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Howdy all.

I I want to be an author when I grow up, but like all mindless teenagers who like writing I probably won't get far. I do fanfics, originals, you name it. I have an account on fictionpress, same name if you want to read my stories.

If you /must/ add me on Msn for some INSANE reason, it's the same as my username, xxgambitxx@hotmail.com. Yes of course this means I love Gambit.

Oh, and every other Teen Titan story I see is OMG BEESST BOI AND RAVIN R SO IN LUV THIS IS WUT MY STORY IS ABOUT.

Translation: My story in an additional Teen Titan Fic to the thousands of other Beast Boy and Raven, Robin and Starfire romances. Look at me, I'm dripping with originallity.

Now I'm not trying to start something here, but if you have a good Teen Titan fic that aren't exactly along these lines, tell me to read it, I'm sure I will. Oh, and no bashing Terra mmkthx. I love her dearly, and for all you whipper snappers, Yeah. Sure, I support BBxT. But instead of being OMG! NOOOOO! BB AND TERRA 4 EVAAA! NO RAVEN, NO NO NO. I decided to write a Fan Fic. I can assure you will be surprised at the ending. And everyone should be happy. Or sad. I don't know, it's up to you.

Yeah, sure, I like a story with a happy ending, but I also enjoy maybe more one with a not-so-happy ending. Or, just an ending. So, try and fool me, send me you cliff hanging stories of the Teen Titans.

Why I Do Not Think Raven and Beast Boy Could Work

This opinion is of my own. If you don't like it, I really couldn't care less. If you agree, sweet.

1) Raven is dark. Beast Boy is not. Raven needs a mature guy who can understand her. Beast Boy needs a girl who knows how to have fun and he can be himself with her.

2) They have alot of differences. Yeah, I know the whole 'opposites attract' but come on people, this is a little too different. Like I said, Raven is dark, mysterious, a tad evil and creepy. Beast Boy is an annoying jokester and a prankster who's constantly cracking jokes.

3) Raven's powers. When Raven is too overwelmed with powers, she loses concentration, and focus over them. So, how is she suppose to manage having a boyfriend, especially one who is as difficult and rowdy as Beast Boy? That's why she needs a calm, mature fella. I personally like Robin, or Aqualad, but that's another story.

So there you have it. Anyways, these are pairings I like, but it doesn't mean it'll be the only stories I will read.


Now, I'm upset how everyone hates Terra, and here's probably why everyone does.

-Because Beast Boy likes her, and all the RavenxB fans were all pissed about it.
-Terra betrayed them.

So everyone makes mistakes. Can you tell me you never made one, you were never confused in your life and didn't know what to do? A stranger told you he could help you, to solve your problems. So Terra is really just your average, teenager. She makes mistakes, she lives, she loves.

And you know what? Beast Boy betrayed Terra, but no one hates him.
She asked him if he would always be her friend.
He said yes.
She asked no matter what it was.
He said yes.
And then when he found out the truth, he left, saying 'You have no friends,".

So I'm not blaming him, but he made a misjudgement and no one got mad at him for turning his back on Terra when she needed it. Anyways, like who you want, but all you RavenxBB loves and Terra haters really bug me, cause you have no clue what your even talking about.

Anyways. Enough Teen Titan junk. Now about ME. Great right? No, no not really.

I am 15 years old. I live in Canada. (Outside Winnipeg, Manitoba,) to be exact. I am not an average 15 year old. I don't like parties, or beer, or pop music.I have black redhair.I love Billy Talent, Alexisonfire, Mindless Self Indulgence, Modest Mouse, Panic! At the Disco,AFI, My Chemical Romance, Hot Hot Heat, Metric, Evanescence, Our Lady Peace, old Green Day, Head Automatica, UnderOATH, and probably some more I just can't think of them.

I like reading. I read in my room, in the car, and on the toliet. Yes the toliet. I love Harry Potter series, the Clique series, True Meaning of Cleavage, Holes, and some others I can't remember either. I won't name the movie list cause it's HUGE. But here is a link to my site.

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