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Author has written 5 stories for Harry Potter, Pokémon, Song of the Lioness, and Neopets.

Some things I like to read/write are:
Pokemon. Not quite as big an obession as Harry Potter, but still up there. I suppose die-hard fans will call me a poser, being as how I never watch the shows and only play the games (R/Y/B, G/S/C, FR/LG, R/S - I gott'm all!)
Creatures 3, even though I do not read or write fiction about this. Not C1, C2, or even Docking Station, but Creatures 3. 1 2 bore me, DS looks too complicated, but I love raising and breeding the li'l things.
Neopets. When I play, I play hard. Finally got the Lab Map, for anyone who plays (or cares). I have a story about Neopets somewhere...
The Sims 1 & 2. I play, download, cheat, and hack. Ahhh, good times, good times...

About me:
Well...I'm seventeen, female, I've got red hair and green eyes, and I live in the USA. I'd say that's all the information you need, wouldn't you?

Some more about me:
I go on kicks a lot. Like, I'll spend three or four weeks completely obsessing over a certain topic. I'll spend all of my free time writing about them or drawing them or spend hours on the net looking at them...a couple of weeks later, BAM! New thing. My kicks usually go in the order listed above.

Current Kick
Right now it's a tie between Harry Potter and Pokemon, with Neopets trailing closely behind. Harry Potter is slowly gaining the lead as I read more and more HP fanfiction.

I just realized that on any given day I have at least seven different fanfics running on my taskbar-only seven out of the twenty or so I've got ideas written. And I keep on adopting plot bunnies...sigh

Stories in Progress:
Harry Potter
Midnight Predator: Chapter Two is out, chapter three is in the making. This story is also going on FAmy username there is Redheaded DevilChild.

Shattered Mirror: Ha, it's out. Now all you Pokemon fanfic writers I've reviewed can stop thinking, She has no idea what she's talking about...
Big Brother (title change possible): March? Naw, maybe April. Once more, it's just a case of I'm-too-lazy-to-upload.

Why ask why? I write what I like because I like it. I share my stories because I'm toying with the idea of actually writing professionally and want feedback. If you don't like my stories...tough. I wrote them to please me, not you. Your (dis)pleasure is a side effect of my fiction that I am not responsible for. So don't flame me because you don't like my stories. If you do, please e-mail me and not leave anonymous hate-reviews.

To any and all readers who took the time to read this, thank you. If you want more info about my stories or just want to bug my about updating (and I need it sometimes) just e-mail me. Click the pretty blue link at the top of the screen to see my addy!

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