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-.- I really don't like this "Simple mode," it sounds like a good way to cheat. I'd do HTML, but right now I'm to lazy. .

Uhm, ok, then.

Name: Sara

Physical appearance: Lets just keep this simple, K? I've got blonde hair, barely reaching me shoulders. Blue eyes, and I wear contacts, but only for seeing correct uses. I don't not have colored contacts. Although... if I did, I'd want them grey. :)

Mental: Now, everyone seems to have the word 'crazy' or 'weird' in their profile. I'd have to say I am too, but I'd like to be different.

Books: I loooove books, I loooove reading. My first book that I saw that interested my into fantasy was Mists of Avalon, but I didn't read it, till I read the prequels, which include: The Forest House, The Priestess of Avalon, and The Lady of Avalon. All by Marion Zimmer Bradley. Be warned, though, There is alot of incest in Mists of Avalon. There is also alot of bloodshed and, uhm, rituals that most would disapprove of. I loved every word she put in that book! Harry potter books! The Warcraft books are also very good. Tamora Pierce, not all of them, though. Hades' Daughter, by Sara Douglass. Ok, frankly, anything by MZB I like, I know I'm forgetting some, just that I lost one book, and I remember reading one, but it was from the school library, yadda yadda.

Masterpieces:(I'd recommend...) I think, Firebrand, also by MZB(Marion Z Bradley) Mists of Avalon. I think the third and 6 of HP books are the best, so much drama. By; Anne Bishop, Daughter of the Blood, magnificent book, I love it so much, I'm still crying over it, I must get the sequels soon! And... All of the Sevenwaters Trilogy, by Juliet Marillier, which include the following: (in consecutive order) Daughter of the Forest, Sons of the Shadow, and Child of the Prophecy. The last was the best, I believe.

Movies/TV shows: Not to much of a Movie fan, but I do like a few, such as Monty Python, all of the really. Know what I mean, eh? Know what I mean? -wink wink- Especially the Lumberjack song! Lol. I love the Teen Titans, and its really the only Anime I watch. Robot Chicken, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Family Guy, (older) Simpsons, and I think thats all. OH! (just remembered) I loooove Star Trek! I'm such a trekkie! DS9 and Enterprise are my favorite. My favorite character is Jean-Luc Picard( 3 Hes so funny with his european accent, hehe).

Music: Uhm, I love classic rock, I don't listen to Rap or country, but all other types are fine, just not my favorite. "I am the Walrus," is my fav Beatles song. But, BEatles is NOT my favorite band. I absolutely love Jethro Tull, Jefferson Airplane( Not Starship!) Evanescence(When I go through depression-ish stages, o.O, I used to take happy pills, but turned out to be to much, I couldn't go to sleep, and couldn't stop smiling, I freaked myself out) I also like the Shrek 2 Soundtrack, mainly Holding out for a Hero, by Frou Frou. Mainly I just listen to XM radio online all day, my radio doesn't like to work, but the CD part does:D

Oh,a random thing: I've had two people ask my mum if they could adopt me, >. ;. If she hadn't said no, I could probably have 4 mums. (the fourth coming in from someone I wouldn't mind having as a parent.) But no one can replace my mum. I love her much.

Oh, another. As you may have noticed, my choice of words, such as "mum," and "Aye," I have developed a sense of love of different accents and chosen words. I use them in my free speech/writing. Not my stories, unless thats how the character is. So far, I've got: Pirate, dutch, British, and a few other I can't remember. . Alot of them come from books I've read.

(to be continued...) ;P

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