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I'm franch

my english sux

I'm thinking of picking up writing again.

idk if I'll ever continue mimi quest

that's not really in my plans.

If you ever think that Dimentio's Love Story looks like DMS' Chaos Trilogy Insane Smiles chapter 12-14;

I gave him permission to use my backstory in his fic.

If you read his profile, it actually says

"My one notable project is, as I mentioned, The Chaos Trilogy, which began on August 24th, 2009 and ended on May 24th, 2013. It is a dark fan fiction which seeks to take my two favourite villains, Fawful and Dimentio, and flesh out their stories, put them through trials, and make them evolve as characters. It also contains a number of original characters created by CyberRose, and a few by myself. Check it out if you like action, adventure, drama, and romance."

The characters in question are Rosabella and Esmine. and Thymol I think, I think he also used Thymol, I can't remember, but well that's Esmine's brother.
yeah maybe I should go check but oh well a large portion of Dimentio's backstory used in his trilogy comes from me and yes he will tell you that it is from me, it might not be the same, I might even change these characters, since this was from a long time ago and I don't even remember if Thymol is supposed to have red hair and yellow eyes like Esmine or if he's supposed to have green hair lol I think he had green/yellow
anyway /thread

Those are my OCs \_(ツ)_/ but if you think I stole my characters and ideas from my sonny, feel free to comment, follow, rate for more stealing, see ya.

As of the subject of mimi quest

it was a crack fic that well, you know, it was meant to be a joke, but just like Twilight, it got popular, and people told me it was the best thing I've ever wrote, and since this was something meant as a joke and that I put zero thought in it, I was madly offended. Especially since people told me that it was in character which was totally not lol. I aspired to write something epic, something thoughtful, something serious, maybe something as awe-inspiring as the chaos trilogy, but apparently, people thought that I couldn't do better than fucking Twilight, and that really hurt me, so I had to drop everything.

Now, well, who knows. Maybe if I'll ever feel like doing crack, I'll continue it, but tbh, now that I'm an adult, I'm more interested in 50 shades of grey than Twilight (sorry not sorry :3)

Anyway my current plans are to finish Thershull Town (gonna rewrite the first chapters), then Interdimension (gonna rewrite it too), maybe I'll rewrite the love stories too, then idk \_(ツ)_/ lol it will already be a miracle if I finish one fic.

I mean -sob- I think I lost all my files for writing sigh fml

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