
Lopez/Church: "Madre de dios!"

Caboose: "What does the 'A' stand for?"
Church: "Artificial"
Caboose: "Oooh. What does the 'I'-"
Church. :"Intelligence"
Caboose: " What does the 'A' mean again?"
Church: "Moving on"

Story Status: (i.e. Upcoming)

When Worlds Collide (Berserk x SEED)
Crossovers (UC/CE/AW)
The PlanetSide War: The Fratres In Arma (Original Characters)
The Fall of the Knights of Fire (following V90)
Wraith (AU for CE)
The Paradise War (Original Work)
Revenge is Forsaken (following Legend of Icess)

AMV Status:

Fafner - Conversations (Finger Eleven)
Fafner - Shangri-La (Angela)
Berserk - Shredder's Suite (TMNT OST)
Macross Plus - It's My Turn To Fly (The Urge, Titan A.E. OST)
Multi-Anime (Macross Plus, Gundam, DBZ, Street Fighter, NGE, Fafner, Escaflowne) - Bang (Armchair Cynics)
Final Fantasy: Advent Children - ? (NEW 09/26/05)

If you have any song suggestions for the '?' then by all means e-mail me at with them. Thanks.

Ongoing Stories:

Gundam V90
New-found Love: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

New-found Love: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED is dedicated to Hildebrant
A Meer Loss is dedicated to Lethal Dose (formerly Dark Roxy)
I Thought I had You has been dedicated to me by Lethal Dose (formerly Dark Roxy)

More to come!

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