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Author has written 9 stories for O.C., Charmed, Degrassi, and Harry Potter.

About me

Why dutchygirl? Well, I'm Dutch and a girl. I know, I shocked you now.

I love Gilmore Girls, Friends, the OC and Charmed (only season 1 up to 4) My favorite game is Tales of Symphonia.

My favorite couples:

- Summer & Seth (The O.C.) They're cute and adorable together, especially when they're fighting.

- Phoebe & Cole (Charmed) Definitely the most passionate couple on TV! The way Brad Kern ended it... what a nightmare! It still gives me the creeps thinking about it, so I like to pretend season 5 never happened. Season 6 (Chris was nice though) and 7 were awful as well... and don't even get me started of season 8. I don't like to complain or be mean, but Charmed just became horrible.

- Sheena & Zelos (ToS) They're just so interesting characters and when they're together they're hilarious and cute. :) Why don't the makers of ToS make a sequel? I would love that. Oh... wait they did! I should wish things more often.

- Izzie & Alex (Grey's anatomy) Love bad boy Alex. He was trying so hard and messed up of course. Anyway, they're a sweet couple.

Worst characters ever:

- Julie Cooper (The O.C.) She just looks so fake and well, no one can be that mean in real life... at least I hope not.

- Wyatt, Jason, Leslie, Henry and Coop (Charmed) Besides the evil Wyatt he's in the future, I don't like him as a baby as well. I don't know, I just think he's scary or something. I guess it's kind of obvious why I don't like Jason and Leslie. But you have to admit, they were both very lame characters. Jason especially, he can't even deal with Phoebe being a witch! The storylines with Henry and Coop were rushed and they both only were in the show to be a love-interest... no real personality at all.

- Colette, Regal (ToS) Colette, she's just too good. I don't understand how she even survives everyday in Sylvarant. Plus she's too busy admiring Lloyd, I would like her to disagree with Lloyd, just for once! I don't dislike Regal, but they should have given him some more personality. He should have made some more jokes, then I would have liked him. :)

My stories

- A Juicy Present, just a fanfic for fun, no dramaness at all! Summary: Ryan searches for a perfect present for Marissa. Seth and Summer try to help him, but they end up in a place they didn't plan at all. Things just go worse from then... Totally Finished.

-Between Good And Evil, my first charmedfic. Summary: A few months after 'Centennial Charmed' Cole returns. He shows up with a wounded woman by the manor. Although the Halliwell sisters distrust him, they help him and then another demon appears... Complete.

-Broken Wings. An angst story about making the right or wrong decision. Summary: Seth Cohen is bullied by his classmates. He has a major crush on the popular Summer Roberts who has the perfect life... at least that's what he thought she had. Complete.

-Really Bad Disasters. A sequel I've written, but I didn't complete it, because I was too busy with school and now I don't know anymore how I wanted to end that story. Summary: Summer gets mysterious phone calls, the Cohens are bankrupt and Summer's dad isn't happy at all about Summer and Seth having a relation. Aborted.

- Really Bad Timing. My very first fanfic I've written, so it isn't really good. Summary: After season 1, Seth Cohen returns and Summer is pissed. She never got the letter Seth wrote to her and she sees him kissing another girl... if that wasn't bad enough already, a psycho arrives in the OC as well. Finished.

- Western Trouble. An AU story about Phoebe and Cole. I didn't finish it, because of low amount of reviews and I lost my inspiration for this fic, so I've aborted this story. However I still have the plot, so if someone wants to continue writing this story, just give me a PM. Summary: Palmist Phoebe is wild and wants freedom. When cowboy Cole comes along he brings a whole lot of trouble with him.

Thanks to all the people who read and reviewed my stories!

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