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Hey! I'm still enigmagirl2727, but I don't live here anymore! While I full-heartedly appreciate the reviews that have been trickling in on my stories here, I'm not really so much a fanfic-er anymore. My own projects can be found at fictionpress.net under the same username I use here, and I would be overjoyed if anyone wanted to take a look at them.

A Brief List of the Fanfiction Terms I've had to Uncover the Meanings of For Myself, Not Wanting Other Writers to Have to Suffer:

~Mary-Sue: A classic. An OC (see below) who is usually gorgeous, talented, and for all intents and purposes perfect. She almost always finds a way of getting her slimy hands on the 'hottest' male character. Though now thoroughly ridiculed and despised throughout the fanfiction community, thus giving rise to the popular culture of 'Sue-Slayers' or mocking Mary Sues and their preteen writers, you can still find a few thinly-veiled examples if you look closely. The writers of Mary-Sues are usually teen girls obsessed with the actor(s) who play the characters in the movies and are given to horrific mangaling of the English language with capitalization lIke THiS!1 and usually forget how they'd described their characters originally thus giving rise to the ever changing hair/eye colors of the MSs. A less popular variation is the Gary-Stu, a male Mary-Sue.

~OC: Other Character, Anyone not from Canon (see below)

~Canon: The original story and all that that entails.

~AU: Alternate Universe.

~Tenth Walker: An exclusively LOTR (Lord Of The Rings) term, meaning anyone, though almost always a Mary-Sue, who accompanies the fellowship, which is of course fundamentally wrong as itis necessary to have the NINE walkers to counter the NINE riders or ring-wraiths. (Camilla Sandman has some brillant stuff on 'Elrond's Naturally Nine' in her OFUM stories).

~Jott and the like: the combination of two characters' names to indicate that the writer is portraying them as a couple. This can get very confusing if you aren't familiar with all of the character's names.

~Slash: The coupling of same sex characters who are most likely not portrayed as gay/lesbians in the actual canon. This is generally frowned upon, only becuase if you're changing a character's sexuality then chances are you're messing with multiple other story elements too, but on rare occassion has been done well.

~MiSTing and MST3000: Sheer brillance. Mystery Science Theater 3000 was atelevision show some years back that has since tragically stopped airing which featured a man (Mike Nelson...after thatJoel guy left. I like Mike better.) who is trapped in a space ship by the nefarious Dr. Forrester and shown awful movies to determine the breaking point of the human mind. BUT, Mike/Joel cleverly builds two robots, Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo and with their help mocks the movies in an attempt to remain sane. To hysterical results. Hence the style of watching/reading something terrible and mocking it's every sentance is known as MiSTing, though where the 'i' came from I haven't the slightest. This can be done by either the three described above, the canon characters from the same fandom as the bad fic they are being 'forced' to read, or even the author of the MiST themselves. Kielle has a wonderful example posted on this very site, and I have links to both that's sequel and several dozen other fabulous links for those so inclined. Really, don't be afraid to write me! I'm not scary...okay so not that scary...

~Flames: A name for abusive and more often than not profanity filled reviews left by evil/reeeeally bored people, though usually not without reason. Equally bored writers will sometimes request them as amusement.

Stories I Wrote A Long Time Ago And Will Not Be Coerced To Update:

X-men Redefined: My first ever story. It, er, is kinda confusing. Alright, so it's so confusing I don't even fully understand it. A work of evil genius if you will. Truly epic plot that I didn't have the patience or skill to do justice to, hence it sits 2/3 finished for all enternity...

'And That's Why We Should Leave These Things Alone, formerly Attack of the Mary Sues Only Different: Every interdemensional traveler who goes to the LOTR verse is turned into a Mary Sue, and real Mary Sues from all over the place are suddenly able to get in. Enigma, the gatekeeper and preventer of such awful circumstances enlists the help of Kiera, a human from our world who is decidedly not Mary-Sueish (regardless of the Sue body Enigma had to put her in to get her through the portal). Not, it's more plausible than that. And not in any way shape or form based on me. It's actually quite good!...if you like that sort of thing.

Best of luck on future endeavours,


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