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Cat-and-Kit's Profile

Hey Minna-san!

My site is: - Envy X Ed with Pride In Between!

As for a Disclaimer (so I do not need to put it in all my chapters), here it is:
"I do not own any of the Characters or Anime or anything associated with them that is already copywrited. I also do not own any of the various products, services, or other things like that that are mentioned in my fics. I have no association with them either, other than writing fics for my and many others' amusement and entertainment."

There's a hidden bio in here somewhere, but in the meantime... QUOTES!

Cat'z Quick-Quotes (all mine! Copyrights to Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!):
(I add to these often, check back for shits and giggles!)

"If it's small, I run over it. If it's big, I ram it 'till it's small, or outta my way."
"You see, the problem here is, you're speaking in Math, and I'm listening in Stupid."
"I have a tendency to not finish what I've st"
"You know, I would probably find myself to be a very annoying person if I wasn't me..."
"Things seem to be so much more fun when you have someone else to enjoy them with. Like going to the movies, or playing a game. Or sex."
"Insanity is just a word for "eccentric genius."
"All the special effects in the world can't turn a bad plot into a good movie."
"Otaku rule because our lives are portable, and we know how to be subtly unsubtle."
"Whoo! I don't have any homework to feel guilty about not doing tonight!"
"When in doubt, be vague."
"Life's not just A bitch, it's MY bitch."
"Luck is like a pizza pop. If you press it too much, it'll blow up in your face."
"The day we finally find a way to save our earth, will probably be the day we blow it up."
"I speak fluently in sarcasm."
"Sense is a turning point on the road to pure insanity."
"I am the thing that nightmares have nightmares about..."
"Great minds do think alike. But then again, so do simple animals..."
"I'm not supposed to make sense! That would defeat the purpose of confusing people!"
"If I don't know the answer, the question's probably not important anyway. ... ...GUN!"
"Pop-culture has eaten my brain.."
"It doesn't matter how varied high school courses are, because in the end, they all turn into math class."
"Woah... Black is Back, and I'm wearing Neon..."
"... Am I pathetic or what? I just LOST against myself in checkers."
"-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA-" (choke)(hack)(dies)(revives)(dies again)(revives again) "DAMN YOU DRAGON BALL Z!" - Cat on MSN
"Wow! They moved so fast even the sound-effects couldn't keep up with them!"
"When in doubt.. PUSH RANDOM BUTTONS!"
"When your convincing has the same effects as reverse-psychology, you know it's time to shut up."
"Don't mess with Canadians, we'll shove our igloos down the back of your shirt."
"Fuck credentials, I'm just plain egotistical. ... Pride must have done this... Where'd he go.. I must BEAT him... With a stick."
"It's my style not to have a style."
"That's either a pretty girl, or a REALLY pretty guy."
"It's okay if people suck up to you purely for their own gain as long as you're benefiting in the process."
"Where was I... Oh yeah! Foreplay.."
"Fate doesn't exist. We're all just pawns in someone else's fanfiction!"
"Is this movie decaf?"
"No matter how many answers you find for yourself, there will always be new questions."
"Don't piss me off, I turn into a massive ball of fur and sharp pointy things."
"You can usually tell if you're a sinner based on whether or not you think of "Holy fuck" as an oxymoron."
Cat: Famous for breaking Chain Letters. Pass it on.
"I finally have time to do whatever I want, so I'm finding it most satisfying to waste it."
"OMG! He's half Hao, half plane!"
"Despite his usual calmness, Yoh's a spazzy virgin."
"Oh My GOD!" - said God.
"Hey look, it's Butterfree the butterfly Pokemon! Wait... What the hell is a butterfly?"
Irony: Falling down the stairs due to distraction by the "watch you step" sign.
"See ya, I'm on vacation for the rest of my life."
My Friends'/Family's Quick-Quotes
"I abide by one simple rule: Everyone else has brakes." -Eric
"It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Then it's hilarious!" -Ryan
"Music and me go together like Eminem and Math problems." -Marco
"If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried." -Thanh
"Ryan's taxidermy; you snuff 'em, we stuff them!" -Ryan
"Don't look at me in that tone of voice!" -Mimi
"I'd do that if I was me..." -Slava
"Fighting is Mind over Matter. I don't mind, and you don't matter." -Chris
"An Interruption! It must die..." -Chris
"Want some coffee with your sugar?" -Chris.
"Look! It's the super-rare North-American W00ting Owl!" -Ryan
"There is no meaning in life! God's just screwin' with us!" -Chris
"Hey, I was in a fight once, and it turned into a hockey game. ... Only in Canada." -Chris's uncle
"If a man says something, and he's all alone, and no one is there to hear him, is he still wrong?" -Sam
"I like this show because it has Germans that make giant mummy-dogs go boom. What's not to like?" -Chris about Chrno Crusade
"This one's broken, give me a gooder one..." -David
"Everytime a wrestler dies, 10 new jokes are made." -Myles
"Jan 1st, National Hangover Day." -Sotir
"If rules weren't broken, we wouldn't have rules. Think about it." -Ryan #2
"See that empty hall out there, yeah, that's the hall of people who care." -Jake
"Don't steal, the government doesn't like competition." -Chris
"My name is Ryan R. Hayden AND I EAT BABIES!" -Ryan
"Holy crap I'm quoted in your fanfic profile! Woo... The quotes make me seem violent... BONUS!" -Ryan
(While reading Sin High and giving me on-the-spot feedback via MSN) "I think you're turning me into a yaoi fangirl." -Jacob
"But I thought Unions were bad..." -Mom (OMG, Mom I love you so much XDDD)
"There are 3 kinds of people in this world, those who can do math, and those who can't do math." -Chris
"I can't hear you with that rat in your mouth." -Justin to Cat at the lunch table (it was candy, lol)
"Goku, I've developed a new ultimate technique that will not only beat you in a single hit, but will also repair the ozone layer AND... Make the perfect cuppaccino!" -Justin
"There's shit everywhere, you can't get away from it, there's shit everywhere." -Not friends, but two girls discussing our school in the bathroom.
"I say if someone has done something so bad that they deserve the death penalty, forget the lethal injection, I say get creative!" -Chris
"This kid's gotta lot of hate... I like him!" -Chris, seeing Raito's full Death Note
"Bruce took my meeeeat... DAMN HIM." -My mom, making her lunch
Longer Quotes with Me or my Friends or Both
Me and Tiff about Envy
Cat: Sexy!
Tiff: Ugly!
Cat: Sexy!!
Tiff: He's a cartoon!
Cat: Yuki's a cartoon!
Tiff: ... Yuki's not a cartoon..
Cat: ROFLMAO ... can't ... breathe...

(I'm sitting on my spinny chair and Chris is listening to his cd. I have my bunny on my lap.)
Cat: (randomly) "Bunny Wabbit!"
Chris: (also randomly) "Gween Day!"

Frieza: "Goku! You're fat!"
(Announcer) "Did Frieza just insult Goku? Find out, in the next five episodes of, DRAGON BALL Z!" -Chris

"If you can read this, then you are not blind.
If you can hear this... Then there's something wrong with you." -Cat

Popular Canadian Hobbies:
1. Playing Lacrosse
2. Hunting moose
3. Feeding beavers.
4. Messing with the Americans' interpretation of Canada.

(At Lunch, sitting with Tiff and Yuni)
Tiff: "Caaaat..."
Cat: "Yeaahhh...?"
Tiff: "We envy you, and you're a bitch."
Cat: T-T
(Then we all started laughing XD)

There are three kinds of people in this world.
Smart men.
Stupid men.
Smart women.

Kids look at algebra and think, "Why put letters into Math?"
Adults look at internet lingo and think, "Why put numbers into English?"
-Cat (10v3r 0f 1337)

Tori Tori
Sunny Day
Tori Tori
Bright and Gay
Tori Tori
Hello Tori
Tori Tori Tori
-Cat (I don't know. I really, don't know.)

(Cat gets a cup of juice)
(Mimi (sister) mock-smacks her in the side as she's walking out) "Get me a fricken cup!" (joking around)
(Cat continues out of the room.) (Cat reappears a moment later and puts a cup half-filled with old water on the table)
"Here's a cup." (leaves) (Faintly hears a dryish "Die. Slowly" from the kitchen. Cat chuckles)

Stacy of the Minorities Assocciation Against Discrimination then stood up, and began her long-prepared speech on how women are discriminated in children's fairytale stories. Just as she finished and discussion was about to ensue, Hao walked in and the room fell quiet.
"All humans should die."
And he left.

Chris: "I'm not the kind of person who drinks themself to the point of no feelings."
Cat: "...You can drink yourself into psychoticness?"
Chris: "Let me tell you a story about a place called Russia..."

Cat: "Bruce, type an Underscore." (This man is 100 percent computer illiterate)
(waits) (Bruce's finger hovers/floats around the keyboard)
Cat: "?"
Bruce: "Hold on, I'm looking for the one that says "Underscore"..."

"How many Homunculus does it take to screw in a light bulb?"
"Who cares, it only takes one to screw Ed!"

My dad once told me that all the modern Japanese music I listen to now originated in Led Zepplin and the Beatles and other golden oldies. I told him, "The roots are good and all, but it's the flower that counts."

Cat's (Hidden) Bio:

I'm 17-almost-18 female-type human-thing who loves her compy and laptop to pieces! I have 11 hard drives totalling 2TB. I download anime religiously, and have long since lost interest in keeping mental or bio-recorded checks of my series/movies/etc due to rapid and constant increasing in numbers. I'm spoiled. Yay illegal downloading.

I have a dog (Maggie), a bunny (Bun-Bun), two budgies (Cairo and Athens), and five gerbils (Shadow, Phoenix, Dusk, Belaiel, and Kammile) all of which are related. I love them all to bits.

Umm... I'm a very busy individual, and I am truely glad it is now summer, although I'll be shipped off to college in a mere few months. I'm very introverted, I'm ALWAYS on my computer, and during summer I look like a vampire 'cause I never see the sun. I am, however, a very cheery person and can pass as being as sociable as anyone! Also, I'm nearly impossible to anger.

I love anime, yaoi, doujins, art(fandom!), quotes, humour, my pets, my small group of very close friends, action/fantasy movies, the Halfblood Chronicles, Jim Carrey, Johnny Depp, Revy, reviews and love, writing, sushi, strawberry poki/pocky, chicken noodle soup, humour stereotyping, my Mommy, my computers and all affiliated with it, Shadow Jaganshi, and MTG.

I hate rascists, homo-phobes (PRIDE 4EVA BITCHES), certain unnamed individuals, the time it takes me to update, the DevArt mods, alarms clocks, alarms, viruses, generally anything that makes my compy sick, the school computers and all affiliated (XD), homework, and Roy (okay not really, but I like to say that I do XD).

I'm currently planning a novel series and toying with the idea of a few other professionally-written stories. And for the record, I have fourteen muses.

Anime is my life, Yaoi is my obsession, and long live Kit.

Me loves her. (Hugs Kit)

Kit: Someone save me.

Updates and Other Random Stuff:

-August 21st: Announcing the revamp of the first half of Sin High! I'm cleaning up the ANs, rewriting and re-editing until I go cross-eyed...
-Announcing CCC: My next fic will be a PridexEnvy EnvyxPride High school fic. It's pulling a Miyazaki with Sin High, meaning it's pretty much an alternate with viciously different plots and events. I'm putting about 40 times the amount of thought, time, effort, and planning into CCC than I did/am with Sin High, and I hope you all enjoy it! (Rating: Mature. Clear and Blunt.)
-August 21st: Edited Profile.
-October 9th: Edited Profile. Praying for my life that I manage to update Sin High soon.
-October 27th: Edited/SPELLCHECKED profile, actually added Bio. CH 25 of Sin High updated yesterday.
-November 4th: Edited Profile. Contemplated the saying, "Uminomonotomoyamanomonotomowakaranai". Grinned a lot.
-December 7th: Edited profile. Announcing token Shaman King one-shot. Hits head for being late with announcement. Still working on Sin High. T-T
-January 31st: Edited profile (added a fuckload of quotes too), and getting closer to finishing a chapter/four chapters of Sin High. May end up taking a very long time and then go beserk and update four chapters back-to-back.
-April 5th: Official appology and announcement for Sin High: I'm under severe pressure and with a very heavy workload. I frankly have little time to write. In addition, I have the ill-fated writer's block to stop me even when I do have precious time to myself. Sin High is in a full-out hiatus and I'm even doubting how I'm going to pull it out of the quicksand myself. Just letting anyone who may read this know, and sorry for the wait. Have hope or move on.
-JUNE 23rd: I LIVE. Alright, for all those Sin High people out there wondering whose toilet I got flushed down, I'll just let you know I AM alive and am planning to get to work on Sin High shortly. It is now summer, meaning I have a significantly looser schedule than I did before. It has been eight or so months since my last update, and the first four are pretty much summed up in whatever I worte in the updates above this one, although the last four or so months have been hell for me. In a small, tiny line of my torture: My moving to another house, My Dad moving to ?, Terribly heavy school workload, hefty work-shifts, college stuff, extra-curricular project, compy crashing and then (still unfixed) half-retarded state due to incorrect Windows reinstall, laptop half-retarded state due to massive viral infection (I have to send both to the shop...), family problems, blah blah blah... Whatever. THEY'RE OVER NOW (mostly). So I can get back to writing.
-I'll have it be known that when I finish the last part of the Sin High chapter that has been permeating for the last several months, and finish a bunch of other one shots I have, I will be releasing a wave of one shots with Sin High 26 and the first chapter of a short FMA story riding it. Look out for it.
Okay, that's all for now, I hope to show some life soon! Watch out!

This is my Visual One-shot, a short one-shot fic set to Manga clips.

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Envy x Ed - Mature

(Warning: Kinda depressing) XD

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