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Wow, umm...things about me that is interesting...

Sorry, can't think of one. Thats just how boring my pitiful boring life is. Nonetheless, there's one thing about me that ever one knows: drawing, dancing, writing, and singing. Okay, that was much more than one thing, but hey, what can I say, I have many interests.

My favorite anime right now is Inuyasha. It always had been for a pretty long time. Ah, I still remembered that faithful day when I got so sick and bored of summer school field trips about a year ago and stayed in school while all the other people went to a theme park. My friend-to-be was there and she was watching Inuyasha. Of course, then I hated anime so much, I cringe at the site of one. So, when I accidentally walked in the only room with a TV in the school, I saw her watching anime. I rolled my eyes then and walked right back out of the room. Later, time dragged on so slow and dully that I had no choice but to seek some form of entertainment. I walked back into the "anime room" and sat my butt down and watched. Who knew I'd get so hooked onto it? But that's just my story. Hopefully other's are more interesting than mine.

Other animes I like, or rather, watched at some point of my life,is Card Capturer Sakura, or at least, I think that is what is called. Its my first anime to watch. But then, it got taken off of WB so I ditched anime after that. I also watched a Sailor Moon movie when I was about seven. Couldn't say I liked the art nor the girly attitudes of the guys, but the story plot was overall okay. It didn't suck as much as I thought it would. Fushiigi Yuugi is another. Its actually the manga I read first and then saw half an episode, but that counts, doesn't it? Speaking of Fushiigi Yuugi, I really have a bone to pick with Yuu Watase. I'd like to ask why do all the "Chinese" people in there all have Japanese names? And why doesn't the costumes in there remind me of China? As you see, I'm a strong "Asian-pride" supporter and I don't like the way Yuu Watase "made up" all the fake traditions in the story. I do realize that it is a fictional tale and that Yuu was only trying to try something new. But I don't think its right for her to use China when she knows nothing about it. Neon Genesis Evangelion is another pitifull story that a guy told me about. Pitiful because of its weak male characters (girly looking too) and weird ending plot.

Manga. I love manga. Its usually a little more interesting than the anime. But of course, not all manga are interesting. There are so many mangas that I can't even list them (I'm actually just too lazy to type all of them because its a fairly long list and I really don't feel like moving my fingers a few extra times. Although just using the energy I'm typing this parentheses with, I could probably finish the list.). I'll just say my new and resent interest. Bleach! Who can doubt me? All my pals like Bleach, and I do too, now that I understand the story of it.

For some strange reason, I like Broadway musicals. Who doesn't? And further more, who hasn't heard of Phantom of the Opera (POTO)? If you haven't, shame on you! I suggest whoever hasn't heard of it take a plane ride to New York Broadway ASAP(that is unless if you are in NY, but then it'll be double shame for you if you are in NY and you haven't heard of POTO), go to Her Majesty's Theatre, and see POTO. Its so wonderful that you'll fall in love with it with just the first time seeing it! I love the song of Phantom of the Opera, the theme song in other words, and Point of No Return.Well, I am a big supporter of Erik Lives! and I just love, love, love it!

Okay, well, Profile Version III is coming soon to anyone who wants it...whichI truely doubt, but well, until next time!


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Royal Deception reviews
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