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Author has written 35 stories for Warriors, My Little Pony, Wolves of the Beyond, Wings of Fire, Tui T. Sutherland, Hetalia - Axis Powers, and Hunger Games.

Hello. I will not disclose my real name, but you can all call me Star, or Starpool in a professional stance.

On Haitus for an undefined amount of time, due to school and other work. Yes I'm still going to update occasionally, but they will be even less frequent than before.

Will not be updating FitL until I get all the tributes.

My profile has been organized recently, so I will give you a table of contents here:


  1. Personal things about me
  2. Things to submit
  3. Things written by me that do not obey the rules
  4. Copy and Pastes
  5. Collaborations with others that aren't on my profile


  1. My involvement as a critic
  2. My review type
  3. Suggestions for aspiring writers


  1. My involvement in CU
  2. My involvement in FBG
  3. My involvement in other forums

There, now Scroll down to the section you're looking for, which I presume will be either C1 or B1, with a possibility of C2.


Personal things about me.

I know I'm uninteresting so if you don't want to read this I understand, just click the 'hide bio' button above.

I am a proud member of Flamers Be Gone!

I am a big fan of Warriors, WOF, HP, Hetalia, MLP, and even LPS.

My best friends are either obsessed with MLP, or Hetalia... or both.

And because I feel like it, stuff that is relevant to my fandoms:

Country(from hetalia, not nationality): Japan

Pokémon type: Dark

District: 7

Clan: Windclan




Things to submit.

I am making a new Hetalia story...

Here is the background.

Some people have powers, like 90% of the population, and some people don't, all those with powers are born with a Spectre, and evil shadow being, those without powers are thrown to the curb, some of them have formed an organization where they plan to wipe the world of those with powers, the story features mainly around those without powers, so your OCs with powers may be used a little less, but they are no less important. Now here is the power code.

Blue eyes:


Green eyes:

Inhuman speed

Brown eyes:


Hazel Eyes:

You can phase through anything


Anything that doesn't include mind reading, or controlling people in any way.

With Powers:

Name(First and last):



Power(including flaws):






Without Powers:

Name (first and last):










Alpha: not needed trainee: not needed

Assistant: not needed trainee: not needed

Medic: not needed trainee: not needed

Caretaker: not needed trainee: not needed

Head of Research: not needed trainee: not needed

Head of Security: not needed trainee: not needed

Head of Office: not needed trainee: needed

Upper Scientists: none needed

Lower Scientists: five needed

Upper Security: two needed

Lower Security: six needed

Upper Secretaries: three needed

Lower Secretaries: eight needed

Trainees: six needed (excluding heads and Alpha's trainee)

Children: 2 needed

Prisoners: 7 needed

People with powers:


There we go, please do submit some OCs!

Story number two, SYOT, for the Hunger Games. This is first come first serve, until I get more submissions, after which I will take each and every submission into careful consideration. Please title it like this, only with your tributes name and district: Katniss Everdeen, D12F, Age: 16

You may submit up to 5.






Can they switch Districts? If so, where?:


Appearance: (Please include faceclaim. And please have it be a teenager)


Backstory: (Cheesiness\cliche lessens your tributes chance. They can be tragic, totally sheltered and happy, or somewhere in between, but they must have reasons and not be stupid. Interpret that however you want.)



Reaped or Volunteered:

Reaction to being Reaped\Reason for Volunteering:


What they Do on the Train:

Attitude toward the Games and their Assessment of their Chances of survival:




Parade Outfit:

Weapon of Choice:

What They Do in Training:

Suggestion for Score and What They Do in Private Session:

Interview Angle: (If you have a memorable quote for them, include it here)

Interview Outfit:

Strategy for the Games and Have They Discussed It With Their Mentor:

Strategy for the Bloodbath: (If there's a particular item you want them to find put it here)

Preferred Death:

Why They Should Win:



D1F- closed

D1M- closed

D2F- closed

D2M- closed

D3F- closed

D3M- closed

D4F- closed

D4M- closed

D5F- 0

D5M- 0

D6F- 0

D6M- 0

D7F- 0

D7M- Closed

D8F- Closed

D8M- 0

D9F- Closed

D9M- Closed

D10F- Closed

D10M- 0

D11F- 0

D11M- 0

D12F- closed

D12M- closed

And, if you get the time, check out the blog:

All submissions are much appreciated.

This is the War of the Two Sisters. Luna and Celestia are no longer seeing eye to eye, Luna thinks she would rule very well and Celestia thinks she would be better off alone, now, make your troops, submit them, and watch as each side fights for what they think is right, and while you're at it, give your own vote to poll on my profile(submissions through PMs, please):










Cutiemark(ponies only):




These are the ranks of the Lunar Republic:


Empress: Luna(Alicorn)

First General: Rainbow Dash (Pegasus)


Pinkie Pie(Earth Pony)

Starlight Glimmer(Unicorn)


Gilda (Griffon)



Trainees(age, 13-19):

Caretaker: Rarity(Unicorn)


Sweetie Belle (Unicorn)



Here are the ranks of the Solar Empire:


Queen: Celestia(Alicorn)

Right Hoof: Twilight Sparkle(Alicorn)

General: Applejack (Earth Pony)


Shining Armor(Unicorn)


Cadets(Ages, 10-20):


Foalsitter: Cadence(Alicorn)


Flurry Heart (Alicorn)


And finally, The Peace Core:

Base: The Old Changeling Hive

Founder: Fluttershy (Pegasus)


Medicine Mares:



Applebloom(Earth Pony)

Now, the rules are simple, it's a fight between two sides, two sisters, and depending on the public and the fighting Power of each side, we will see who wins, and hey, if you guys want, I can turn it into a forum.

Submission rules:

No alicorns(like seriously a big one)

No mary-sues/gary-sues (for the love of please, this should be obvious)

Try to keep OCs that aren't ponies (ex; griffons) to a minimum.

Please, please, please no shipping your characters with canons, or anyone's who doesn't want their character to be shipped with anyone. If you want your character to be shipped with someone, ask the creator of that character, then have both of you send in a PM to me saying it's all right.

More may be added, thank you.



Works by me that disobey the rules.

The meaning of my user name,

Starpool2 was chosen because I've always imagined Starclan having a leader, then, I thought that it wouldn't make very much sense for there to be a "Starstar" so I had to think of something. I soon remembered the Moon Pool and thought that I could use that as her suffix.

Starpool has been lying around in my OC box for a while, and now I finally have use for the name. Starpool is my go to user name for mostly everything and if that doesn't work it's Crystalmoon.

The 2 never used to have significance until around... eh, six to twelve months ago. I was originally Starpool202 because I thought there were more Starpools on the sight. I looked it up and discovered there was only one, and he/she didn't even write about Warriors! I changed my name to Starpool2 after that. One day I posted a review suggesting an idea for Dutchess Frost's Warriors High story, and I got a shout out using the name Starpool2. I was so excited that I told all my fanfiction friends! One day, I once again looked up the user name, Starpool and discovered that the other Starpool was gone. I had known there was no longer a point to the '2' in my name but I didn't want to change it because of that shout out. That is why I will always keep Starpool2 as my user name.

Copy and paste this if your user name has reason and then tell what your reason is.


I've been here for one thousand years

Let me tell you my story

I promise it's not boring

Once I was a normal mare, a happy mare

With a sister and a kingdom

But I grew jealous you see,

my sister raises the sun I, the moon,

When she rose it high up in the sky the ponies played and frolicked

But through my night they shunned and slept

I tried to play it nice,

I tried to play it cool,

To keep the jealousy inside,

Out of everypony 's view

But I failed you see that's why I'm here today,

One thousand years... but I go back and

Hope my sister will forgive me

For the pain and suffering I caused as...

Nightmare Moon

The Elements of Harmony were my downfall,

But I deserve it I will never forgive... myself

The moon isn't punishment enough

I punish myself further

My friends you ... forgive me?

I... forgive... me... too

That's my story

I am the Princess of the Night

I am the Moon




Dedicated to Luna, we've all been there.


Copy and Pastes:

Copy and paste this if you think it's weird that Fanfiction puts a red line under it's own name.

Copy and paste this if you agree that it's strange how all animals milk is for their babies except apparently cows.

Copy and Paste this is you appreciate the work Critics United puts in to making sure that we all follow the much needed rules, and add your name to this list(bet like, 90% won't): Starpool2


Collaborations between me and others that aren't on my profile.

Between Me and Luka11303: 'Black as Night and Cold as Ice' to be published...


My involvement as a critic.

I only recently started criticizing, why? Because I don't want this site to shut down.

Why would it shut down?

Because one day, an angry parent will come onto the site, find out we can't even keep people from disobeying our own rules, and we get sued. It almost happened with my own parents at one point, but that is not something I wish to discuss.

The sad thing is, all I have to do is look for a story to read, and the rule breakers fall right into my lap! Now maybe you'll take some suggestions from my Profile, and take your rule breaking stories down, if you don't, they will get reported, by me, or someone else.


My review style.

Well, I try to be fairly polite, but still get my point across, if someone responds violently to me, then I will get stricter, as well as if I'm tired, then be prepared for a rough review, my apologies in advance. I am usually kind, pointing out the rules violated and a way to fix it, but sometimes, if an author has really peeved me off, then I will get harsh, as I've said.


Suggestions for aspiring writers.

Well, what rule is broken? I've got suggestions for all of them, if something isn't here, feel free to PM me yourself.

1: Chat/Script format:

I find this to be an unfortunate rule, as I enjoy writing these kinds of things, however, a suggestion would be to move it where it is acceptable , such as Quotev, Wattpad, or Deviant Art.

2: One or two liners:

Just make it a real story! That is literally all you have to do!

3: Stories with real people:

Well, just change their names to something similar, so people get the reference, but it still won't be considered a rule breaker, for example, if you want Donald Trump, try changing it to something like 'Ronald Frump'.

4: Interactive:

If it's a submit OCs thing, move it to your profile and take submissions through PMs, like I did, unfortunately that means Guests can't submit stuff, but, thems the breaks kid.

If it's a game(truth or dare, Generator, etc.) Or a discussion, move it to a forum.

5: Non-story content:

Announcements, or, again, OC submissions can be moved to your profile or an appropriate forum.

If it's like a list of characters, add your prologue in.

If it's a bunch of random things (ex: Hetalia Headcannons) I can't really give a suggestion, it's either delete, or do one of the affor mentioned things.


My involvement with CU.

I am not a member, I just give the occasional heads up, or critic something with the others.

In other words, I'm a visitor for now.

Here's a link for those who want it:


My involvement with FBG(Flamers Be Gone).

I am the Admin of a wonderful forum of wonderful people, why it's there? To stop Flamers.

It is a protest against those who flame and bully all the writers here on FFN. Even my profile picture is to represent my favorite anime character, as well as the protest against flamers (the fire), some of our members have taken the request and, to show their support and involvement, changed their Profile Picture to something with fire in it, such as: Luka11303, and Feli-randomnumbers.

Join the fight if you wish, but a few things to be requested.

Don't be a bully.

Really be committed

And if hour name is on the list, read the reasons to find out why, and change it if you want or can.


My involvement with other forums.

Alternate forums I am currently fairly active on include:

Cats Among Rubble

Warriors: A New World

Treeclan, Sandclan, and Rockclan RP

Flying, Falling, Swimming, and Mutant

Star Stables


That concludes my profile for now, thank you for viewing it.

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Timelines reviews
Have you ever wondered how the timelines of Starlight's time spell came to pass? Yes, Twilight wasn't there... but how exactly did they come to pass? Not doing Sombra, his was explained in episode by Applejack. No, the words won't be completely accurate, I'm doing this from memory.
My Little Pony - Rated: T - English - Drama/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,008 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 1 - Published: 4/1/2017 - Twilight Sparkle, Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon, Tirek
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Well, we all remember how *spoiler spoiler spoiler* happened, so what happens when *spoiler spoiler spoiler*? Well, let's find out, BTW the dragon that's poking *spoiler* is me! My first attempt at humor, lol.
Wings of Fire, Tui T. Sutherland - Rated: T - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 1 - Words: 130 - Reviews: 5 - Follows: 1 - Published: 3/31/2017 - Darkstalker, Foeslayer - Complete
When Night Falls reviews
At one moon, her life is torn apart, her sister is taken, and her mother is killed. One day a strange tabby with a familiar voice chases her off, his clan's territory. She discovers her father... with a whole clan behind him! Now Night is forming her own clan. To take down her father, and create a new family.
Warriors - Rated: T - English - Tragedy/Adventure - Chapters: 2 - Words: 881 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 3/28/2017 - Published: 3/23/2017 - Bramblestar, OC
Forgotten reviews
It's basically me saying Romano and Canada need more love, even in the Hetaliaverse they're often forgotten. T for Romano's mouth.
Hetalia - Axis Powers - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 775 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 24 - Follows: 13 - Published: 3/9/2017 - S. Italy/Romano, Canada - Complete
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She has finally found her special somepony. If you don't like the ship, don't read. I ship it, and you must deal with it. Please no flames.
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Luna And Friends: Treasure! reviews
Luna was bored. So, when she wants to go out for a fly, she is stopped by guards who claim that her sister placed her under palace arrest. In blind fury, she takes off. Soon, tired and hungry, she spies a lake in the distance. Being thirsty she stops to take a drink, under the water she spies a glimmer, the glimmer that would lead her to a new adventure, and a kooky crew.
My Little Pony - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Family - Chapters: 1 - Words: 461 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 1 - Published: 7/12/2016 - Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon, OC
Sadness reviews
Sadness has a place in everyone's heart. It's like a virus. The only cure is love. There's one pony sadness won't leave. Luna. The virus has corrupted her. The only thing she knows is grief. She needs love, but where will she get it? All alone on the moon. One-shot. Show your support R and R. Please! Luna needs you.
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Celestia knows the truth and now so will... you! Image is not mine.
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Old choices. Celestia and Luna are revisiting old memories.
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Six pups born, nothing special, simply the life of wolves who are like normal people. I know I know, not very interesting but normal wolves have problems too. Being left out, bullied, self-conscious. We all have em'. They're no different. Neither are you.
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Have you ever wondered what Luna did on the moon? Well now you can find out.
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Even royal sisters fight, but they always make up. They are sisters after all! Just a one-shot for the princess sisters,
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If you love your mom. Read this.
Warriors - Rated: K - English - Poetry/Family - Chapters: 1 - Words: 45 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 1 - Published: 11/24/2015 - Complete
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