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(Sips coffee) Hey...

Last Updated story: DECEMBER 11TH 2018


Chapter coming by the middle of April AT EARLIEST!


I'm sorry that I haven't updated my story, in fact, I wouldn't be expecting an update until after February 2018. I'm working on a short film, and I'm expecting to get it done by the time my film teacher returns from maternity leave. I'm also working on a Christmas commercial for my school, which (its an international school, btw) will be sent out to the global campus. Finally, a barrage of grade-determining tests are coming, and some of them are wearing red capes.

So I'm really busy, and I'm sorry to all who were expecting an update, considering the last one came two months after the first. If you guys can wait to the end of March, I would really appreciate it. So far, you guys have been the most supportive audience a writer could ask for, and there haven't been much requests for updates, so thank you all.

RayO1 signing out

My school's Christmas break is 3 weeks long.

Holy effing-



Okay, now that I've found out about that...LOVELY piece of information, I can actually spend a little more time writing Chapter 3. I know that I have that commercial to work on, but I postponed it for the 24th, and I'm finishing it up right about now; my short film is due in late February, so I have a fair amount of time to get that done. Finally the tests can be studied for with proper time. So, now that I know all of that, I can work more on the story.

Once again, you've all been a wonderful audience, and since it's Christmas, I'm gonna hint a character that appears in the next chapter:

"Think of time as a section of rope. As Earth moves forward through time, more rope is formed. Recently it was discovered that as time grew older, it began to decay, or “unravel,” as it were, and this disintegration of the past begins to create disastrous results in our future. Let’s say that because of this instability in the past, the dodo bird never becomes extinct, and because of this, a young Henry Ford is attacked by one of these filthy creatures. He is so traumatized by the experience that he never invents the auto assembly line, or the Model T. Without this primitive automobile as a jumping-off point, we in the future are suddenly without our fancy solar-powered hover cars. That’s why we have to constantly repair the past and keep our future strong."

-- Unnamed character, who sure knows how to get ahead.

Ideas for other fanfics aside from Earth One (which I am STILL WORKING ON)

- Transformers Aligned Universe Omnibus: An expansive take on the infamous Transformers Aligned Continuity family. I have heard nothing but hate and misery from this series, and it really doesn't deserve it. Half the plot holes people whine about don't even exist, and people criticize the varying art styles and tones. But look past the tiny holes, and you see one of the most fascinating and expansive Transformers stories out there. If I make this fic, it will be adapting events from Transformers Exodus, Transformers: War for Cybertron, Fall of Cybertron, Transformers: Exiles, Transformers: Retribution, and Transformers: Prime. I would also be taking inspiration from G1 when changing the way of the story, like replacing Smokescreen with Hot Rod, including Elita-One and the Female Autobots, or the rest of the gang (Ironhide, Jazz, Prowl, Jetfire, Skywarp, Thundercracker, Slipstream, Barricade, Blitzwing). But I will stay true to the story as much as possible, and also try to cut out the Predacons.

- Marvel/Star Wars crossover: This is something I've had in my mind for a while. The thought of getting the Marvel Superheroes stuck in the time of the Clone Wars, and their villains help orchestrate events seen on the show has always intrigued me. And when I mean all the villains, I also mean that one. Don't know who it is? Okay, here's a clue: Kirby likes purple people and eating planet-sized meals. I hope to pace the events of the series well, and create interesting character interactions. Maybe a big battle at the end.

RIP STEVE DITKO, the co-creator of Spider-Man, Captain Atom, and the sole creator of Doctor Strange, Hawk & Dove, the Question, the Creeper, Eternity, and Blue Beetle (Ted Kord). Many of these characters probably changed your lives, one way or the other, and their souls created by this wonderful man live on in us. Mr. Ditko, you were the one who exposed me to the humanity in the superhuman, that characters with great power must exercise great responsibility, and that most of all, they can live normal lives. They can make mistakes. They can sacrifice everything in their lives for the greater good. Because in the end, that's all it takes to be a hero. Thank you, for everything.

It appears the Clone Wars is coming back from cancellation...

Holy effing-



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