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I can never bring myself to write a proper bio, because I always sound like an idiot. -.- I make myself sound like someone I'm not really, so don't mind me. Also, don't mind that I don't update much, nor write much in particular. I have a lot of inspiration, just no motivation to put finger to keyboard or pen to paper! Or at least, thats how it is at the moment. Hopefully, things will change soon.

My stories will be focused around Yugioh! It being my favourite anime. My favourite characters are;

Marik/Malik Ishtar
Rishid Ishtar
Ishizu/Isis Ishtar
Yami no Marik
Yami no Bakura
Ryou Bakura

Seto Kaiba
Joey Wheeler

None of my stories will contain Yaoi, yuri, incest or and stuff like that. XD I can read it sometimes, but I just prefer sibling cuteness and friendship cuteness and stuff. (can't write romance to save her life) Besides, I have an extreme distaste when it comes to incest, so its small wonder that I won't go near it.

Information that could possibly considered to be about myself!

Name: Re-san, Weeb

Year of the Horse




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LotR, Harry Potter, Spirited Away, PotC, Robin Hood Men In Tights, Hide and Seek, Constantine, Princess Mononoke

Anime (bold=owns):
Fruits Basket
Love Hina,
Rune Soldier,
Excel Saga
Full Metal Alchemist

Manga (bold=owns):
Yugioh season 0
Yugioh DK
The Ring
The Ring 2
Azumanga Daioh
Love Hina

Katharine Kerr- Deverry Series
Wilbur Smith- Warlock
(And more...)

DDR, music, writing, reading, drawing, sketching, walking, manga, anime, Malik Ishtar, Debates and discussion, cats, quiet, my double quilt and four pillows...

Favourite foods/drinks: Creampuffs, vegetable pizza, rice, ice-cream, fudge, caramel, bread, noodles, vegetables-in-general, milkshake, water, Cola...

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(From Faye) '
Yami Marik: Get off! I'm trying to kill something! > '

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A few notes...

1) Malik has repented in most of my fics. I'll develop and write his character however I please as long as I keep him as IC as possible, which is something that I strive to do. Yes, I like badass Malik as much as the next person, but I also like delving into his warmer and softer side, which is revealed after the conclusion of Battle City. Plus, he will almost always be called by his dubbed name in my fics. XD

2) I don't agree with character bashing, so I won't do it. XD I just like tormenting them and causing them a great amount of angst in a H/C way.

3) Flames will not be tolerated and will be ignored, deleted and probably reported as well. I love constructive critism, but flames are just plain rude. Oh yeah... and any flames I recieve will be posted and publicly ridiculed, because I can be a snarky little thing when I want to be. =D

4) RISHID ISHTAR EXISTS! Ahem... Need I say more?

5) I use all dub names except for Rishid. This is simply because I prefer it over Odion more than anything. If you don't like this, thats okay with me. I like the dub. Simple as that. Yes, as soon as I can I will also attempt to watch the sub, but I love the dub. Without the dub, half of the people reading this probably wouldn't even be into the show, because they probably wouldn't have realized it EXISTED.

6) I LIKE Marik's dubbed voice. (shock shock gasp gasp much horror) I think it suits him. XD I love his sub voice as well, and though that is my preferred one, I don't see anything wrong with the voice he has in the dub. I also prefer the motives and characteristics of the subbed a little more.

7) None of my stories will be yaoi. I've said this enough times already, but if I have to say this again, I will... Oh yes, NONE OF MY SIBLING CUTENESS IS INCEST! Or to put it more simply; I'm not big on romance, and I don't really write it. Sorry peoples!


Earthquake is currently on hiatus due to lack of time to write. I write for myself when I have the time and inspiration, and though I know that a few people are waiting for an update, it may take a while for it to be written. Sowwy~!

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