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UPDATE: We're back! They've let us post again! (Thank you very much for that, by the way!) Yay! We're back! We're back! We're back!

Well, we're excited about it anyway... *turns back and sulks*

Greetings muggles and other wannabe wizards:

We would like to start by stating that we are in no way, shape or form JK Rowling. We do not even think we could be tranfigured into JK Rowling with a lot of time and work.

ponders* Would that be considered an animagus transformation?

Anyway, we're posting this journal (which was found after a certain prisoner saw fit to take off about three years ago) from Cell 13 of Azkaban. We are sending this out on the backs of cockroaches which we have trained to type (because honestly, what else do we have to do in Azkaban). Please excuse the typos as the cockroaches have very poor vision, thus making it difficult for them to edit. On the plus side, since we hear that cockroaches can survive even one of your ridicuous nuclear bombs; neither rain, nor snow, nor nuclear holocost will keep us from posting this journal to you.

ponders* Of course, there will be no one left to read it... and nothing left to post it on... oh well...

Any and all flames will be laughed at by the dementors who make us feel far worse than you ever could.

Have a nice day, or at least a better one that we are having.

The Wailing Weirdos of Cell 13


Where's my mommy...?

P.S. We have tried to send a message to our mother, but she is afraid of cockroaches... if you see her please direct her to this site...

throws rock at dementor*
Get away!

Oh never mind... this is pointless anyway...

Go away...

huddles in cell, crying*

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