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Poll: I was thinking of making an expanded prologe for The Bane Of Neku to fledge out what happend in the two weeks between the 3rd game and The Bane of Neku. think I should do it? Vote Now!
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Hello. U. Ya. I write Fanfiction and stuff. Enjor or whatever., Im a guy btw.

Hetalia OC Profiles


Age : 24 / Height : 5' 5'' / Hair : Black / Eye Color : Brown / Age & Grade(Gakuen) : 16 Sophomore

Bio : Vietnam is a young coastal nation bordering China. She was by herself for a long while before China came and adopted her. He taught her to read, write, and fight. She always had distaste for the older man and occasionally put up resistance to her occupation. Knowledge she would use for years to come. During one of China's many meltdowns(civil wars) she was able to wrestle her independence back. For years she stayed free, ruling her people to the best of her ability. Then one day a boat bearing the flag of the second republic came to one of her harbors. The invasion made France her new ruler. She fiercely opposed the Frenchman, and like China before him faced the fierce fighting force that was Vietnam's rice paddle. For years she fought against the French trying her best to ship the man out of her life. During World War I she tried to slip out of Frances control. She was unable to do so, feeling downtrodden and miserable she considered giving up on resisting the Frenchman, and accepting her fate, she found hope. A tall man from the east appeared telling everyone that they had a right to 'self determination'. She emulated the man from north America, determined to set up a republic just like him. She started writing letters to him, telling him she would lie nothing more then to set up a democracy like him. She never heard back from him, but was told that she would be set free eventually. She sat down and waited patiently for the news that her and her people were finally free. She waited… and waited… and waited… and waited. Finally she received news. France was no longer her boss. Now it was Japan. The Japanese man was much more kind and respectful to her, never trying to feel her up. Still he worked her just as hard, and took just as much. Finally fed up of waiting for assistance she started working against Japan, indirectly helping the blonde man she had so much respect for. Finally when she kicked out Japan she was exited to once again rule her people. Then she was told. She was going back under French rule. And the blonde man was supporting him. She felt crossed, betrayed, and angry. Oh god how she was angry. She fought back more bitter than ever, succeeding in kicking out the Frenchman once and for all. My God I havn't even gotten to the War. Ok anyways. Then to her surprise, the man she once emulated came in to replace France. He said that they should stop fighting, wait a few years and then have her people vote on who they want to be ruled by. She felt confident her people would choose her and allowed it to happen. A few years passed and the people of Vietnam were in strong support of kicking out their western influence. Not wanting to lose, America stopped the vote. With that the war was restarted. Vietnam seeked support in Russia and ironically China, who were happy to aid her in bashing America's head in. After nearly two decades of warfare between the small Asian nation and the immense Empire, America finally had enough. Since then she has lived side by side with her adopted family of China.

Fun Fact : She has a real family in Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand. Though due to her mountainous eastern border, she doesn't really know them that well.


Age : 27 / Height : 6' 3'' / Hair : Brunette / Eye Color : Green / Age & Grade(Gakuen) : 17 Junior

Bio : The oldest of the Gaelic siblings, he lives in the hilly region north of England. He is the son of Britannia and Hibernia. He is famous for continually bitch slapping Rome, trying his best to protect his sick mother. He did his best to keep her alive, despite the fact that her condition worsened every day. Ireland and himself did their best to keep their parents alive. They were unable to help their brother Wales out of Roman rule. Despite their best efforts their parents did one day die. They were buried together on the Island of Man, where they were married. Scotland dawned one of her mother's skirts in her memory. He always called it a 'kilt'; Ireland knew it wasn't true, but she always supported his story that it was a warriors garment (except when it was convenient to insult him). He spent the dark ages kicking the Vikings out of his land. He spent a large amount of the medieval period beating his adopted brother England with a Claymore. Even when England 'owned' his half of the island, he continued to kick him in the nads. In 1603 his boss betrayed him, leaving for England's house, and dragged him along for the ride. He was forced to finally live with his brothers as a part of Great Britain. Ever since he has begrudgingly lived with his brother, always keeping in touch with his culture. In recent years he has started to get some self-governance. He is the only part of Great Britain proper to participate separately in The Commonwealth Games. He still wears his kilt.

Fun Fact : For a long time Rome thought he was a scary demon, and built a huge wall across Britain to try and contain him.


Age : 25 / Height : 5' 8'' / Hair : Red / Eye Color : Green / Age & Grade(Gakuen) : 16 Sophomore

Bio : Older sister of her adopted brother England. She is one of the few nations in western Europe who is completely unaffected by Rome. Her parents, like the rest of the Celtic brothers is Hibernia and Britannia. She has a quick wit and a quicker temper, not too interested in suffering idiots. After Rome had fallen, Norway decieded to make her one of his many rest stops in the Atlantic. Ireland always tried to fight him taking his citizens but always failed miserably. Once the viking threat subsided, she had a new, much more painful problem to deal with. Her brother, England. England seemed to think it was his job to take care of his older siblings, whether they wanted it or not. After her brother took over her Island, she focused all her efforts into kicking him out. She was at one time feeling quite submissive to England, then the English civil war. Ireland watched as seventy-five percent of her people. She often failed in rebelling becoming more and more discouraged, as her citizens seemed uninterested in gaining freedom. Then, one easter, she threw an egg at Iggy's head. Iggy overreacted to the little act of defiance, stressed from WWI hurting Ireland, and breaking her arm. Everyone on the small island was appalled by the attack and rose up against the empire. She has over time built up her economy, earning the nickname 'The Celtic Tiger' for her ability to interest foreign investment like the Asian Nations. She drinks quite often but is rarely drunk, her tolerance level for the stuff is very strong. She mostly drinks for the fun of watching everyone else wasted. She is known for being somewhat of a prude, as shown by her small population.

Fun Fact : Her and her brothers, Wales and Scotland, can also see all the Magical creatures England can, but they all deny it, mostly to mess with him; even convincing the creatures to help them.


Age : 15 / Height : 4' 10'' / Hair : Blonde / Eye Color : Green / Age & Grade(Gakuen) : 14 Freshman

Bio : Younger, adopted sister of the Britannia family. For a long time she lived alone on her little islands, feeling like she may be alone in the world, alone with her trees. One day, she was finally found. On his way to the new world, Spain visited the little island. Bermuda was happy to greet the nation, happy to finally meet someone. Unfortunately Spain didn't share the sentiment, he went to cut down her trees to help rebuild his boat. When Bermuda tried to stop him, he back fisted her throat, horribly disfiguring her vocal cords. She has since had a soft voice, speaking in a whisper Spain ended up coming back a few times for more wood, but Bermuda hid from him each time. One day someone else visited her small abode. Flying a flag with a red cross on a boat, much like Spain's, she ended up hiding away just like every other visit. The boat brought several new people. Someone with red hair went out and started to search the island. She stumbled upon Bermuda cowering in a bush. Ireland broght her back to the boat and gave her a homemade meal. Then Ireland continued to convince England to adopt Bermuda as a Colony. A 'jumping off point' for the new world. Ever since then the two have been inseparable. That is until Ireland left Great Britain.

Fun Fact : While Bermuda doesn't have a standing army, she does have a militia, making her interested, but inexperienced with guns. Her Brothers and Sisters try to teach her other ways to defend herself.

Relationship with Ireland(Female) : Loves her like a sister, looks up to her as a role model

Relationship with Ireland(Male) : Has a secret crush on her brother. She is confused by her feelings and tries to ignore them. (If you Really want to know more, feel free to read my other Fan Fiction Advice)

Vatican City

Age(Not Gakuen) : 23 / Height : 5'4'' / Hair : Brunette / Eye Color : Brown / Age & Grade(Gakuen) : 18 Senior

Bio : Son of the Roman Empire. He has been alive since about 0 AD. He had lived in Rome's house for years. Eventually he was entrusted with Romes house when he left to build his new house (Constantinople). Despite years of strife after his father left, he kept the Roman household for many a year, keeping his two brothers away. Finally after his brothers grew older they came back. They have since moved in, taking over nearly every section of the house. Vatican has made the third story (attic really) his home, adorning it with hundreds of pieces of art. He still commands a reasonable amount of respect abroad, though his influence has been fading for a long time. He is often insecure about his height and makes up for it by trying to make others feel bad.

Fun Fact : It is said at one point his boss went crazy and kept breaking off the privates of all his art.


Age : 23 / Height : 5' 6'' / Hair : Brunette(with light purple tips) / Eye Color : Green / Age & Grade(Gakuen) : 16 Sophomore

Bio : Younger sister of her brother Spain. While it is clear her father is Iberia, it is unclear who her mother is. Between Gaul, Carthage, Rome, and Mama Greece, she's never been quite sure her or his identity, though she considers them all possible parents she was raised mostly by Rome. After Rome died they were raised for a long time by Moor. Acting as his servant. Eventually her and Spain got sick of it, and worked together to kick the guy out. Although they promised to work together, once Mr. Moor was kicked out she carved herself the west coast of Iberia and claimed it for herself. She is the most curious of all of Grandpa's Rome's kids, exploring mountains, rivers, and valleys. And only went there after she did. She was known to rent a room in several houses including Japan and India, but never really committed to take them over like her siblings. That is with the exception of Brazil, who she had somewhat of an obsession for. She has mellowed out in her later years, getting in very few fights since her run in with France and Napoleon.

Fun Fact : One night when all of Rome's kids got horribly drunk, she ended up accidentally marrying her brother, Spain. She got it annulled soon after.

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