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Author has written 6 stories for Final Fantasy VIII, Harry Potter, Phantom of the Opera, and Batman Begins/Dark Knight.

Hmm. What do you put into one of these things anyway?

Well, I'm a college senior in So Cal, technically the O.C., but let's face it, it's not as glamourous as T.V. says. I'm 5'7", light brunette with (natural) red highlights, and brown eyes. I have found my own Ron/Raoul/Andre/Prince Charming (whatever you want to call him :) and we will be married in 2010. (Does that seem really far away to anyone besides me?) I love writing, but I kind of come back to it and go away, you know how it is. I'm working on a non-fanfiction novel, have my own writing website I now run, and I've done a LOT of poems and stuff, just for myself. I love to read and sew, any period of history BEFORE WWI, I love HP, anime, Twilight (TEAM CARLISLE) and the Final Fantasy series, and I love my sisters and my friends. (And my fiance, of course :p )

2/28/10 Ok, this update is short and sweet because I am nearly late for work, but...Little Lottie is updated! I love coming back to this story, because it is just so adorable, and I love putting in little touches which I hope you all will find. Oh, and this is so sad (but good!) because Athena Forlorn was updated as well, and I just forgot to put that here at the time, lol. So two updates in just a few months, we are catching up! Tune in next time for the final chapter of Muggleborn! -dashes so she won't be late-
9/27/09 Oh wow...ew. Lol, I had known that it had been about a year since I had updated, but to see actual proof of it. Eek. Anyways, MUGGLEBORN IS POSTED!! That's the last actual chapter too...-sniff- But I do have an epilogue planned, so I'm not quite done with Rose, Bridgid, and Maeve yet, lol. Anyways, I have class soon (last semester!! As long as I pass everything o.o) so I'm keeping this short, however-

Athena Forlorn IS next on the list! We'll see how that one goes...first I need to read it and remember where the frick I was, hehe.

Love you all, and sorry for the delay!

10/26/08 It's been awhile, huh? I don't really have any excuses besides the typical 'personal life.' I had been laid off (blasted economy) and I also had to schedule myself for surgery in early December, so I'm kinda freaked out about that. I wasn't reading fanfiction, much less writing it. But I've realized that I spend so much time in front of the computer, that it really isn't TIME that's holding me back I'm going to see if I can get the ball rolling again. Thank you all so much for your patience, and I hope to have something for you all to read soon!

9/10/08 Muggleborn: Urgh. It has been awhile, hasn't it? I'm sorry! I I said. Ugh. For one thing, Damn my personal life for getting in the way of my writing! For another, WHERE ARE MY MUSES?! I've decided, for once, I'm just going to type this one up instead of hand writing it all. So the one page that I had, I've typed, and I've added another line to that. This progress is so pathetic that I was tempted to not even update here, but I thought people should know that I'm not actually giving up...I'm just suffering, that's all :p

8/16/08 Muggleborn: -sigh- I don't know why, but this one is coming slowly to me...sorry. I have done an outline, that's completed; and I've got the first...2, 3 paragraphs? Something like that. I'm working on it, really.

8/12/08 Little Lottie: CHAPTER 3 IS UP!! -happy pixie dance- Ok, so this did get postponed a lot, I'm sorry...but I said Saturday at the latest! And now, at 10:50 pm, I've got it up! So I kept THAT promise at least! XD I really hope that you all enjoy it! hint: the next chapter will be about something you MUST bring to every tea party ;)

Muggleborn: Ok, FINALLY, it's this one's turn, poor thing...I haven't started writing yet, but i have started an outline! See? You are not forgotten! Promise!

Extras: I really want to do a 30 kisses challenge...I just need to decide for whom...hmm.

8/6/08 ANSWER MY POLL!! XD I've never done one of these before, so it's kinda exciting. I'll leave it up until I feel like it :p I'll try to make the next one more pertinent to my actual work, but I'm just kinda curious about this one.

Little Lottie: Ok ok, I'm sorry guys, but I've got a homework crunch this week u.u' I typed up thru page 14 last night, but what with editing, it's going to be a couple more days before it's done. Class ends on Friday though, so Saturday at the latest!

Duality: Formaly named 'Choices' is up and posted in 'Batman Begins'! I've already been stunned by the wonderful reviews it's recieved (in less than 24 hours!) So if you liked The Dark Knight and like my writing, then please go check it out! It's a little bit deeper than what I usually do, I'll admit :p

8/5/08 Little Lottie: Ok people, big news- the chapter is WRITTEN!! I've actually JUST finished writing it XD (While at work o-o' hehe...) Anyways, if I remember correctly, it's 19 pages on paper, and I've typed up the first...10? 11? Somewhere around there. So with a little bit of effort (read: reward with reviews!) I'll have it finished and posted either today or tomorrow. And then, yes, it's the poor HP people's turn. Lol.

8/03/08 Little Lottie: Like, I said, roughly two weeks :p It's now 3/4 written, and I have 4 pages typed. (This is due to my teacher postponing a HW assignment, so we should all be thanking her...) So it IS well on the way. Not too much longer now. Oh, also revised chapter 1 just a tiny bit; added a little something to the beginning, and since I've learned to add in dividing lines, did a little bit of that too :)

Muggleborn: I've decided that it's just mean to make people wait any longer for this one; so I'm going to go on ahead and update it next, and wait longer on the mystery fic. -and the peasants rejoice!-

Choices: Ah yes, those of you who know me are confused, I'm sure. Actually, this is a complicated one-shot I did after watching the recent 'Dark Knight' movie, because Harvey/Rachel was SO depressing! But there's no Dark Knight section up on this site yet...anyone know how to fix that? You'll have my gratitude!!

Athena Forlorn: No actual updates here, but I did re-do chapter 2 so it's no longer in bold font, and fixed a couple of tiny errors and stuff, so it reads better.

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