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hi, name's Rookey.

Just a bored high school student with an over-active imagination and a minimal social life... Who happens to enjoy writing fan fiction in her spare time as a sort of guilty pleasure.

Also, real life always comes first, and I'm applying for college (which is a cumbersome, time-consuming, redundant process). So much of my activity on this site may have to take a backseat (or a trunk) to that.

I tend to overthink seemingly simple concepts and that's where a lot my ideas come from, however I have a track record of not finishing what I start, so readers beware.


I'll probably poke around the archives and review anything I like, and any exceptionally great fics (in my humble opinion) are in my favorites section... so instead of writing out a long article about why I like all of my favorited fics individually, I'll just recommend them all collectively to you: read them. They're great, in character, well-written, detailed, and have damn-near close to immaculate grammar. Go forth.

I'll also beta read or look over anything if you want me to, just shoot me a note and I'll see what I can do.

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Circus Freaks: If Sam split off from Danny and Tucker at the beginning of high school to make other friends. If Tucker was the only one there when Danny became half ghost. If Sam wasn't there to save Danny when Freakshow had him under control. If, four years later, Circus Gothica finally returns to Amity Park.

Currently bouncing ideas around in my head, it's one of those things that I'll have to postpone updating until I have enough material written to form a coherent plotline.

Heart of a Hero: The show toned down the severity of TUE. Really, it was a hundred times worse. Thousands died and thousands more had to deal with the loss. With no official record of what happened and no viable eyewitness accounts, Phantom is the only one to take the blame for the worst single tragedy the world has seen in years. No matter how smart or clever you think you are, you can only hide from the world for so long.

Recently changed categories to Young Justice. Coming out of a block, working things out.

Aquarius: We have always told our kids to reach for the stars, but we never anticipated that the stars would come to us. That is, until one fateful night when they did. The aliens came and the first thing we all did was lock them all away in a middle-of-nowhere town by the name of Amity Park. And medical time-bomb Sam Manson won't just take this obvious injustice lying down. She's determined to throw a wrench in the government's plans, and flip a couple people off in the process.

I have the first sixteenish unedited chapters done. However, I'm trying to keep ahead of the game on this fic, and I'm encountering a little bit of a block.

The Doctor Said He Should Be Dead: (One/two/threeshot depending) What was going through all those doctors' heads when the paramedics came rushing into the hospital with the burned and charred body of a fourteen-year-old electrocution victim on a stretcher one night? Nothing too optimistic, that's for sure, and definitely none of them expected that pour damned soul to still be holding on. But there he was - breathing irregularly, and going against all medical and logical reasoning, alive. So, let's ponder the question: If Danny went straight to the hospital after he was electrocuted, what would happen? Because, y'know, logic.


Chasing Ghosts: After having long since lost her best friend after a brutal lab accident their freshman year of high school, Sam Manson might have, maybe, perhaps, possibly? Seen him in the background of a nightclub near her college campus in Chicago. She needs to stop chasing ghosts. But when you stop doing that, how will you ever find any? Oneshot/AU concept.

The Cake and the Cobbler Theory: What does it mean to be half ghost? Why was Danny able to survive the portal accident? What makes him different? What does this mean for the future of mankind? Oneshot.

personal fan-fiction writer's policy:

my stories posted on this website are not original works - they are all works based off of preexisting fictional storylines. Therefore, since I claim no copyright of my work posted here unless otherwise stated, my completed stories are up for adoption and are free for fellow writers to continue or expand upon. Just shoot me a note first :)


The songs I put at the beginnings of my stories (or definitions, or quotes, etc...) hopefully have some connection to the content of the chapter, but a lot of my selection process has to do with what's stuck in my head at the time. Lol.

Anyway, have a great day/night everyone

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Somehow reviews
It started out with a petty heist gone awry that had the notoriously illusive "Phantom" fleeing from the North Atlantic all the way to the Florida Straits. He's on the run: starving, exhausted, and desperate – and willing to try new things. Talk about feeling like a fish out of water. Mer!Danny AU.
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Sam thought for sure she saw him. He was a flash of an image, a vague impression of a person branded into the background of the nightclub – someone there and suddenly gone, a hallucination in the flashing strobe lights. He looked the same as he ever did, flyaway dark hair absurdly wild around a boyish face, bright eyes reflecting an unseen light. She took off like a shot after him.
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When an alien spaceship crash-lands in the middle of some small, backwater town in the middle of Ohio, the townspeople are more than spooked. As soon as the government gets involved in the capture and imprisonment of these otherworldly "visitors", teenage activist Sam Manson is determined to throw a wrench in the system... and flip a couple people off in the process.
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Who knew that a half-baked metaphor, some iced-to-perfection straight-A students, a sprinkle of basic yet uncomfortable questions, and a dash of lame baking puns were all it would take to explain Danny's very existence? But you know, that's just the way the cookie crumbles. Oneshot.
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Led by her curiosity, an unwitting Sam Manson finds herself cast into a reality she thought could only exist within the relative safety of her own nightmares. As Sam struggles to survive the horrors set before her, she endeavors to uncover the long-since buried secretes behind Circus Gothica and everything they stand for. First fan fiction, AlternateEnding!AU for Control Freaks.
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