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mY fAvOrItE iNuYaShA cHaRaCtEr Is KiKyO...aN nOw SeSsY.

Favorite Five Chacacter From Inuyasha:

1 Kikyo
2 Sessy
3 Inu
4 Kag
5 San
5 Kohaku

Pairings that I think is just wrong in Inuyasha:

SessxKag- Sess don't even notice Kag.

MiroxKag- hmm...sure he likes Kagome doesn't he like everyone? but not like gf/bf.

InuxKik- as much as I like Kikyo I don't think it sounds right for them to be together since thier 'love' was in the past.

KougaxInu- don't know why there's even a pairing like this but I've seen a few...scary..but atleast in those fanfics they didn't rip each other's throats out_;;

KagxKik- like I said before...WHY? doesn't even sound right

InuxSess- same as above...doesn't even sound right! Why!

SanxInu- yeah Sango likes Inu...but it's hard to imagin them like gf/bf

SessxMiro- again...don't know why... do they even notice each other?

KougaxKagura- don't even notice eachother...hey wasn't Kagura the one who killed all his comrades?

MiroxNar- ...scary...just plain scary don't you think?

MiroxInu- ahem. ain't gonna say anything...

Some of my favorite couples and should-be couples in Inuyasha:

InuxKag- perfect

SessxRin- although he's older than her the just look cute

SessxKik- hard to imagin but they both have the same personality and attitude

KohakuxRin- they just look adorable!

SanxMiro- need I say more?

SessxKagura- they just seem perfect together...Kagura do look like she has a crush on Sessy too...

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