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Hey! I'm not guna bore you with all the stuff about me like what I'm like, I'll just say that I'm in love with Harry Potter and that's what I write on here! I havent written for a looooong time now because I came to uni so just didnt have time. Now also my perspective has changed. You'll notice that lots of my stories are slash, but I really am not into that anymore, I dont know why, but Im really for Harry/Ginny now lol! So if I was to ever write another story it would not be slash. That was a period of my life that has gone sadly! Hope you all like what I have written though!

The Life We Lead

Well this is a story in Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts. It was my first ever fanfic and i started it when I was 14. Now, when I was 14 I was weird, and it's a really weird story at the start, some weird goings on with couples... But then I stopped writing for two years cos I didnt get any reviews, then a few months ago I was bored so I thoght I'd finish the story, and I'm so glad I did cos I'd forgotten how much i love writing!! But because it was weird at the start I had to work around it, so there are lots of strange pairings, but they get sorted out at the end. So as you may have guessed, its a romance and its MOSTLY from Harry's point of view. If you want to read it go ahead!! I love reviews I really do hehe!!

Lets Finish Life

This is the sequel to The Life We Lead, HOWEVER I have written it so that if you don't like the look of the first one, you will still understand whats going on in it and stuff. In fact, there really isnt a lot to do with the first one in it, so it's all good:-) In this one there are not loads of couple changes so its way easier to understand. It starts with Harry waking up in hospital after fighting Voldemort. He's been away for two years, and has a lot of surprises to come home to. With the press getting involved in his life he finds it hard to do anything at all that is normal, so he finds life difficult to say the least. Anyways, I won't say too much because I'll give it all away, but there are loads of flashbacks from the battle and the two years, and it makes the story a lot more enjoyable to people who like action or fighting, but it's mostly a romance. So hope you all like it :-)

One Night With Her

This one is a cute lil one-shot I wrote when I was having withdrawal symptoms after not writing lol! No seriously, I had finished the two other stories and I really wanted to write more, but I've been so busy with school work that I could only write something short and quick, so its my first attempt at a one-shot. I hope its good, I'll give you a small summary now! What happens when two very unexpecting people meet during the Yule ball and feel a connection stronger than that of Harry and Voldemort? Well, maybe not that strong! Something changes in the air and for one short night, all is calm... Hope it sounds good please read I've only had one review so far!!

Seek Revenge, not Death...

Ooohh, this is my favortire story I've written so far!! I really wanted to write but I wanted to think of something different! So here it is! It's not going to have all that much romance in it, its more drama! Which is new for me! So I hope I do it well! So, you want a short summary? Here you go then: What if Harry's parents didn't die when he was a baby? But suppose he was still in the prophecy? What would be the consequences? Harry's life turns a new leaf as he struggles to cope. Hope you like the sound of it please read it thanks!!

The Show Must Go On

Ok, so I was at work one day and this song came on by Queen. I'd heard it before but long before I'd started even writing Harry Potter fics. So yeah, it was actually really amazing what happened, I was climbing up a ladder and I suddenly got an amazing idea for a songfic. I was tidying all the cards (cos I work in a card shop) just writing this story in my head! And then I got home and realised I didn't even own the song on my computer, and I wouldnt have been able to write it without the lyrics. So i asked around all my friends on msn to send me the song and finally one did in the middle of the night and the next morning I found the lyrics on the internet and started writing! It's my first and only songfic I'll ever do so I apologise if its rubbish but considering the story I just told you I had to write it whether it is rubbish or not! Basically what happens is Harry is on the final warfield looking for Voldemort and he see's things that spur him on to kill him. Very short but gets to the point. Please read it... Thanks!!

Be Careful What You Wish For

This is the sequel to 'Seek Revenge, Not Death...'. I like it. :-) You can't really read it unless you've read the first one, however I have TRIED to explain some things if you get what I mean. Basically, Harry is all grown up and finally the consequences of what he did after leaving Hogwarts have caught up with him. It's basically a romance/action/adventure. I dont think the finished story will be very long, but it's going well so far!! Go on, read it... You know you want to!

Love is a TwoMan Game

Ok, my first ever attempt at a slash fic, I think it's going ok. My reviews seem to send good signals anyway hehe!! But yesh, the storyline.. A note: I started this after I'd read Deathly Hallows, but it's set at the end of Harry's seventh year, but Harry's seventh year is from my perspective. Well, basically, I've made up his last year at Hogwarts. That make sense? Im not sure... Oh well, i'm sure if you read it it'll make sense! So yeah, the storyline!! Harry is having a tough time since he finished school, people keep telling him what to do, and when he's sent away to Malfoy Manor he gets slightly depressed and stuff, he feels like no one loves him, no matter how much he loves them! then a new love interest comes along, and its like his soul is torn in two! Also, Voldemort's still on the loose so Harry has to worry about that situation as well! Will he ever get a break without interruptions? Note: it starts of as HP/GW, but it does change into a slash fic, just takes a little while, but i guarantee that when it does happen, its good!! Go ahead and read it, you know i'd appreciate it, as it IS my first ever slash!!

Three's a Crowd in Love

Sequel to 'Love is a TwoMan Game'. My second ever slash fic, so hopefully I'll be getting better at writing slash now. Again, it is Harry/Draco. It continues two years on from when Harry, Ron and Hermione left Grimmauld Place. I'm afraid if you want to read this you'll have to read Love is a TwoMan game first, I don't think you'll understand it otherwise!! But I'm not going to say too much about it, you know all you need to know in the summary, and then the first chapter (or Prologue) gives you a lot of information. All I want to add is this fic is a lot more about Harry/Draco, less about war, Horcruxes and such... (You'll find out why in the fic!! hehe!!) Thanks for reading!! Hope you come and check it out!!

One Word to Change a Lifetime

This is a long oneshot I wrote for one of my best friends for Christmas 2007. When I told her about what I do (writing) she was amazed and I was really embarrassed but she kept telling me how amazing it was. She's been one of the best supports for me with writing and I just wanted to show her how much I appreciate it by writing a fic for her with her favorite pairing (which i HATE). So it took effort on my part lol! It links in with the real Harry Potter series, and was originally going to be called 'The Secret Life of Hermione Granger'. That should give you some clues on what its about. And I think that old title is summary enough so I'm not going to write another summary. Just go and read it, you know you want to tehe!!

Earth, Fire, Water

This is the other fic I wrote for another one of my best friends for Christmas. Completely and totally dedicated to 'gorgeousbowneyesslash', who has helped me become a better writer over the past year. I love her so much and I wish one day to meet her hehe!! Aaaanyway about the story... It's a very long oneshot (well, very long for me anyway) and it is, of course, slash!! Set in seventh year, and the trio were forced back to Hogwarts. Harry is slowly deteriorating, not physically but mentally. He thinks the entire world is against him, except one person... Go on, read it hehe! It's my fave fic I've written, and its only a oneshot!!

Silence the Past

My latest fic. Multi-chaptered, SLASH! I suppose you could say it's similar to Earth, Fire, Water, but its REALLY not! This fic rivals Earth, Fire Water, for my fave fic I've ever written. I really don't want to say much about it. But have you ever imagined what it would be like to lose nine years of your life? Harry had never even thought it would happen to him, and look at him now... No one understands him, he is isolated and alone, with but ONE friend in the world... However, is this friend all he is cracked up to be? Does Harry really know what he's letting himself in for? And will he get more than in bargained for when asking for friendship? That was a rubbish summary type thing, but you get the picture... It's honestly the most exciting fic I've written, please read this, if none of the others from my 'selection'! Thanks!

Ice Breakers

I'm really rubbish at summaries... So for this fic, the summary is a line of the first chapter :) 'Harry Potter was charged and prosecuted yesterday for helping two Mudbloods who were awaiting the Dementors kiss. Potter, 19, will spend one year in the new detained London prison.' You like it?? Its not my favourite fic, and its deffinately different from other fics I've written... It has an 'edge' if you will. Very dark, so if you don't like it when bad stuff happens to Harry you best not read lol! Even though its not my fave fic, it is deffinately one of my best. Silence the Past is still the very best though... But yes, please read it! And go in with an open mind, because remember, is different to how I usually write!

Thanks for reading!! xxxxxxxx

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