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What up, Buttercup? If you're reading this, then you probably have absolutely have nothing better to do with your time. I'm sure that homework or that report can wait. In the mean time, welcome to my page! By now, you've probably moved on from the greater fan-writers' page and onto the B-class fan-writers...which is meh. Speaking of me, let's talk about that;

My name is Kim, and i'm an Astrology junkie. I can tell you pretty much anything you need to know regarding the signs, relationships and so forth. I'm also a huge Greek Mythology fan. I'm not sure why so don't ask, or i'll say "Why are you asking me? I told you not to ask!" Urm...I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, but I moved away for college. I'm a Journalism major with a minor in Political Science. I'm a little sarcastic, which helps me enjoy life a little bit more. I'm pretty eclectic with everything, including but not limited to, television, music, movies, men, etc.

When it comes to my stories in particular, you'll notice that when I write, I write...a lot. Force of habit. You see, I really love writing, and when i'm passionate, I write a lot. My problem is that I'd hate for it to go to waste. I'll tell ya, most of the time writers will drop out of a story for two reasons. One; they lose readers. Two; they lose passion. The two reasons tend to go hand, being that if a writer loses readers, they might lose the passion to write. Or, if they lose the passion to write, the readers become uninterested and leave. And you don't want that, because there's a lot of good writers on this board who are worth looking at.

To sum it all down, i'm that person that wouldn't be afraid to laugh in the middle of church. And yes, I'm serious. I happen to know. ;)

Famous Phrases That I Would Say:

"(Response to Andie's 'I'm a virgin' answer) That's...great. I like that because it means you don't have Clymidia. And I know that. Because that shit is everywhere." -Cal from the '40 Year Old Virgin'.

"Indited? I'm gonna be Indited?! Indited, Jane! Indited! (runs out of the bedroom) INDITED! INDITED!" -Dick Harper from 'Fun With Dick & Jane'.

"HALL PASS! LET ME SEE YOUR HALL PASS!' -Eric Cartman as the school hall monitor.

"Oh, of course when Hank calls the police, they come right over. When I call the police, they just tell me its not their job to keep me company." -Bill from 'King Of The Hill'.

"You wanna fight? My face in your ass, how 'bout that? Or your ass in my face-wuz up?" -Joe from 'Joe Dirt'.

"He was smacked down by the Lord! God bitch-slapped him right into the fiery dephs oh hell!" -Cartman preaching about Kenny.

I also like to make cover pages for my work of art. Chyeah, college has failed to keep me fully occupied. It's the best I can do without paintshop, even though i'm in progress of getting it. So, yeah, here's what the stories would look like all wrapped up into a book.

Fish Out Of Water:

Don't Hate The Player, Hate The Game:

I'll probably upload my story progress later on. Maybe put on a dancing Jesus figure and some clips from the Brave little Toaster. That toaster knows everything.

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A bizarre cataclysm on the set sends actors Hugh and Jennifer into the world of House. And House & Cameron are brought to our world. Can these duos learn to survive or will they be so caught up in the drama that they miss their only chance to return home?
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