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Author has written 35 stories for Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, Covenant, Harry Potter, Dark Angel, Instant Star, Moonlight, Pretender, Roswell, Charmed, Gilmore Girls, Angel, Stargate: SG-1, Unit, True Blood, Criminal Minds, Vampire Diaries, Torchwood, and Mutant X.

Randomly posting little things I've come up with in hopes of motivating myself to finish the two really big ones I started. Well, three, actually, but the third one is really just a thing. A very, very, very big thing.

I've been looking through my old stories and I gotta admit, there's an awful lot of them that aren't done. I know it's my job to finish them all, help my babies grow up so to speak, but da-yam. Seeing all the stories I started but didn't finish makes me want to curl up in a corner and whimper. Tack on all the original stories I've been working on and my brain is starting to behave like a stubborn three year old "Nuh, uh - No! I don't wanna!"

So...let's do a long summary.

Dead and Gone Drabble Series

I have this long standing sort of - let's just call it fascination - with drabble series. They're kind of like brief writing exercises. There's one by uncfaery called the 'Translocation Series' that I absolutely adore and I wanted to try my hand and creating my own. So naturally (as my 12th grade AP English teacher would put it) I picked dead people. I think I may have been a zombie in a past life.

#1 - Dead Man's Hand - Tosh & Owen from Torchwood / Ben & Tinga from Dark Angel / Warrick from CSI / Aiden from CSI:NY / Sirius Black from Harry Potter

-they play a card game together. Three guesses as to which hand beats all, and the first two don't count.

#2 - Cold, Dead Man - Kyle from Pretender / Dominic from NCIS: Los Angeles / Paul from Dollhouse / Emma from Mutant X / Owen from Torchwood / Warrick from CSI

-Kyle steals a thingie from Owen and Owen goes to Emma to get it back

#3 - Nobody Lives Forever - Ianto from Torchwood / Wes & Fred from Angel

-Ianto feels the cold irony of the statement when he thinks about Jack

One Shots (Complete)

Back from the Future Again - Harry Potter - After losing the war, Hermione retreats to a random cave, haunted (literally) by Ron's ghost and plots how to make sure this future never occurs

Brothers & Sisters - Dark Angel - a piece where the X5 children learn what family really is

Home - Instant Star - Jude left for London to pursue her music, but she didn't realize when she left what home really meant to her

I Just Do - Criminal Minds - Reid meets his new neighbor who turns out to be the kind of person he really needed to meet

Jondy - Dark Angel - A character piece; was originally part of a planned series that fizzled and died before it ever went anywhere

My Immortal: An Investigation - Harry Potter - IT IS FINISHED!!! A somewhat negative (ha!) review of the worst fanfiction ever. So bad it took me three years to finish it. Also, I would like to make my opinion on this clear - I'm 99% sure a group of drunk college frat boys wrote this to screw with the Harry Potter fandom. So yes, I do think Tara is a troll.

Pie - Dark Angel - Another character piece, also about Jondy. Was also part of a bigger series that also died before it could go anywhere.

Unsung Hero - Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - my FAVORITE one-shot that I've done. It's based off the idea that if Derek could figure out who John Connor was, why couldn't Kyle?


*Another World - Roswell / Supernatural / Covenant - Chase was adopted by the Parkers when he was a kid and grows up in Roswell with the rest of the Pod Squad. After Liz is shot, the Winchester's mosey on in to town, investigating the strange happenings and end up with way more than they bargained for. Very AU in every mentioned fandom.

Blessed/Used - Charmed / Covenant - the children of the Charmed Ones and the Covenant have to unite to fight the demons from their collective pasts.

*Blue, I - Charmed / Roswell / Dark Angel - One of the strands of DNA used to create the X5 series is alien in origin, which just makes living in the world so much more complicated for Jondy and Zane once they encounter Kal and the not-so-dead Zan. Their search for their sister collides with Kal's search for the other Royals and has both groups reluctantly cooperating as they end up in Roswell. And then there's the whole thing with the witches

*Cotton Candy - Dark Angel/Breeds - Jondy has been fighting the good fight for years, commanding her own team of kickass mercenaries, and then one day a man attacks her in a tree and all hell breaks loose.

Fire & Ice - Dark Angel/Breeds - Jondy and her pet egghead, Ender, end up in Breed custody have a good deed gone wrong. Jondy has to deal with overly possessive jerk-offs named Dane while combating her own messed up DNA.

Lineage - Roswell/Supernatural/Covenant - Liz turns out to be a witch with healing powers and instead of her being the one who got shot, Max bit the bullet, almost literally. After healing him, Liz because uncomfortably close with Zan, his alien half, as well as Michael, the overbearing alien jerk.

Universal Soldier - Stargate: SG-1 / Dark Angel - where mini-Jack meets Bran, an escaped X5, and stumbles across his secrets, sharing a few of his own along the way. Eventually leads to exactly what the title suggests.

Other Stories (In-Progress)

Toy Soldiers Series (Dark Angel)

#1 - Toy Soldiers - the story of Max's squad if they'd never left Manticore and become the Alpha Squad of Gillette

#2 - Bohica - the story of Alec's squad and their journey to becoming the Alpha Squad of Seattle

#3 - Dark Territory - the story of the Alpha Squad of Syracuse, led by the X5 Dominic

*#4 - Burn and Bleed - the story of the Alpha Squad of Las Vegas

*#5 - Obsolete - the story of the Alpha Squad of Atlanta

Bad Things - True Blood - AU after the end of Season 4. What can I say? I like Jesus. Features an OC witch named Amy, Jesus's cousin and aspiring badass with too much power and too short of a temper.

*Conception - Gilmore Girls - where Jess gets his girlfriend pregnant and Luke and Lorelei come riding to the rescue only to find they have their own little surprise waiting for them. Part I in a hopeful series.

Fallen - Harry Potter - Daniel Evans knew about magic, of course, but he didn't always know enough to keep out of trouble. He becomes entangled in a life full of fallen angels, some of whom are trying to resurrect a past that could make Voldemort look like a saint in comparison.

*Flames - Pretender - The Centre has always had it's thumbs in so many pies. Jarod may have been their first escape, but Phoenix is determined to be their last. First in a three part series about the downfall of the Centre.

*Immortal - Harry Potter - set in the Founders era. Where a sorceress makes a promise to the Founders to end a war in exchange for their mortality.

Inferno - The Covenant - All five lines each have their own individual talents and Reid's talent happens to include visions of them all dying horrifically in a fire. Morgan's shared these visions ever since the accident that nearly killed her. So how are they connected and what do the visions really mean?

Legends - Harry Potter - Ginny's always been a troublemaker but this is way over her head - like heavens above over her head. When a Goddess asks for her help in saving the world, Ginny initially says yes for the bragging rights. But she did not realize she was agreeing to a magical mate in the process. And what does everybody else have to do with saving the world? Well, Harry's obvious, but still...Draco? Really?

People of the Clothe - The Covenant - Angel is rich and batshit insane. Reid thinks she's hot and Tyler thinks she's cute. Her friends think she's fun, so naturally they create a cult with her as the figurehead. Nothing good can come of this.

Seven - Moonlight - an attempt to account for the glaring plot inconsistencies in the show concerning Coraline. Her ancient lineage has a destiny that Mick and Beth are about to become the center of.

The Death and Resurrection Show - Roswell - Antar, Earth - two planets of many where the Royals were birthed and destroyed. The knowledge for an ancient secrets rests inside of their skulls, however, and the enemy will not stop until they discover it, no matter how many times they have to bring them back or how many planets they need to destroy.

*The Once and Risen King - The Covenant - Caleb accidentally summons King Arthurs Sword, which comes with a plucky guardian whose job is to make sure the next King gets it. The only problem is she's really not sure which one of them it is.

*Three - The Vampire Diaries - a slight error on my part (the author) in naming it three...it should probably be called Four.

Valkyrie - The Unit - Hector didn't die. A warriors soul deserves of warriors escort, only Hector is a fighter and instead of going to the Halls, he comes right back to life, tying himself with the supernatural woman who didn't mean to save him. Their hearts beat as one and their connection is now unbreakable but nobody will explain to her why and he doesn't even realize it. Yet.

*X - Dark Angel - Max is dead and Zack is captured and the other 09ers are assembling with plans to take this bitch down once and for all.

I don't have my notes for these stories so I'm flying completely blind. As such, it's really difficult to work on these stories because bits and pieces of pre-planned plot keep floating around in my brain like fluff in the air. I'm not writing them off as hopeless, but they are not my main focus. If it changes, I'll make sure to let you know.

I probably shouldn't have posted them. They're my 'caught up in the moment' pieces where I wrote something I found completely awesome and had no patience or planning when I uploaded them. Least likely to be updated.

Planned, but not progressed, ie - I got nothin'. And naturally this is Toy Soldier Series only. Writing the original stories for X5's not mentioned at all in the series is proving to be extraordinarily hard. I'm trying not to spit out five stories with the exact same flavor and so my mind has to think a lot about what each specific place is going to be like. Toy Soldiers is family, Bohica is more secrets, and Dark Territory is violence. Burn and Bleed is supposed to be pure military, and Obsolete is quirk. Plus I have to fold in corresponding events in each story, which is hard for me to keep track of. It's sort of trudging along.

Sneak Peek

I'm working on two crossovers right now, one more than the other.

FLC - Covenant / Lost Girl / The Finder / The Gates / Supernatural / The Vampire Diaries / The Boy Who Cried Werewolf / Teen Wolf / ?


Small World - Covenant / Roswell / The Finder

I've also got a Dark Angel series called Instinct in the works which is one giant big ass bad ass to work with. It's HUGE and it comes with pictures, graphics, and it's own website. I've got well over a dozen web pages done up, and it's most likely going to end up way above that. I've been working on it for well over a year now, so there's a lot.

I poke and prod at most of my stories posted here, but sometimes there's just nothing I can think of to do with them. And sometimes what I do with them I turn out to really hate. I've set a goal to write ten pages a day from here on out, so I'm really planning on getting things done this year.

Tales from Beyond the Story

Moved to a new apartment. Have a growing sense of hostility towards my unknown upstairs neighbor who walks like an elephant. It's making me tense and all migraine-y. And hostile. Hostile, hostile, oh so very hostile. Which is not productive to writing anything worth reading. I think I need more ear plugs. My poor, poor ears.

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