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NOTE TO READERS! I am going to camp for SIX WEEKS starting today, the 22nd of june. I promise promise promise that I tried to update my stories 1st, but it kept giving me an error message. But when I get back... I'm uploading to the END of Dr. Suze! that is right, all the way up to chapter 31 or 32 or something! Oh, and i should come back with more quotes!

Hey everybody! I am writing a few stories which i do not update until a couple people review! I LIVE ON REVIEWS! THE LONGER, THE BETTER! hey, the 1st person 2 guess which anime this is a comment on gets glowing reviews on each of their stories... or something... lol.
What a nice peanut. I want a sweater puppy!

hah actual comment.

hey, guys! in case you didn't know, i used to be iluvjds for a super-long time, but i am currently obsessed with that GOSH DARNED FEARLESS SERIES WHICH IS TAKING OVER MY LIFE! anyway, when i tried to figure out which book char. i was (B/c everyone is a book char) i couldn't think of any Meg Cabot ones i was... well, that's not entirely true. i'm clearly lilly moscovitz... but that's not really something to brag about. anyway, but the char i REALLY am is ed fargo, from fearless, except that he's a GUY, so then i realized... OMG, he's the rare book character whose name starts with "E"! and "ed" can be turned into "em" which is my nickname! AAAAHHH! so this is my new name. Em. Em fargo.

quoth phishphood when asking me 2 type sum'n up 4 her: "typie fish go moo".

also, to remind you all, meg cabot is NOT a pancake. repeat, MEG CABOT IS NOT A PANCAKE! i actually caught myself thinking this. there was a whole logical thought process behind it, though. ust ask me wut it iz+i sahll tell ye!

my bf (yes, shocking, i have a bf, but he might be an xbf soon ifi keep talking like that...) goes "meg cabot is in cahoots with the pancake people" he said this when i stated how meg cabot is not a pancake, and yes, that does come up in my everyday conversation. Note: he now says that meg cabot is in fact in cahoots with the PUDDING people, he was incorrect. shaeks ehad

oh, btw, he is now officially my xbf, on the grounds that we got bored of each other. :-D

i'm thinking of marrying this guy i know whose last name is ackerman just so my father-in-law can be "david ackerman"... b/c that'd be the rockingest thing in the WORLD. aside from marryiing someone whose last name was de silva. or slater. or fargo. or BIRBIGLIA, who is not actually "fictional," per se, but he is a stand-up, which is just as great. AND HE'S E-MAILED ME 3 TIMES, BABY!

The Meg Cabot coincedences:

With Stephen king books: OK, what first set me on to this was the fact that the main character of a Stephen King novel, The Dark Half, (and you can check me on this) is Thaddeus Beaumont. Now how freaking popular could that name be? It CAN'T be a coincedence! Which leads me to believe the Meg Cabot has read this book. And there's another one, Gerald's game, (I'm not recommending you read these, mind, unless you're the stephen king type) in which the main character is a woman named Jessie. now, there's this weird thing in her room while she's handcuffed naked to a bed with her dead husband lying on the floor, (don't ask) and she starts thinking of this song... "space cowboy, gangster of love" but she changes it in her head to "GHOST COWBOY, specter of love." I know one can find conspiracies anywhere if one looks hard enough (and BELEVE me, i know... wtf, an M&M balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade JUST when i'd stopped thinking about fearless?) but come ON! there were more, but they were more of a stretch... such as that stephen king's Bag of Bones is referred to, and i QUOTE, as "A haunted love story."

There's also scads with the fearless series, which are more likely as she's advertised for them in 1800 and a few of them advertise 1800 back... but I'm trying SO hard not to think about them right now...

Now some quotes: (note to readers of quotes: the only reason that there are more quotes of me than of anyone else, aside from my evident hilariosity, is that I am around to hear every single funny or amusing or witty or random or basically everything that I say. However, I don't hear everything funny that, say DP or DC says, because these people have actual friends.)

Quote from girl in my confirmation class: "My mom once opened the door so hard it left a whole in the wall next to it. I was like 'look dad, mom's a psychopath!' and he was like 'i know, that's why i married her.'"

Quote from pidgeypidgeypidgeypotato: "Yes, Emily, my house is infested with asparagus."

Quote from Jan (no fan fic name, for SOME reason): "meep. Meep? MEEP!"

Quote from someone at genius camp: I don't remember the exact words, or who said it, but she called paul the asparagus AN IGUANA! i mean WHAT? LOL!

Quote Mr. C: "It involves at least 3 murds and a stick of butter... you don't want to know."

Taped to someone's shirt at a dance at genius camp: On the front; "I am now twenty penguins." On the back; "I am no longer twenty penguins."

Quote a girl in my class, DP: "Haha Meg Cabot is gross... I'm--I'm just kidding, Emily! I don't even know her! Just a joke!" Hehe behold the powers of my patented scary-face!

quote of the jesse-pants-haters-club: "jesse's pants are too tight! DOWN with jesse's pants!" let us all put that on our pages! oh, and you know what should be in every fan fic? jesse and paul wrestling in chocolate wearing speedos.

this is a quote from camp:

me: "oh, so YOU'RE peter!"

peter: "yeah..."

me: "oh, everyone's wrong! you're not THAT stupid-looking!"

now some school quotes. Before you read these, you should know that Sra. M, our spanish teacher, is considered one of the two SCARIEST people at the school. And I'm the third scariest, but in a different way. (hehe i might be exaggerating... or i might not.) So the fact that she's started making all these funny quotes is ver unexpected.

Sra. M: "En que clase recibes las mejores notas?" In what class do you get the best grades?

DC: "En espanol."

Sra. M: "Mmhmm... I'd hate to think of your other classes..."

Sra M: "Eres mayor o menor que tu madre?" Are you older or younger than your mother?

DL: "Soy mayor que mi madre." I'm older than my mother.

Sra. M: "That's some family... I don't care, I'll accept any answer..."

:GK slumps down in chair:

Mr. S: What in G-d's name are you doing?

DP: He's trying to recreate the feeling that he's in bed because he has most of his best thoughts when he's in bed.

GK: Actually... she's right...

Everyone: WTF, MATE?

Mr. S: She's been spying on you, G. You know all those houseplants in your house? They're actually microphones.

Me: I have to write this down...

SM: "Esta clase es la mas aburrido." This is the most boring class.

Sra M: "I beg your pardon! I haven't averaged grades yet!"

DC: "La Sra. M es muy inteligente." Sra. M is very inteligent. Surely you could translate THAT, person who's for some reason bothering to read these.

Sra M: Aha, he needs more points in his grade book!

DC: "Soy la--el! El muchacho menos perezoso..." I am the girl--the boy! The least lazy boy.

Sra M: "Mas perezoso." Most lazy.

DL: "Soy el muchacho menos popular." I am the least popular boy.

Everyone: "Aawww!"

Sra M: "Poo, not you." (How to pronounce 'popular')

Student: "Didn't he do the drawing... with the man..."

Mr. S: "The--oh! The drawing of the man! I'd hoped someone would choose that!"

Everyone: "HUH?"

DP: "Oh! The man! With the 20 arms? The octopus man!"

(For anyone who didn't get that one, they meant Leonardo da Vinci. In all fairness, this particular drawing was called "Man".)

JF: There's a lot of anatomical stuff in here...

Mr. S: Hold up some of it.

Sra M: Emily.

Me: Si, no, si, no, si, no.

Sra. M: Correct.

Me: Wow, and I was just guessing!

BG: Really?

Me, mouthing: No.

From our Spanish audio tapes:

"Hay una mesa libre en esta restaurante?" Is there a free table in the restaurant?

b) "Si, en la pimienta." Yes, in the pepper.

At one point, someone in our class last year mentioned that penguins only did it for about thirty seconds, or 30 seconds a year, or something... I don't quite remember. BG said "wow, that's not a lot." I said, and i THOUGHT I was being very quiet, "You're one to talk..." But suddenly a silence overtook the room. MH turned around in his chair and gawked at me, and then everyone was laughing hysterically. I got many hi-fives.

Mr. S uses the word 'upheaval'

DP: " 'upheaval?' "

Mr. S: "What's wrong with 'upheaval'?"

DP: "Nothing... just... speak English!"

Mr. H: Al Gore has made a movie about global warming... I don't remember the title but it's something about "truth"...

DP: Nacho Libre?

More coming as I feel like updating--I mean... get them...


my name wuz previously emlythekool, but i changed it, because... well... i felt like it. now shuddup. giggles

I really like my fannyfic but i would prefer you read the original book it's based on 1st. and i hope u buy it 2 give the author money (not me the actual one with the copyright) and see the movie, because even though the princess diaries 2 has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with any of the books, it gives meg cabot money, and anyone who gives meg cabot money is cool! yaaaay! if u review my stories, i'll review yours! yaaaay! lol. my aim is fanfictionmciw which stands 4 fan fiction meg cabot i wish. tehe. IM me! btw, does anyone know the answer to this question? if i submit an original fiction, would i still be able 2 get it published l8er?

My crushes: (fictional)

jesse (Mediator) jessejessejessejessejessejessejesse siiiighs of course, none of the Mediator people r actually "fictional", but they r in boox, so they go under my fictional crushes.

paul (Mediator) Wow. Just having reread Darkest Hour, he now rivals Jesse. DON'T TELL JESSE! but seriuosly... smart, funny, AND RICH? i wuz raving about him and my friends r all ike "but u said u h8ed paul..." i wuz like "no i didnt" and they were like "yes u did" and i wuz like "well i lied".

rob (1800whereryou) need i say more?

douglas (1800whereryou) i kno, i kno, weird... but he's just like me but more so! and "take that" to the lettuce? he's gr8!

michael (Princess Diaries) every1 does, and i'm sure i will 1ce i reread the boox...

inuyasha (Inuyasha) the ears, and the... well he's kindof sweet really...

miroku (Inuyasha) i kno, i kno, but he's sweet, ya kno? yes, miroku, i will bear your- umm... hi readers...

clark (Smallville) i wouldn't mind getting saved all the time...

fred george (Harry Potter) forking hilarious!

ron (Harry Potter) he says funny things 2! and woohoo... i'm w/ him in phishphood's sotry.. kind of shudders

harry (Harry Potter) he's funny a lot, but pretty mood-swingy l8ly...

sean (Never the Normality) he's from a fan fic by delilah wigglesworth. she doesn't like him much, but at the beginning of the sotry, he's kool

froggy (The Foreigner) school play, kid in my class played him, thought i had a crush on the kid 4 a bit, but it was just froggy and his beret. he rox, he looked sooo heroic in the scene where... well, i wont ruin it 4 u, but there is a BOOM

bernie (The Burglar series) what?

ed (Fearless) so funny! i laff @ evry single joke he makes!

adam (Mediator) same as ed, only slightly different. but still PG r8ed, sumhow... mostly.

father dom (Mediator) not really, thank god, but if i ever do, i know i'm in trouble haha, pidgeypidgeypidgeypotato, my friend, read that and got scared. hehehe

david (Mediator) what? he's closer 2 my age than jesse! he's as close 2 my age as paul! and he's soo smart!

vetch (Earthsea) aaah, sweet comic relief... and the whole magic thingy's a major plus. :giggles insanely:

randolph (She Gets What She Wants) what? in a couple more years... and he's smart... and... sophistic8ed, and nice, and resourceful, even @ his age! i mean,a better sense of humor, and a better bod, and he's rivaling jesse!

lex (Smallville) Mr. Diabolical moneybags heeeeeeey

Mordechai (Hebrew Hammer) lol. he manages to be a bad boy and really REALLY... to use jon stewart's word... "jewy".

thats all 4 now, but more l8er probably. sighs

so, ne1 wanna co-write a story w/ me?

oh, and be sure u speak emilasian in reviews. they all proncouned like they spelled.:

relaly: really really really really really

sotry: a good story

chapper: a good chappy

toin: a funny way 2 pronounce nething that ends in-tion. pronounced "shoin".

puppy: cute thing. see puppish, cute; puppying, being cute.

fudge: yummy thing. see fudgey, yummy.

various animal sounds (e.g. oink, moo, quack): an exclamation

pooch: a good book. transl8 it in2 french if u wanna kno y. giggles see poochy, good book-ish, etc.

idiot: this means PERSON. so if i use it in a review, its not an insult 2 ne1s iq.

and anything over 3 syllables can b shortened. like neccy (or nec) neccessary, possy (or pos) possibly, etc.

i have 3 ficcers named emily so far. there's

em1: me, iluvJDS

em2: susan b

em3: delilah wigglesworth.

em4: chocolateeclair (i do not know this person, but i have found that her name is emily)

if ur name is em and u would like 2 b added 2 this list, e me or review on my story and i'll read ur story and if it is a sotry, i shall add u 2 my em list!

thats all 4 now, so ttyl! e-mail me, aim me, or review my story! if ur story is a sotry, tell me so and i'll send u the bestest most blithering most flattering review u have ever gotten. but only if i like it.

more 411 on emilasia:

queen (honorary title): Teena

cabotia: Meg

MooPoo: Shell

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