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Updated: Nov. 11, 2006

I have posted Crazy for You.

"You little weiner."

-Eiri Yuki, Gravitation.

About Me

: Saskatchewan, Canada.

: Female.

: Aries. (My Chinese Zodiac Sign is the Ram. Isn't that weird? Two Ram's? What's that supposed to mean anyways?)

: My interests include books, anime, angst/romance (books, movies, stories), writing, drawing/art, mythology, languages, literature, fantasy, music, and friends.

: Though sometimes I can be a little bit mean, I am very real. I am almost never pretend to be something I am not and am very direct with people. Despite this I am tactful and know when to keep my mouth shut. I am intelligent and have a drive to be the best. I am very passionate and compassionate as well.

: I have an interest in and a talent for music and drawing (and maybe writing too, eh?). Musically, I usually play by ear, though I can read notes and have been playing piano for 9 years, clarinet for 4 and singing in choirs for 4. Recently I have discovered a drawing talent as well.


To anyone who is interested, I have been planning on writing something resembling a trilogy of KaixHilary fictions (they will not be related to each other). All will remain the same genre and I will give them all one general name. I have also been thinking of posting some KaixHil one-shots.The one-shots are probably going to be humourous and possibly first-person.

Current Fanfictions (1)

Crazy for You (Beyblade)

Yet another KaixHil! I have decided this this will be a multi-chaptered fic. It will consists of situations Hilary gets herself into as she tries to win over the cold-hearted Kai who she has inevitably fallen in love with. This will be written in half first person, half third person. It was also completely written on a whim. I just began typing one night and this is what I ended up with. The title is based on all of the crazy things Hilary does to try and win Kai over and also was chosen to represent how much she feels she loves him. Who knows, it might turn into a good story! Updated on Nov. 11.

Upcoming Fanfictions (2)

Part II: What You Mean To Me (Beyblade)

(The title may or may not be permanent) Another KaixHil and it will be part of my trilogy. This will be an AU fic.This is how the plot is looking so far:

Summary: Hilary is a student attending a local highschool. She has a flair for solving problems and tends to take in troubled people as her 'projects' as her friends call them. When cold, distant Kai comes into her life, Hilary sees the perfect oppurtuniy to solve a particulary hard case. But when messing with Kai, she may be taking on much more than she's ready too.

Genre's will be mystery/romance/angst. I had originally planned ot only add a little bit of science fiction, but it might be a little bit more than I had planned on, though it will most definiatly not be fantasy.The summary makes the story out to be a little shallow, but its actually quite a complex mystery (as good a mystery as I could come up with, that is). I'm still working on the plot-line and details. Rating will be higher than Heaven's Call, based on violence, language and sexual references (Probably PG13).Will include OC's, though only in minor parts.Updates will be posted ASAP.

What Would You Do? (Beyblade)

I have decided on a KaixHil pairing although originally I was going to make it a TyxHilxKai triangle. Right now I don't believe it will be a AU fic, although actual "beyblades" won't be used, they will probably be mentioned. It will be my second one-shot and therefore, only one chapter.

Summary: It's a rainy day, there is only an extremely tired, slate-haired captain lying around, and a mysterious lack of other members of the Bladebreakers. Hmmm...what can Hilary do for fun?

The genre's are romance/humour/general. It will probably be the highest rating of my posted fictions due to hinting (or maybe more then hinting) at slightly sexual content.I might not post this at all, actually. I'm thinking I might work the idea into a chapter throughout, Crazy for You.

Completed Fanfictions (2)

Rising Tide (Beyblade)

KaixHil pairing. My first one-shot, though it is a multi-chaptered one-shot. I couldn't fit it all in one chapter.

Summary: A bright day at the beach turns into a life-threatening experience as Hilary becomes trapped in a dangerous situation. As the storm clouds and tide move in, the water rises. Who will rescue the desperate brunette in a race against time?

Genre's are action/romance. Even though I am partial to angst, this is a lighter fiction, with no real deeper meaning, since it is only a one-shot and I'd originally written it for an Anime Party my friends were holding. Completed.

Part I: Heaven's Call (Beyblade)

Being addicted to KaixHilary pairings I've deicded to write Heaven's Call. Similar to Romeo and Juliet, the tragedy and angst of the tale inspired me. Genre's include romance/angst with a little bit of mystery on the side. I have also edited/rewritten the entire story and I will be replacing chapters soon.

Summary: A breakdown is all that's left to give Kai clues on what is wrong with Hilary. While trying to find out her secret, will a passionate relationship ensue and when Kai unlocks the secret Hilary is desperatly trying to hide, will it be too late?

Disclaimer: I do not own anything except plot lines & OC's.

Notes of Importance

: I have discovered a talent for writing angst. The poetry of angst tales inspire me. Most of my writing pieces either: teach a moral or are a window into how I interpret the world. Most are both. Just a warning, I also like to kill off characters, but I also enjoy happy endings, so...

: I know that some people find Hilary annoying, but I totally disagree. All she does is keep Tyson in line because he is just a little bit scatterbrained. I find her to be the most realistic girl character in Beyblade (the exception being G Revolution). She's not perfect and that is what makes her so believable.

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