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Hi! We're o8Dark Abyss8o


Name: Not saying.

Age: 14

Height: don't wanna talk bout it. Let's just say I'm short.

Appearances: (and this is true) Dark brown hair with light brown highlights, brown eyes, round face gives me a little girl look (which is not what I really want), normal-sized (not skinny or anything even though my friends say I am), small feet, long nails (just in case I have to use it on anyone), and mostly a dazed look (I'm always daydreaming and zoned out)

Mood: Pretty much gloomy and depressed that doesn't mean I'll take any happy pills.

Social Skills: Normally keep to myself, I've called two mixed personalities. One for school one for at home. At school, I have to be this quiet, smart girl. At home, well, that's a different story. I do whatever...

Likes: Marik, Yugioh, Rayearth, Card Captors, Digimon the old seasons, Rurouni Kenshin, Marik, Vampire Game, Kill me, kiss me, Garfield, Humorous stories, Marik, a little bit of Fushigi Yuugi, Wish, Sugar Fairy, Marik, Mahou Tasuki Tai I think that's how you spell it, Avril Lavigne, Rock/Pop/Hip-Hop/Techno japanese songs, rainy days fits my mood, Candy, Sweets, CHOCOLATE!

Dislikes: Prissy girls and jerks, Crybabies, drama queens believe me, I know a lot of people who are those, anybody who nags and complains a lot, Vietnamese grown-ups I'm no racist, I'm vietnamese too, homework, school, working, getting up in the morning, pretending to pay attention in class, bitter foods, reptiles especially SNAKES, amphibians, medicine, getting sick...and that's all I can think of right now.

Real Name: just call me either Lain or Selena -

Age: 14

Height: um...middle-ish

Appearence: dirty blonde hair, weird changing color eyes...i guess thats all i could sae...

Mood: depressed...used to be a bit way too suicidal

Social Skills: drawing, writting...um being sarcastic...

Likes: anime, manga, drawing, writting. Music

Dislikes: sluts, jealousy...stealing art or writting, reporting stories and flames.

o8Dark Abyss8o, as you have probably guessed already, is made up of two authors--DaRkNeSsApPrOaChEs and XxMemoryLainxX. Together, we plan to write a duo fanfic with our OCs (Mitsuke n Selena) and the characters from Yugioh. Please be nice and review! -
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